woman standing at the beach wearing a brown hollywood cowboy hat by american hat makers


Women’s Hats that Compliment Your Favorite Haircut & Style

Women’s Hat Styles for Every Haircut

Women’s hats are not only an accessory that helps protect your face, neck, and shoulders from nature’s variable elements, but they can be a noticeable expression of individualized style and an extension of your magnetic personality. The contouring shape, brim size, color, and materials used in handcrafted hats have the ability to invoke confidence in any occasion as they accentuate your overall look, emphasize your chosen apparel, and complement your favorite haircut. 

For instance, if you love tailored finesse yet are feeling a little rebellious, pair a sleek fire red dress with a black leather top hat for a sharp and sexy appeal that will look great with any haircut (especially a sharp bob). Or if you’re on the go and looking to add a hat to your wavy ocean sprayed long locks then make sure you have a straw fedora handy. The laid back style was made to go with a carefree attitude. 

Although we believe every hat looks great on every woman’s head, regardless of hair length, we recognize that certain styles may lend themselves toward particular aesthetics and this guide addresses precisely that. For a fresh new look in 2021 check out our women’s hat styles that will look amazing with your haircut. 

Hats That Keep Short Hair Feminine & Fashionable

Lop off your long locks for a shorter hairstyle and redefine your femininity with these fashionable hat options. Whether you have a pixie or neck-length bob, a chic and modern hat can highlight your edgy style, soft layers, and youthful appearance. 

Classy Layered Pixie with a Western Flare

The statement “short hair, don’t care” is both raw and rugged, which is precisely what a cowgirl with a classy layered pixie would say. If we’re speaking your language and you’re looking for a dress hat that will add some western flare, select the Carson City Western Hat featuring brilliant turquoise inlays and extra large oval conchos.

An Adventurous Feathered Pixie

With strands of hair that almost look like they are ready to fly away on their next adventure the Leather Bushman Outback Hat is perfect for a feathered pixie. Accentuate your neck line with this flat brimmed beauty and showcase your audacious spirit.

The Blunt Bob & Tilted Pork Pie Hats

A blunt bob is not only a statement haircut, but it is an opportunity to wear a statement hat that adds character and mischief to your entire look. The Blackjack Vegan Pork Pie Fedora, worn at a tilt, will show off your hairdo and style in a way that viewers won’t be able to deny. 

Mid-Length Hair Hat Options That Optimize Your Look

Mid-length haircuts offer a plethora of options when it comes to wearing fashionable hats. Choose one that appeals to your sleek and sexy side, or opt for a more vibrant and fancy free look. Regardless of what hair type, color, or style you have, we know you’ll look amazing in one of the following handcrafted beauties. 

Feathered Layers and Fedoras

Carefree and loving it! Match your feathered mid-length layers with a Summit Fedora Hat. The luxurious full grain American cowhide leather and lite felt in a variety of colors will show off your undeniable style in a fabulous way. 

Disheveled Long Bob ("The Lob") & Wide Brimmed Hats

The Lob is a unique look that needs a unique hat to truly match its appeal. The Limited Edition Sirocco Sun Hat features top-grain leather and mesh crown formed in an angular design that easily compliments a disheveled long bob (aka the lob). Wear it on a sunny day with a floral sundress or a rainy day with a flannel, it doesn’t matter because this hat was made for any and all occasions. 

Cap Off My Sleek Lob 

Nearly every girl knows who Kit De Luca is in the movie Pretty Woman and they know the cap she loans Vivian, aka Julia Roberts. The look and style was set in the 1990 movie but will live on forever with the Women’s Bottle Rocker Cap. A sleep lob will always look incredible with this trendy and playful hat!  

Add Contrast or Compliment Your Long Hair with These Hats 

Let your long hair be low maintenance by adding a hat that will spruce up your outfit and show a little attitude. Whether you keep your hair down, braid it up, or throw it in a bun, the following hats will look amazing on you. Each hat accent piece is worthy of attention and you’ll feel the same when wearing one.

Sun Hats are Made for the Beachy Shag

The beachy shag has become the go-to hairdo for ladies embracing their need to play over the requirement to primp. With fun in the sun being a top priority the Cozumel Sun Hat is a must have. The classic palm hat is comfortable, stylish and lightweight, which makes it perfect for casual outings of every type. 

Dress Up My Straight Lines 

Get straight to the point with an adventurer Midnight Rider Hat made of soft and pliable topgrain leather. The sleek and simple design will not only compliment your long straight lines, but it will give your overall look a mischievous allure. Pair with a form fitting pant suit or slim fit jeans and a nice dress blouse for an allure that will grab people’s attention.  

Top Off My Curly & Voluminous Locks 

Curly voluminous locks and a ride or die Voodoo Hatter attitude go oh so well together. Dress up or dress down the Women’s El Dorado Top Hat featuring a simple Buffalo nickel style band to go with your carefree and edgy charm. The leather’s luster and shapeable wire brim will give you just the attitude adjustment you need to rally. 

Hats that Accentuate Style & Compliment Your Haircut

A hat can be more than a head covering. It can be an article of clothing that gives you the confidence you need to express yourself in more ways than your physical appearance. Just like a fresh new haircut or getting your hair done at a salon can make you feel your best, the right hat can make you feel courageous, secure, and self-assured. Short, mid-length, or long hair, it doesn’t matter because there are so many hat options to choose from that will accentuate your style, compliment your haircut, and help you take on the world.