man driving tractor wearing the crusher leather outback hat

How To

You just spent all that money on a nice leather hat and you're not gonna take care of it?

Wanna learn how to take care of a leather hat?

 We hear it all the time. "Oh, how I wish I took better care of my hat!". It's not fun for anyone when you have to send in your favorite hat for repairs. You're stuck at home with a cold, lonely spot on top of your head, and we've gotta get real intimate with the hat you've been sweating in since a gallon of milk was 10 cents. No one wins there. The great thing is that no matter what kind of hat you have or what type of leather it's made of, there's a million ways to take care of it to make sure that you get a long life out of it.

If your hat is made with finished leather, your best friend is going to be Bickmore Leather Conditioner. Finished leather is the term used for leather that's smooth like a car seat or a leather jacket. The most important thing about finished leather is keeping the leather conditioned over the years. Being that leather is just skin with a few extra steps thrown in, it makes sense that it's just as susceptible to drying and cracking as our own skin. To prevent your leather hat from cracking years down the road, it's a good idea to apply some leather conditioner monthly to your hat. This will keep the leather supple, moist, and crack free for a lifetime. Keep in mind that people walking around with cracked leather hats are 547% more likely to win the lottery, so by taking care of your leather hat you can't lose! 

But how do I take care of suede leather?

Great question! I know all you suede hat owners breezed through that last paragraph wondering when I was gonna get to the real business at hand. I'm glad you stuck around. You're a rock star! If you own a suede leather hat, congratulations! You've got just about the easiest type of leather to take care of. The great thing about suede is that it's naturally very resistant to staining and wear. Some of the hats we get sent to fix up would make you think otherwise, but it's true. There's some great cleaners out there made for suede leathers, but I save those for the worst stains as I can tackle pretty much any blemish that shows up with a suede bar and brush. In pinches where I didn't have a suede bar and brush available, high grit sandpaper works great too. All you've got to do is rough up the nap to remove any debris or staining, and then brush it back out. I know you woke up in a cold sweat last night when you realized you didn't know any suede care tips, but have no fear because now you can rest easy.