two ladies wearing cabana mesh sun hats

Your Complete Guide to Summer Season Hats

As Winter dies and Spring ends, Summer comes running around. And with it, it brings opportunities to head out. Whether it is to the beach, or just a casual gathering with friends, or even heading back to work, every time that you go out in the Summer is a chance for you to flaunt your look and show up in style. 


There is no better way to add some layered complexity and visual interest in your outfit than by donning a hat. Hats are wonderful accessories that can add so much to your style and look. Not to mention that they are very useful as well. 


But with so many hats around, it can get a little confusing about which hat to wear for each occasion. Their names don't help either. To save you from confusion, we have a complete guide to summer season hats for you. You'll learn some classic styles of hat design and which occasions call for which kind of style. So, buckle in!

Every Day Hats 


These hats are the ones that you’d wear for running errands or just a casual meeting with a few friends. They provide a comfortable amount of shade to your face and neck from the sun and should be breathable so that you don’t get too uncomfortable under them. 


Classic designs like the fedora, its reputation with spurious groups of individuals notwithstanding, are always great for such uses. Not only are they comfortable, but most fedoras are made with an open weave, so they're plenty breathable as well.


Fedoras compliment the classic understated casual look and can instantly elevate simple jeans and tee ensemble as well. If you are looking for a fedora, especially for the summer, then go for light colors like cream, white and soft brown. 


Since fedoras are great for all occasions and all year round, you can also invest in a different color.


Avoid going for fedoras made out of felt or that are dark brown or black in color if you don’t live in a cold place. They heat up quickly and can make you very uncomfortable if you’re standing in the sun for any amount of time. 

For the Beach or other Outdoor Events 


If you're heading to the beach or any place where you'll be standing under the sun a lot, then you should definitely grab a hat that gives you the maximum shade. You want your neck and head protected, and it should be breathable, so you don't pass out from the heat, standing out all day.

Wide brim hats are perfect for these kinds of purposes. Not only do they cover a wide area around your neck, shoulders, and head, but they also have the classic summer beach aesthetic going for them as well. 


Choose wide brim hats made out of mesh or straw. These hats are breathable and allow air to constantly pass through the weave of their fabric. So with these hats, you won’t be feeling any extra sweat on top of your head. 


There are a variety of colors that you can choose from. You can go for statement pieces with dark colors or stick to the classics that can be used anytime with lighter tones.


When you are looking for wide-brim hats for the summer, try to avoid any hats made from leather. Leather can be breathable depending on its treatment, but it is extremely prone to shrinkage. More importantly, it has a nasty tendency to stick to the skin if you are sweating, becoming almost impossible to pry off from your body. 

Any Formal or Dressed Up Event 


If you are dressing up, especially in a three-piece suit or something similar, you need a hat that carries the same style statement as your suit does. These kinds of hats don't need to be extremely comfortable since you wouldn't need to wear them constantly.


There are a few styles that you can choose from for these kinds of events. Hats like the Panama, Floppy, Homburg, and the Trilby are all great choices. Which one of these options you pick depends upon how formal the setting is and the rest of your outfit! The Panama Hat is a safe choice, and it can be used for other occasions as well, so it isn't just a one-time use option.


You can go wild with colors here. As long as a color is available and matches the rest of your clothing, you can choose whichever color you want. The choice of fabric also depends on whether you want more style of comfort. Wool and felt hats provide your hats with the extra oomph, while straw and mesh are more comfortable to wear around without comprising on elegance. 


Try to avoid the bowler unless you know that the event will be that formal. There is nothing quite as awkward as arriving with a Bowler or Top hat when the event wasn't that formal or dressed up to begin with.

Weekday Casual 


These are the hats you’d want to wear when you are going out during the weekday. Not quite as fancy as your formal hat but a little bit more presentable than your everyday hats. These hats are for when you want to look good yet not overdo it. Since they’ll be used regularly and with good outfits, they need to be good enough that they can match well with several outfits. 


For these kinds of hats, classics like Panama, Fedora, Trilby are the best choices. They carry enough style and elegance that they wouldn't be out of place, yet they are not so extravagant that you feel overdressed, even if it's just by a hat.


Since comfort is a factor, try to go for mesh or straw design. Felt and wool are uncomfortable in the summer and elevate any hat's look to be more formal and extra. By keeping it simple, you're providing yourself the comfort and just the right amount of dressiness.



There you have it, four different kinds of occasions and numerous hats to go along with them. We hope you find every hat for your every style moment this summer and that this guide has helped you at least narrow down the choices somewhat.