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At American Hat Makers, we are committed to providing our customers with the best leather cowboy hats available. Our leather styles range from traditional leather looks to modern leather designs. We offer leather hats in sizes ranging from small to extra large, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your head size. With leather cowboy hats in both mens and womens styles, everyone can get the leather look they’ve been searching for. Shop our leather cowboys hats now and get ready to ride! 

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The leather cowboy hat has been a standard in the fashion industry for many years. In fact, most would say it is an essential part of a cowboys outfit. So important was this leather cowboy hat to the looks of the self-reliant hero, that his name often came from his leather cowboy hat instead of his own personality. Names such as 'Stetson' and 'Boss of the Plains' tell you exactly what leather cowboy hats your western heroes were sporting back then!

Today leather cowboy hats are still popular with both men and women, who wear them casually or on stage, at fairs and festivals where people dress up as their favorite western movie characters.

In the past leather cowboy hats were often made from cowhide leather , but today leather cowboy hats can be made from all kinds of leathers and insulations. You can even get leather cowboy hats made from buffalo leather.

You could say that leather cowboy hats are not only a fashion statement, but also a lifestyle choice. Wearing a leather cowboy hat brings a sense of belonging. Leather cowboy hats are even seen as protection against sun or rain, which explains why adventurers choose them over regular summer caps or hoods. Not getting caught by surprise when it rains while looking work hardened and ready is definitely a reason to buy a leather cowboy hat!

Leather hats for men, women, everyone

If you're buying leather cowboy hats as a fashion statement, then it's best not to look for the cheapest leather cowboy hats. In those cases it is better to pay a little extra and get good value for money instead of paying half as much for leather that will crack or fall apart within a few months. For example, American Hat Makers offers quality leather cowboy hats made from leathers such as oiled cowhide leather, buffalo leather, top grain leather, and leather suede.

You should also think about whether you want leather cowboy hats with or without pre-curved bills , and what type of shape suits your face the most. The shape of the bill obviously has an effect on how well you can see, but since this doesn't matter very much if you plan on wearing leather cowboy hats as a fashion statement, choose your favorite leather cowboy hat shape instead of the leather cowboy hat with the best UV protection! Many of our hats feature a wire brim as well allowing you to decide when is the right moment for either.

In the past leather cowboy hats were a symbol of a certain status. People who couldn't afford them were looked down upon and cowboys would often fight for leather cowboy hat supremacy. Luckily those days are over, but leather cowboy hats still have that extra something that makes it an ideal accessory for going out or even just sitting around on a lazy Sunday morning.

The leather cowboy hats from American Hat Makers not only give you classic western looks, they also give you great protection from sun and rain while being comfortable to wear without giving up your whether you're looking for pre-curved leather cowboy hats, leather cowboy hats with wide brims and even leather winter hats!

Leather Cowboy Hat Styles

There are so many different leather cowboy hat styles out there today, it can be difficult to choose just one! For men leather cowboy hats come in the traditional rounder shape. The ladies have a little more choice when it comes to choosing their 'cowboy' look with most opting for a leather trilby or leather fedora which includes variations of both shapes as well as a slightly shorter brim length compared to most men's leather cowboy hats.

Women also have the wide variety of colors and prints available with most manufacturers making leather cowgirl hats in pink, blue, yellow and red as well as browns and blacks of course!

So how do you choose from leather cowboy hats on offer today?

In leather cowboy hats, you have the choice of not just leather, but also a wide variety of hat bands, colors, styles, textures, shapes, and finishes.

There are some factors that will affect your selection on what leather is best suited to your needs depending on how long you want your leather cowboy hat to last. Your level of care and quality leather will determine the leather cowboy hat’s durability, making a leather cowboy hat that will last for many years or just a couple of months. American Hat Makers choose premium cowhides to construct our hats with. Ensuring that your hat will last a lifetime.

As leather is a natural material, there are also different leather types available to choose from. How much you plan on wearing your leather cowboy hat as well as what activities you engage in while wearing your leather cowboy hat will also factor into the hat you choose. If you're leather cowboy hat is going to see a lot of wear and tear, it may be a good idea to invest in a leather that wears more gracefully with time versus one that’s costly but easier to care for. We have a variety of hats and therefore leathers to choose from. Get your own rugged look with some of our Cyclone styles. Or let the ages wear into one of our cleaner finished hats like the Hollywood or our Western Cowboy Hat. Either one you choose will have a high quality leather finish on it.

There are many leather cowboy hat styles to choose from, but if you were to ask us what leather you should use for your leather cowboy hats - we would tell you that there isn't one type of leather that is better than others. All leathers have different qualities whether it be durability, resistance to water or wanting to crack/look older over time. All leathers will hold up differently depending on how you care for them, but American Hat Makers leather is leather. They're all good choices and you really can't go wrong with any leather type as long as it's American Hat Makers leather!

So come check out our leather cowboy hats today. Our selection is vast and our quality is superb so feel free to wander through our catalogue of fine leather cowboy hats.

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What is a cowboys hat called?

The cowboy hat is also called Stetson, after its manufacturers. It is wide-brimmed and high-crowned and is a unique accessory of the North American cowboy. It gets identified as the apparel of the Old West. In recent times, it gets worn by several people linked with the ranch workers in Northern Mexico and Western Canada, the sertanejo music performers, and those who take part in the North American rodeo circuit.

Is it disrespectful to wear a cowboy hat?

It is not disrespectful to wear a cowboy hat. But it always helps when the wearer is aware of the cowboy hat-wearing etiquettes. You can keep wearing the hat for informal events but should remove it for formal events and occasions. For instance, you should remove it when you are greeting a senior lady as a sign of respect. When you are walking into a building, you must take the hat off.

What does a black cowboy hat stand for?

The black cowboy hat represented the world of evil and villainy in movies, plays, and novels. The movie genre between 1920 and 1940 depicted the villains wearing a black cowboy hat and the heroes wearing white cowboy hats. However, today the black cowboy hat is looked upon as a stylish accessory, and both women and men wear it with elan and class.

What is the classic cowboy hat called?

The classic cowboy hat is called the Cattleman crease. It is a popular style and is available in straw and felt. In fact, it’s the oldest of the cowboy hat and is the traditional type. The style started when ranch owners wanted to distinguish themselves from the rodeo riders. The Cattleman crease has a narrow crown of four to five inches. Since the hat also gets called the Gentleman style, it is often worn for formal events and weddings.

What hat did Clint Eastwood wear?

Clint Eastwood sported a classic cowboy hat in his hit TV series. He used to depend a lot on his hat, and Sergio Leone once joked about this fact. Clint Eastwood’s name is still associated with a few Western hat styles. He did over 20 Westerns in his career and made it clear that he loved the Western hats.

What is the most popular cowboy hat?

Some stylists and fashion experts consider the Cattleman crease as the most popular cowboy type. It’s because this hat resonates with every person’s idea about the conventional cowboy hat. That aside, the hat got featured in several Hollywood movies. The Cattleman style comes with three creases on the top of the crown. It also has a slightly curved brim.

What is the crown of a cowboy hat?

The cowboy hat crown is a portion that resides atop the head. The crown is an element that outlines the hat style, and it can get square, oval, pinched, or rounded. That cowboy hat crown gets measured from the hatband bottom, situated directly at the center of the crease towards the center crown dip.

Do cowboys wear leather hats?

Of course they do! Get your leather cowboy hats right here at our store. We carry an impressive selection of mens leather cowboy hats, womens leather cowboy hats and even a few unisex styles that are perfect for everyone. From classic leather-look westerns to more contemporary leather fedoras, you're sure to find something that suits your style. Shop now to find the perfect leather cowboy hat for you or a friend! With so many options to choose from, you'll be sure to make a statement with your leather cowboy hat. So don't delay - get yours today! You won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to make yourself stand out from the crowd in one of these unique leather cowboy hats.

What is a leather cowboy hat called?

It's called the quintessential piece of Western-style fashion. Whether you’re a dude out on the ranch, or a country music fan at your favorite concert, leather cowboy hats are always in style! Our collection of leather cowboy hats have everything you need to make a statement. Choose from mens leather cowboy hats and womens leather cowboy hats in all shapes and sizes - from classic black leather styles to bold and vibrant colors.

What does tipping a cowboy hat mean?

It used to denote politeness and respect, and that same level of honor can be found in our leather cowboy hats collection. With a stylish leather finish and classic leather brim, you won’t find a better selection of leather cowboy hats for both men and women. Whether you’re looking for an everyday hat or something special for a night out, our leather cowboy hats are perfect for any occasion. Choose from western-style shapes with intricate stitching patterns or go classic with plain leather construction. Browse through our mens leather cowboy hats to find something that suits your individual style, then shop our womens leather cowboy hats so your favorite cowgirl is sure to look her best!

What hat does rip wear Yellowstone?

The leather cowboy hat that Rip Wheeler wears in the hit show Yellowstone is an iconic style for any western wardrobe. Our leather cowboy hats collection has a selection of mens leather cowboy hats and womens leather cowboy hats to choose from, so you can look as stylish as him! With a variety of colors, styles and finishes, you're sure to find the perfect leather cowboy hat to make your style stand out. Top off your outfit with one of our leather cowboy hats now and join the ranks with Rip! Happy shopping!