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Luxury Leather Cowboy Hats, Top Hats, and More

Make a powerful statement with a premium leather hat from American Hat Makers. From refined leather top hats to rugged leather cowboy hats, we have something that will speak to your style.

As the premier leather hat artisans in America, you can trust us to craft pieces with unparalleled quality. We’ve been hand-crafting men’s leather accessories in the USA since 1972. With seasoned skill, we select the finest cuts of leather to produce hardworking hats of unmatched durability. That’s why we can confidently offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on our handsomely-crafted leather hats for men

Capping your outfits with one of our time-tested styles will instantly upgrade your look. No matter what statement you want to make, we have an option that will speak to it with conviction. We have rugged leather cowboy hats to take you from country trails to city nights, classic men’s leather fedoras to put some edge into casual or business attire, and striking leather top hats for men to add instant charm to your evening attire. Throw on an outback hat for attention-grabbing confidence and protection from the elements, or a leather pirate hat just for the heck of it. Whether your style screams steampunk, biker, rocker, or rancher - we have the perfect hat for you. 

Quality You Can Count On 

The men’s leather hats from American Hat Makers are a long-term investment for your wardrobe. We use the very finest cuts of top-grain leather, which offer every ounce of rugged charm while staying butter-soft to the touch. Leather is also significantly stronger than most other hat materials, and is built to support you through all life’s adventures. 

Using industrial hydraulic presses, we cut out the brim and crown of our men’s leather hats with exacting precision. Then we artfully fold the crown into a circle and hand stitch it closed on the inside, so that the stitching is protected and invisible when the hat is worn. To make the top of our leather hats, we punch a hole out of the middle of the brim leather to create a perfect match. Once the crown and top are sturdily sewn in place, we flip the hat right-side-out and add the brim. Form finished, it’s time to move to the distinctive details. 

Our quality leather is naturally UPF 50+ and is easy to waterproof, making your hat great in sunny, snowy, or rainy weather. Due to leather’s natural elasticity, it will form exactly to the shape of your head and retain its shape for many years to come. And each hat in our collection is designed to offer a perfect fit, high level of comfort, and elevated aesthetics. Incredibly insulating and effortlessly breathable, our collection of leather hats for men features the perfect blend of form and function. 

Before making its way to you, each leather hat for men at American Hat Makers is carefully conditioned and shaped. We add tags, padded removable sweat liners, and top it all off with luxurious additions from ostrich plumes to hand-braided leather to sturdy stainless-steel chains. These finishing touches add finesse and personality to your stunning leather legacy piece. 

How To Care For Your Leather Hat 

Leather hats for men are incredibly durable and easy to clean. And many people prefer the look of aged leather hats to new ones, making men’s leather hats from American Hat Makers wearable heirlooms. Whether you want to embrace the natural aging process, or keep your leather hat looking brand new, here are the best ways to keep your hat healthy. 

A liquid or spray-on leather protector will make your leather hat impervious to harsh weather conditions. It will help repel water and prevent stains from settling in. For best results, this protector should be reapplied at least yearly. If your leather hat for men does become stained, you can clean it using warm water, a washcloth, and some mild dish soap. Simply blot at the stain until it lifts out of your leather hat. Avoid saddle soap or harsh cleaners, as these can be damaging. 

If your hat becomes wet from cleaning or being caught in a rainstorm, let it dry out thoroughly. Wipe your hat down gently, turn down the sweat band, and allow it to dry naturally away from sunlight or high heat to prevent shrinkage. Once dry, it’s important to apply a leather conditioner to keep your hat soft and supple. By conditioning your men’s leather hat on a regular basis, you will protect it from dryness and fading - ensuring it’s as flexible, dashing, and daring as the day you bought it.