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Rugged Summer Hats for Men

Our hats offer unrivaled durability and second-to-none style, making this American Hat Makers collection the best sun hats for men. With removable sweat bands that keep beads of sweat off your brow and smart ventilation points that let even the slightest breeze through the crown of your mesh or straw hat, our sun hats for men help you stay cool, whether you’re hard at work, or gearing up for a day of fun in the sun.

Lest you think that hats that look cool can’t keep you cool, you simply haven’t perused the wide selection of men’s outdoor hats at American Hat Makers. Protecting your eyes and face from the sun’s rays never looked as good as the handmade mesh, leather, and straw hats for men we’ve spent years designing. From sourcing the finest, lightweight materials, to planning out the seams and stitching on each crown, we’ve carefully considered every detail of our men’s hats to ensure they don’t just fit well and function correctly, but complement your everyday style as well.

Nothing helps beat the heat of summer like a rugged men's sun hat. This helps protect from the sun’s heat while reducing exposure to UV rays.

Our collection of sun hats for men is unparalleled. The hats from American Hat Makers feature wonderfully stylish designs. These hats are immediately striking and perform flawlessly no matter where you go.

In addition, the hats are made from high-quality materials. These come in a wide variety of options, whether you want luxurious leather, lightweight straw, or something else entirely. They also take advantage of advanced ventilation to keep you cool no matter how hot it is outside.

The Best Hats for the Sun, Beach, or Outdoors

The best option for summer hats for men will depend on where you are going and what you are doing. However, the most significant factors to consider are sun protection and ventilation.

If you’re looking for a men's beach hat, it should offer intense sun protection. Our men's sun hats have a wide brim that is perfect for this. A wide-brim sun hat keeps the sun out of your eyes while offering UV protection.

Our men's summer hats also offer superior ventilation. Our outdoor hats, made from leather or fabric, have vents on the side that allow air to pass through. This prevents what should be cool men's hats from becoming warm and sweaty. Meanwhile, our straw hat men’s options are already lightweight and well-ventilated.

This means that all of our best sun protection hats for men are also cool hats for men. With a men's summer hat like this, you’ll easily be able to beat the heat.

The material you choose for a man's sun hat also impacts its durability. Leather and cloth are generally more durable than straw. So, if the hat is going to be worn on intense hikes or while working, these options may perform better.

The American Hat Makers' Difference

Whether you’re looking for the best sun hats for men or the best beach hats, American Hat Makers has you covered. Our wide selection has what you need at a level of quality you can depend on.

Handmade Since 1972

One of the reasons our sunhat men's options stand out is that they are made with care. While other hat makers may mass produce cheap goods, our sunhats are handmade by expert craftsmen. This means that any men's sun hat you get from us will have a unique character and distinct quality that separates it from any other men’s sun hats out there.

The intense creation process behind our men's outdoor hats also includes a superior level of quality control. A real person works on each sun cap and is there to ensure it meets our standards. So, if you buy a sun hat from us, you can rest easy knowing it will be the best sun hat available.

American Made to Last

Here at American Hat Makers, we stand by the products we create. We believe that our hats handmade in the USA will last as long as you need them to.

This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on the hats we sell. In the unlikely case that the hat stretched or shrank or something unraveled, we’ll fix the problem. This means that you don’t need to worry about issues with your favorite outdoor hat, as we’ll make sure to take care of them.

Our summer hat men’s options are also made in America by Americans. Buying these hats helps support more jobs in America and bolsters the local economy. Add these benefits to the fact that the hat is high quality, and this offer is hard to beat!

Finding it hard to find a sun hat for your larger head? Check out our wide selection of hats for big heads!

Quality Construction You Can Count On

Every single part of your hat is made in the USA, by dedicated, passionate craftsmen. After hand-selecting the premium leather, straw, or mesh we’ll use, each of our men’s hats are hand-molded into a classic, rugged style to meet the demands of any adventure. Our men’s fedora hats with a wide brim for extra sun protection offer a suave silhouette for a beach vacation. Meanwhile the indestructible, crushable quality of our mesh hats make for the perfect hiking partner. Sturdy straw cowboy hats work for a day on the ranch and a weekend at the lake, and our golf sun hats for men to give you the perfect look without interfering with your game.

Then, we carefully dye them to get the perfect shades of cream, beige, merlot, steel, and more. Some of our men’s outdoor hats are destined to be hunting hats and are outfitted with camo prints on the brim or crown, while others are simply to serve as a style statement in a bold hue. Finally, our experience hatmakers add the finishing touches like a contrasting leather hat band, hand-stitched brim trim in a contrasting color, or hand-tooled leather details on the crown. As you can see our quality designs don’t just stop with hat itself. We think through every detail to make sure each hat is a true work of art. And that’s why we can say with confidence that we have the best sun hats for men.

Men’s Sun Hats to Pass On for Generations

At American Hat Makers, we create all of our men’s hats to be true legacy pieces. That means each one will stand the test of time and hold up to anything you encounter. Our men’s outdoor hats, men’s sun hats, and men’s beach hats are designed and tested for rugged durability, unwavering water resistance, and reliable sun protection adventure after adventure.

We choose only the highest-quality materials, like laminated mesh, premium cowhide leather, and natural, hand-woven straw for quality that simply can’t be faked. And we believe in what we do. All of our men’s sun hats come with a lifetime warranty against all manufacturer defects. If your hat shrinks or isn’t holding together the way it should, we’ll make it right.

Should you accidentally order your sun hat too small or too large, we’ll take care of that, too. We’ll help you get your measurements and find the right size - pointing you in the direction of our sun hats for men with big heads, if needed. We’ll even cover shipping costs, just to make sure you have a fit that feels like it was made for you.

The most important part of any outdoor adventure or vacation is the story that come with it. And while we can add the story of a business that’s been family-owned for 40 years, only you can add the stories that give your hat it’s unique character.

Caring for Your Men's Sun Hat

While our hats are tough and durable, there are practices you can do to ensure your sun hat for men will maintain its high level of quality.

In many cases, you’ll want to bring your men's beach hats everywhere you go in the summer. However, make sure not to leave your wide-brim sun hat or your big beach hat in the car. Doing so will expose the hat to too much heat and damage it, especially if it is leather.

We also know that hats, especially men's work hats, will get dirty from time to time. In these cases, brush away the dirt with a light brush. If the dirt is still there, gently wipe it with a cloth that is damp but not completely wet.

Sun Hat FAQ

What Is the Best Type of Hat to Wear in the Sun?

When it comes to men's sun protection hats, some options are better than others. A wide brim is particularly helpful, which makes floppy hats for men or a big sun hat great options. Any large sun hat like this will work out well.

In addition, ventilation is essential. A hat without any ventilation will get sweaty very quickly. This is because the heat from your head will remain trapped within the hat. The sun’s heat is then added to this heat, which makes your head even hotter.

What Color Sun Hat Is Best?

Color matters in sun hat men options. In general, a lighter color will be cooler. This is because lighter colors reflect more sunlight.

What Are the Hats for the Sun Called?

In general, hats for the sun are called sun hats. Any sun hat men will end up wearing can be referred to as a sun hat.

However, there are many different categories of hats that fall under this umbrella. These include beach hats, summer hats, outdoor hats, sun protection hats, and more. While these hats have a few differences that set them apart, they are all sun hats at their core.

Are Men’s Beach Hats & Men’s Outdoor Hats the Same?

Beach hats for men and outdoor hats are usually very similar. However, a few differences make these hats different from each other.

A beach hat for men will usually focus more on lightweight material and ventilation. This is why many beach hats are made from straw. Meanwhile, an outdoor hat will usually focus more on durability, and some even work as men's work hats. Often, these hats are made from leather or cloth.

For as many differences as there are between these hats, there are also plenty of similarities. They are both cool hats for men that help you beat the summer heat. Both will focus on ventilation and sun protection. So, they aren’t as different as other types of hats.