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Shop the fantastic with AHM steampunk hats. Crafted for everyone, our mens and womens steam punk hat echo an era of mechanical marvels and gothic grace.

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The American Hat Makers Difference

If you're seeking a reliable online destination to purchase a steampunk top hat, look no further than our extensive collection at American Hat Makers. While it may seem like a self-assured statement, allow us to highlight what sets us apart from other hat makers and why our customers are raving about our diverse range of men's fedoras, cowboy hats, and more.

This meticulous process involves the use of only the highest-quality materials, including leather, straw, wool, felt, and other premium materials. Our commitment to utilizing top-notch resources ensures that our hats possess exceptional quality, meeting the expectations of our customers who appreciate the craftsmanship of our experienced hat makers.

Moreover, our collection of steampunk top hats encompasses a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors, catering to every unique preference. At American Hat Makers, we prioritize providing you with a hat that not only meets your stylistic desires but also exhibits top-quality construction.


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Steampunk Top Hats

A woman sitting on a ledge wearing a brown hat and a man leaning on her wearing a coat and black top hat

Add Edgy, Romantic Charm with a Leather Steampunk Hat

No steampunk look is complete without the perfect hat. A steampunk hat can be the difference between a romantic Victorian outfit and a bold steampunk cosplay. Going from cosplay to everyday wear can be a tough act to ace, but our steampunk hats expertly strike that balance.

Top hats have clean lines and a touch of sophistication suitable for everything from the most formal events to casual use. But when it comes to steampunk, nothing finishes the look better than a proper top hat. Whether you need a top hat chimney sweep or a short top hat with an American Hat Makers  handcrafted top hat atop your head, you’ll be fully immersed in the fantastical elements of steampunk, from head to toe.

A man standing outdoors wearing a reversible red and silver top hat
A woman on a see through dress wearing a reversible red and silver top hat

Steampunk lives at the intersection of romance and practicality, so you need a hat that can stand up to anything while still looking the part. When it comes to grace and durability, we believe nothing holds a candle to all-natural, premium leather top hats. Naturally tough and effortlessly rugged, leather can stand up to strong rains or bright sun. Our steampunk hats for men and women weren’t made for sitting on the sidelines (or staying indoors), making them the perfect festival hats, night-out toppers, or biker accessories.

Here at American Hat Makers, we’ve been perfecting the art of leather-working since the 70s. We use only 100% natural leather, hand-crafted right here in the USA. Our hat-makers work with precision to execute the vision of our expert designers. And our designers’ creativity knows no bounds. We have incorporated every steampunk element imaginable in our stunning steampunk leather top hat.

A man with a tattoo holding a cane and wearing a leather top hat