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Steampunk Top Hats For Festivals

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The American Hat Makers Difference

If you’re wondering where to buy a steampunk top hat online, the answer is simple — from our collection at American Hat Makers. That’s easy for us to say, but what sets us apart from other hat makers, and why do our customers rave about our men’s fedoras, cowboy hats, and more?

Unlike many hat companies, we handcraft all of our hats right here in California using only the highest-quality leather, straw, wool, felt, and other materials. Plus, we carry steampunk top hats in any style, size, and color you could want, all with the top-quality construction that our customers expect from our local, experienced hat makers.

Whether you need a festival top hat for an upscale event or for casual outdoor wear, you’ll find the perfect fit with us at American Hat Makers.

Steampunk Top Hats

Add Edgy, Romantic Charm with a Leather Steampunk Hat

No steampunk look is complete without the perfect hat. A steampunk hat can be the difference between a romantic Victorian outfit and a bold steampunk cosplay. Going from cosplay to everyday wear can be a tough act to ace, but our steampunk hats expertly strike that balance.

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Top hats have clean lines and a touch of sophistication suitable for everything from the most formal events to casual use. But when it comes to steampunk, nothing finishes the look better than a proper top hat. Whether you need a top hat chimney sweep or a short top hat with an American Hat Makers  handcrafted top hat atop your head, you’ll be fully immersed in the fantastical elements of steampunk, from head to toe.

Steampunk lives at the intersection of romance and practicality, so you need a hat that can stand up to anything while still looking the part. When it comes to grace and durability, we believe nothing holds a candle to all-natural, premium leather top hats. Naturally tough and effortlessly rugged, leather can stand up to strong rains or bright sun. Our steampunk hats for men and women weren’t made for sitting on the sidelines (or staying indoors), making them the perfect festival hats, night-out toppers, or biker accessories.

Marlow | Womens Leather Top Hat | Unbanded


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El Dorado | Mens Leather Top Hat | SR2 Hat Band


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Here at American Hat Makers, we’ve been perfecting the art of leather-working since the 70s. We use only 100% natural leather, hand-crafted right here in the USA. Our hat-makers work with precision to execute the vision of our expert designers. And our designers’ creativity knows no bounds. We have incorporated every steampunk element imaginable in our stunning steampunk leather top hat.

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Our most classic steampunk top hats are ready to love, with the classic burnished browns and lace details standing out against the leather. Blacks and silvers add a darker twist to classic steampunk, with detailed skull designs bridging the gap between steampunk hats and voodoo top hats.

We have everything you could ever ask for in a steampunk top hat. We have a red top hat, blue top hat, white top hat, an American top hat with all three, green top hat, purple top hat, tiny top hat, tall top hat, brown top hat, and of course a black top hat. The list goes on and on so check out our catalog for yourself and bask in a wide selection of Victorian top hat style top hats.

Men’s steampunk style traditionally includes variations on the Victorian top-and-tails, practically requiring a good steampunk top hat. Our men's top hats can fill that role with ease. They give you all the upper-class sophistication of the top hat chimney style, and then add the wild, convention-defying details of steampunk with artful details and bold designs.

Naturally, steampunk style is about breaking molds, and we’re delighted to offer a range of hats that do just that. Steampunkaneers will love our pirate-themed steampunk hats for men. Triangular shapes, feathers, and creative brims bring a swashbuckling touch to your style.

Draco | Mens Festival Steampunk Leather Top Hat


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Draco | Womens Festival Steampunk Leather Top Hat


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No matter what shape you choose, steampunk is known for bringing strength and sophistication side-by-side. Machine-made hats may look the part at first, but it’s nothing compared to the hardiness of hand-stitched leather. The careful craftsmanship we put into each steampunk leather top hat elevates your pieces from mere accessory to true collector’s piece.

We believe your steampunk hat should last longer than a lifetime. That’s why all of our men's leather hats are hand-crafted for durability, with a lifetime guarantee to boot. The steampunk aesthetic is timeless, making these hats perfect legacy pieces. When your dress-up days are done, you can pass your well-loved hat on to a new home with someone you love.

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Shop Steampunk Hats for Women

Women’s steampunk hats combine elements that are traditionally feminine with traditionally masculine styles. The corsets and full skirts of the Victorian era look stunning when paired with women's top hats

Our women’s steampunk top hats take extra care to include feminine details like lace, velvet, and cameo pins. This means these hats blend seamlessly with every steampunk look and casual to formal outfit. Creating the perfect womens top hat. 

Women’s hats are often fair-weather friends, made of low-quality materials and going in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye. But you won’t see that here. The steampunk hats at American Hat Makers aren’t going to desert you after one season. Instead, we intentionally fashion all of our women's leather hats for lifetime wear. 

In addition to the lifetime guarantee we place on all our hats, we have a refurbishment program. Should your hat go through one wild exploit too many, you can send it back to us and we’ll fix it. The quality craftsmanship and eye-catching beauty of each item we make means you can wear your steampunk hat with confidence and pride, year after year.