Boater Hats: Women’s Versatile Fashion Friend


Bring breezy summer dreams home with women’s boater hats, one of the most beautifully simple hat shapes out there. The clean, straight lines of this style pair beautifully with an effervescent linen dress, sleek swimwear, or casual day clothes. Where floppy brimmed sun hats excel at covering your face and lazing on the beach, wide brim boater hats keep you shaded without obscuring your vision, making them ideal sun hats for women who love to be a bit more active.


Boater hats, women’s pork pies, and women's cowboy hats all have a little bit in common, but a straw boater hat stands apart from the crowd. The women’s boater hat silhouette is distinct. Unlike the pork pie, which often features curled or pinched edges, boater hats are all straight lines and sharp angles. Straw cowboy hats can sometimes have straighter brims, but can be distinguished from a boater by the crown. In a true boater hat, the crown will be flat, while a cowboy hat has a characteristic dip in the crown. It all brings a bit of refinement to any look. That being said, any hat can transform into your go-to women’s boat hat with a bit of styling. 


Women’s boater hats often feature a broad ribbon around the crown of the hat, something American Hat Makers has added a bit of creativity to. Our leather, straw, and mesh hats in this collection feature leather hat bands, ribbon hat bands, hat bands with conchos on them, feathers, and more. With our attention to detailed and handmade finishing touches, we’ve innovated the simple women’s boat hat into something elegant and timeless. Staying true to the proud shape of the boater, we’ve added details that enchant and elevate, without deviating. 


Women’s boater hats make an ideal addition to any warm weather outfit. The strong shape can emphasize a clean cut summer blazer or add structure to a flowy spring dress. And, for the most adventurous lovers of the boater, we have hats made of leather or mesh - or boaters with a jaunty curl in the brim. When you’re not wearing it, your boater can join your other women's wide brim hats and add some summer to your favorite room by hanging on your wall, wistfully awaiting your next trip to the beach. 

Add Summer to Every Season With A Straw Boater Hat


The typical summertime boater hats are often made of a material called "toyo straw." This faux straw is really a shellacked rice paper, and often doesn’t hold up to a boating adventure. When you’re out on the water, being splashed by the waves, you want your boater to keep it’s shape and stay intact. We believe that women's straw hats should be as resilient as you. That’s why we only use 100% natural materials in our straw hats. Here at American Hat Makers, we source from a wide range of plants, including golden wheat and willowy seagrass. Even the king of straw, toquilla palm, makes its way into our hats. 


These natural fibers hold up well against sweat or splashes, and we add design elements to make these boater hats (women’s and men’s) truly memorable statement pieces. Sewn-in sweatbands wick away moisture to keep you cool, chin straps keep your boating hat secure in high winds, and premium leather hat bands show off your unique style.


Should you find that leather strikes your fancy, our women's leather hats can be found in boater styles, bringing some edgy pizzazz to this beloved classic. Our premium leather is selected and shaped with the same high standards as our straw. We don’t cut corners, so our boater hats - women’s or men’s, straw or leather - will be with you for years to come. 


All of our hats also have lifetime guarantees. We stand behind our products, and if anything is wrong, we’ll make it right. If you order the wrong size hat, we’ll help you find one that fits like a dream. We believe that all hats should be loved for a lifetime. When you bring home one of our women’s boat hats, you’re not just buying something for the summer, you’re finding an adventure companion for life.