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How Do I Find a Women's Cap That Fits?

The easiest way to find a women's cap that fits is to measure you're head before you start shopping. If your head is twenty-one inches, you can go with a small size. Heads that are between twenty-one to twenty-two inches should try a medium.

 If your head is closer to twenty-three inches, try a large. If your head is smaller or larger than these sizes, consider getting a custom-made hat that fits your unique size requirements. Luckily we offer a lot of hats for women with big heads.

How Do You Pick a Women's Hat?

With so many different styles when it comes to flat caps for women, it can be hard to decide on one. To narrow the choice down, we recommend first considering what material you want.

Leather material and wool might look great in chill weather, but when it gets warm, these can be uncomfortable. Once you decide on a material, you can get down to the style you want. 

Ultimately, this will come down to personal preference. But don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. If you feel confident in your women's hat, it's a good fit.

Not sure what style will fit you best? Explore our new hat styles collection for women to discover the best match for you.

What Color Should My Cap Be?

Color is another thing that comes down to personal preference. We will say that a women's black cap tends to be the most versatile. With black hats for women, you can match the headwear with almost all outfits.

However, if a different color is calling to you, don't be afraid to go after it. Just be aware of what outfits it will and won't go with.

Should A Women's Cap Be Tight or Loose?

A women's cap should be a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to tightness and looseness. In terms of tightness, you don't want it to be squeezing your head. This can get uncomfortable after a while.

But you also want it to stay tight enough, or it can stay on your head. The key is to search for a compromise between the two. Measure your head to ensure that your cap is neither too tight nor too loose.

Should the Crown of Your Cap Touch Your Head?

Generally, we don't recommend having the top part of the crown touching your head. Sometimes this can prevent the hat from coming down and staying fit.

That being said, some people prefer having the crown touch their heads. So, go with whatever feels natural to you.