Add Elegance to Any Outfit with A Women’s Fashion Hat


No accessory proudly completes an outfit the way fashion hats can. Women’s dress hats have evolved through the centuries, quickly transforming any look from unfinished to impeccable. Our collection of artfully-constructed fashion hats come in a wide range of shapes and styles, but their true power is in their versatility.


Take our women's fedora hats, for example. The fedora has a traditionally masculine air, but women have worn it throughout history to proclaim their strength. The fedora can be worn just as easily with jeans and a t-shirt as it can with a wedding gown. In a fedora, you can tell the world that you’re as tough as you are glamorous. 


Looking for another hat that sits gracefully in the space between masculine and feminine energy? Our women's pork pie hats are a surefire head-turner. An earmark of the oddball, a pork pie hat brings its casual, exuberant joy to every look you wear it with. These fashion hats can add casual flair to a formal dress and prim decorum to everyday clothes. 


For a distinctly feminine addition to your closet, our women's wide brim hats are the perfect choice. At the intersection of fashion and function, this silhouette can be found in art, pop culture, and on red carpets everywhere. A floppy wide brim frames the face and provides a romantic charm, while our high-quality materials and vibrant colors add a modern touch. As a women’s dress hat, the wide-brim style can look modern, practical, or downright glamorous. It’s all in how you choose to wear it!

Luxurious Women’s Dress Hats, Made In the USA


Our women’s dress hats don’t just deliver on fashion, we’ve carefully constructed each piece by hand - from the highest quality materials - for practical functionality and many years of durable wear. Here at American Hat Makers, we believe that hats should be more than just looks. They should keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, shaded from the sun, and protected from the rain. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to source and test our premium leather, multiple hand-picked palm varieties, hand-woven wool felt, and long-lasting synthetic to ensure you have a true luxury hat to add to your wardrobe. 


Our women's felt hats are the perfect fashion hats. We make our felt hats from 100% natural wool, which is cleaned, combed, and shaped by hand, without the use of harsh chemicals. As a natural fiber, wool is great at keeping you warm in the winter and wicking away excess moisture in the summer. It is also naturally water-resistant and antimicrobial, making these women’s fashion hats lifelong companions, not just fair weather friends.


Leather is another reliable material that you’ll find in our women’s dress hats collection. American Hat Makers has been working with leather since its foundation, and we take great pride in our selections. Naturally UPF 50, easy to clean, and a cinch to repair, leather is the perfect choice for a hat that will live on for decades. Our stunning silhouettes look all the more refined with a luxury leather finish that can range from refined to relaxed to just a little rugged.


American Hat Makers has been hand making beautiful hats since 1972, and we’ve been refining our art ever since. Each of our women’s dress hats goes through a precise process before it reaches your head. Whether you buy a cowboy-style leather hat, a fanciful straw hat, or a wide brim felt hat, our women's hats are made with an attention to stunning details. Our premium materials and experienced craftsmanship are the reason we call these hats legacy pieces. And it all comes to you with a Lifetime Guarantee, so that you can wear your women’s fashion hat with pride for years to come.