Hats for Women with Large Heads

A hat that’s too small is a tragedy. You can’t stay cool, warm, shaded, or stylish in a topper that’s toppling off with every nod or slight gust of wind. That’s why we’re committed to making hats that fit every head. Women’s hats for big heads may have been hard to find in the past, but the team at American Hat Makers has carefully crafted our most beautiful designs to fit every size head. Our hat sizing proudly goes up to 65 cm -- that’s more than 10 cm larger than the average woman’s head (or hat) size.

We don’t just carry one or two hats in our largest size, either. We carry big hats for women in dozens of unique styles, colors, and silhouettes. And each of our hats is carefully handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. These legacy pieces are designed to truly last you a lifetime, while fitting so perfectly, it’s like they were made just for you. That’s because our artisan crafters use only top quality materials -- from premium, supple leather to flexible, lightweight straw -- to create women’s hats for big heads that can be your next statement piece or everyday staple.

Our women’s leather hats in large sizes will mold to your head over time, making the fit unique to you. Leather is timeless, durable, and easy to care for. We got our start with leather, and we’ve been honing our craft ever since. We’ve continued to expand our leather collection to include pork pie hats, fedoras, wide brim hats, and top hats for big heads. And we’ve created these same silhouettes in both felt and women's straw hats for big heads, too.

When you shop at American Hat Makers, you can be sure that each one of our women’s hats for big heads will fit like a dream. If you’re between sizes or unsure of how your hat should sit on your head, we’ll help you find the right fit. If your hat comes in and happens to be less than perfect, you can exchange it at no cost. We’ll even pay for shipping costs. 

Once you have found the right one, you won’t have to worry about buying a new hat, even years down the line. That’s because we offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. When your hat gets worn out from too many long adventures or lazy days of lounging, we can help you there, too. American Hat Makers offers a refurbishing service to make an old hat look just as good as the day you bought it. Some even have a Lifetime Refurbishment option, which you can choose at checkout to save money when you come to get your hat shined up and ready to head out again.

Women’s Hats for Big Heads in Every Size

Hats are the perfect form of self expression, and American Hat Makers is proud to have been spearheading style for more than 40 years. No matter your style or hat size, we’ve got the right hat to top it. And we don’t just offer a full range of sizing with limited options, we have big hats for women in every style imaginable.

For example, if you’re looking for a large head friendly hat that’s distinctly feminine, our best-selling felt women's wide brim hats or Americana-inspired cowboy hats for women come in a range of classic and modern colors with fun details like braided bands, hand tooling, and feathers tucked into the band. Their iconic shapes and perfect pinches make these go-to hats for women with big heads. 

If your heart aches for a change of scenery and you’re always on the move, our straw hats for big heads and sun hats for big heads will be the perfect plus one for all your outdoor adventures and sun-soaked getaways. The lightweight construction, sun protection, breezy feel of crown ventilation points, and mix of flat, relaxed, and downright floppy brims ensure you have something for every occasion. Be sure to also look at our packable options with chin straps keep your big hat safely where it belongs: making memories with you. 

For women who whole-heartedly embrace bold fashion statements, we have the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our eclectic collection of women’s pork pie hats and women’s top hats are flexible friends that can be styled for steampunk parties or dressed to impress as a luxe evening wear addition

No matter what the occasion, we want to help you make a statement with your hat. But sometimes, you want one hat to make multiple statements. That’s why we’ve designed a number of large hat bands that reflect any aesthetic. Our women's hats for big heads are finished with all the finery and details you've come to expect from any of the American Hat Makers products. But you can choose to invest in a classic silhouette, neutral hue, and second-to-none craftsmanship, or dress it up with hat bands to give your hat a full makeover in seconds. Just like our hats, our women’s hat bands come in a variety of sizes to fit hats for big heads. And our bands are available for individual purchase, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.   

From classic cowgirl to eclectic style icon, our collection of women's hats for big heads come in plenty of sizes with no shortage of personality. A hat is the perfect way to express your style, and yours is waiting to come home to you today.