Eliminate The No. 1 Cause Of Skin Cancer

"The disease is moving quickly," the doctor said shyly.

He looked at Michael, who was lying on the hospital bed, completely weak and pale.

He then looked at Ellie, Michael's wife.

"I'm afraid it's completely taking over," he continued.

Ellie felt her heart getting heavier with every word.

And then the doctor paused. He took a deep breath, and said as if apologizing:

Ellie felt her heart sink completely.

She was holding Michael's warm hand.

She thought of their three kids, and she and Michael just looked at each other in silence.

Michael had been diagnosed a year and a half earlier.

An aggressive and nasty form of skin cancer, known as melanoma.

He had first found a lump in his neck.

It turned out the disease had also spread to his brain, his intestines, and all over his lower back.

The thing is, even when he was diagnosed, Michael didn't look sick at all.

People who knew him were wondering,

"Is he really that sick?"

But then his situation started going downhill. Fast.

First, his liver became so swollen that it jutted out, like a bump coming out of his stomach.

The doctors said surgery wasn't an option.

The tumors in his liver were like little fish hooks, with feelers reaching out and grabbing all the tissue around them.

And as for Ellie, she still kept hoping that this was all somehow temporary.

Her whole life had been tied to her partner, and since his diagnosis, she was crushed to see his body change and weaken, and his mind so confused.

She was seeing reminders of Michael's disease wherever she went.

It seemed like every movie she watched, people had cancer.

Cancer really is something we need to worry about.

And in particular, we have to worry about skin cancer.

There are two reasons why.

  • More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other cancers combined.
  • Altogether, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer.

        Actually, when it comes to skin cancer, you should be looking at the men in your family more closely.

        That's because;

        • Skin cancer disproportionately affects men.
        • Men are about 15% more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer to begin with.
        • Men are twice as likely to die from this terrible disease.
        • Skin cancer is often avoidable.You see, scientists now know that

        In particular, it's due to ultraviolet — or UV — radiation from the sun.

        • UV rays cause damage to the DNA in our skin cells.
        • UV radiation also has the nasty effect of suppressing our immune system.

              This means our own body can't repair the DNA damage as well it normally could, and it can't clean up the mutated cancerous cells.

              That's why skin cancer is so common, and why it can be so dangerous.

              Every year or so for the past five years, Hugh Jackman has posted a new photo on his social media.

              Each photo looks similar: he looks concerned and a new part of his nose is bandaged up following surgery.

              That's because Jackman keeps getting new basal cell carcinomas on his nose.

              And yes, if you are very careful to go to the dermatologist all the time, then surgery can usually deal with each new instance of skin cancer. But...

              • The process is painful.
              • The deep scars that are left behind can be disfiguring.

                    Before I tell you the best way I know of to protect yourself and your family against harmful UV


                    and to drastically cut your chances of skin cancer, I have to debunk some big myths about sun exposure and skin cancer.

                      Myth #1: You're safe if you have darker skin, if you tan more easily, or if you are not of English/Irish heritage

                        • Skin cancer can and does happen to everyone.
                        • In people with darker skin, it's more likely to go undetected for longer, making it more dangerous.
                        • The estimated five-year melanoma survival rate is almost 30% lower for dark-skinned patients than for light-skinned patients.

                            In fact, beloved reggae icon Bob Marley tragically passed away at 36 following a battle with “acralletiginous melanoma”, a form of skin cancer that is actually MORE COMMON in people with darker skin.

                            Which leads me to another myth...

                            Myth #2: You're safe if you don't burn

                              In 2009 and 2015, Brazil and Australia banned the use of tanning beds.

                              Across the U.S., 13 states have also followed suit, at least when it comes to minors.

                              You see, there are two types of UV radiation we are normally exposed to.

                              • UVB, which causes sunburns.
                              • The other is called UVA, which is what tanning beds use.

                                    The thing is, we are all normally exposed to both UVA and UVB radiation.

                                    Unlike UVB rays, which are only present in the middle of the day,

                                    • UVA rays shine down on you  throughout the day, even in the morning and in the afternoon.
                                    • Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays attack your skin in the winter as well as in the summer.

                                          If we're so concerned about it in tanning beds, shouldn't we worry about it the rest of the time, too?

                                          Your skin gets damaged from UVA rays, even if you never burn.

                                          So maybe now you’re getting a little frustrated and you're thinking, "Fine already, I'll slap on some sunscreen and be done with it."

                                          Well, that brings me to a very dangerous 3rd myth I want to debunk for you…

                                          That sunscreen will protect you against skin cancer

                                          • The sunscreen industry has been growing for decades,and is currently worth over $2 billion a year.
                                          • During that same period, the rates of all types of skin cancer have been increasing.
                                          • In the last decade alone, the rate of melanoma has gone up a staggering 50%.

                                                The SPF number on a bottle of sunscreen measures how effective sunscreens are against UVB radiation.

                                                And yet, most sunscreens do practically nothing to protect you against UVA rays.

                                                The end result is…

                                                • More damage by UV radiation.
                                                • Higher rates of all types of skin cancer.

                                                      So what is the right solution?

                                                      The American Academy of Dermatology, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Skin Cancer Foundation all have the same things to say.

                                                      • Seek the shade
                                                      • Cover up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.

                                                            • Stay out of the sun whenever possible
                                                            • Protect yourself with the right kind of clothing when you ARE in the sun.

                                                              Simple, right?

                                                              Except, what's the right kind of clothing?

                                                              Most regular clothing is not made with the right kind of material, weave, and color to do a good job stopping most UV radiation.

                                                              For example, a study examining 28 white fabrics found that the majority offered an SPF of less than 15.

                                                              That's certainly better than nothing, but it's not nearly as foolproof as many people would like to believe.

                                                              Another issue is that not all sun-protective clothing is good-looking or comfortable enough to wear regularly.

                                                              There is a solution to these problems.

                                                              I'll tell you all about it in just a second.

                                                              But first, I feel I should tell you a bit about myself.

                                                              My name is Garth Watrous.

                                                              Along with my wife, Hannah, I run a company called American Hat Makers.

                                                              This business is a family affair.

                                                              It was started by my father Gary over 40 years ago, and today, we sell the highest-quality hats all around the world.

                                                              And they are certainly not just hats that are designed to look great.

                                                              So let me tell you about the Cabana.

                                                              First off, this hat is…

                                                              And what I'm telling you is that Cabana has

                                                              a ultra-high

                                                              UPF 50+ rating, rather than SPF, meaning it blocks out 98% of all the UV rays coming at it.

                                                              And unlike sunscreens, this protection is guaranteed.

                                                              It doesn't wear out every couple of hours and doesn't need to be constantly reapplied to work.

                                                              But that's not all.

                                                              The Cabana features…

                                                              Mesh inside the crown, and is lightweight. This means it's comfortable and airy to wear, even at high temperatures and in direct sun. As many of our customers will tell you, wearing the Cabana is a pleasure and a joy.

                                                              What's more…

                                                              Here's what some of our customers had to say.

                                                              And one from Deborah, whose husband fought skin cancer:

                                                                "This is my husband's favorite hat. He found one several years ago in Florida and has worn them ever since them. He has had skin cancer and this hat blocks the UV rays perfectly while still keeping his head cool!”

                                                                If you go looking for hats that offer the same kind of sun protection as the Cabana, then you easily could pay up to $150.

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                                                                You see, the Cabana sells for just $77.

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                                                                And that's not all…

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                                                                      That's the essence of our 100% guarantee, and it's how we do business at American Hat Makers.

                                                                      So let me ask you...

                                                                      • How many more days do you want to go without proper sun protection?
                                                                      • How much more risk of skin cancer are you willing to take on for your family?


                                                                          Skin cancer is a heartbreaking reality.

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