Perfect Fit

Hat Sizing

Is the first step in owning a hat that feels like it was made just for you. It is the fit of a hat that makes for a superior wearing experience. Our Perfect Fit System is here to help you get a hat that’s not too small or too large, but is a perfect fit.

Handmade artisan hats vary slightly from hat to hat. It’s the nature of anything handmade. The Perfect Fit System eliminates concerns about these variations, by providing you with a system to customize your hat.

How to Have a Perfect Fitting Hat

First, determine the American Hat Makers size that’s right for you. Measure the circumference of your head halfway up your forehead and one finger’s width above your ears. Pull the tape to about the tightness you would like to wear a hat. You can use a string and then measure it with a ruler if you don't have a tape. Take this measurement at least 3 times until you get a consistent measurement.

Pro Tip: Get a friend's help! It makes it easier.

Be sure not to pull the tape or string too tight. This is the most common error people make when figuring out their hat size. A good fitting hat feels snug and secure, not tight or pinching. Keep in mind, the Perfect Fit System allows you reduce the size of your hat if it’s a bit big.

Once you have a reliable measurement, see our chart below to determine your American Hat Makers hat size. If you’re right on the line between sizes, go with the larger size. The Perfect Fit System will let you reduce the hat half or even a FULL size smaller.

Standard sweat band

Half-size reducer

Full-size reducer

Self-sticking reducers

The Perfect Fit System whisks away moisture, dries fast, and allows cooling air flow. Unlined leather hats and combination leather and mesh hats come with a thin Cush‘N Air Anti-Sweat Liner attached to Velcro inside the crown. If your hat is too big, remove the thin liner and replace it with the half-size reducer, or if necessary, the full-size reducer. For comfort, be sure the Anti-Sweat Liner completely covers the Velcro tabs.

Sweat band removed
velcro exposed

Align center notch of
liner to middle of velcro
and edge of brim

Cover outside velcro
with ends of liner

liner in place

If your hat is too big, remove the standard liner and replace it with the Black Sizer to make the hat half-size smaller. If you need further reduction, use the Green Sizer for a full-size reduction. Cover the Velcro completely for comfort.

You can combine the Sizers by placing a self-sticking Sizer in the back of the hat. Note that this Sizer is not removable. For example, you can reduce your hat a full size by putting a Velcro half-sizer in the front and self-sticking half-sizer in the back.

Pro Tip: Use our self-sticking size reducers to create a perfect fit for ANY hat.


To clean the removable Sizers, hand wash in mild soap, rinse well, and lay flat to dry.

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