Steampunk Hatter

Victorian grace clashes with western villainy in the retro-future world of the Steampunk Hatter. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, the birthplace of Steampunk culture, our designs exude authenticity. Tactile by intention and handmade by tradition, you’ll look dashing at the ball, enlightened visiting the burlesque theater, dangerous in the pub and confident navigating cobblestone backstreets. Whether you’re an elegant, intriguing lady, a gentleman with a whimsical streak or a denizen of the nefarious underground, our toppers will set you apart from the riff-raff.

Be ready to face clockwork cutthroats or venture to an exotic Vernian locale in style. Unexpected combinations of finished, printed and suede leathers mingle with tapestry, chain, lace, gears, velvet, portholes, and buttons. Unique hatbands feature bullets, skeleton keys, bottles, buckles, and twisted cord. Steampunk hats feature laser engraved, airbrushed, masterpieces!

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