EDM Festival Hats Guide: What to Wear & Why

EDM Festival Hats Guide: What to Wear & Why

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While putting your outfit together for an EDM festival, you want each piece to look as good as possible. People obviously think of their shirts and pants, but many fail to consider their hats. If you want your entire outfit to be flawless, you have to consider your hat too.

So, we put together a guide to wearing hats at EDM festivals. This includes advice about wearing hats in general and tips on which ones to bring to specific festivals. Keep reading to find out more. 

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What Hats to Wear to Festivals in General

You’re looking for two things when wearing a hat to a festival. You want the hat to look good and suit the general vibe of the festival. You also want it to at least be somewhat practical. 

The Look of a Festival Hat

When it comes to looks, the hat should suit your style first. Different hats look better or worse on different people. Play around with a few options and see what works for you. If the hat doesn’t work for you, don’t try to force it into your wardrobe.

The hat should also suit the vibe of the festival. You wouldn’t show up to an opera in a tie-dye bucket hat. In the same way, you should dress for the festival you are attending.

So, if the festival is wild and crazy, go with something out there. If the festival is about ridiculous costumes, have the hat form the centerpiece of your unique costume. In any case, try to match the vibe, and you’ll have a much better time.

The Function of a Festival Hat

Hats are an aesthetic flair that completes an outfit. However, they are also extra pieces of clothing that come with practical benefits. Understanding how to utilize this to your advantage will allow you to get the best mileage from your hat. 

First off, you will want to avoid hats that will overheat you. Festivals can be notoriously hot and humid. You’ll probably be sweaty, which will make your hair sweaty too. Some hats will trap this sweat and leave you feeling even worse.

So, look for hats with good ventilation. This will allow the sweat and humidity on your head and hair to leave and, thus, cool you down. Your body sweats to cool you down, yet it can’t do this if it has nowhere to go.

Hats can provide benefits as well. If you’re going to a festival where the hot sun will be beating down on you for hours, you’ll want protection from it. A hat with a wide brim provides this.

Meanwhile, some festivals get a little cold at night. A nice felt hat will provide your head with a little warmth when this happens.

Planning your outfits for a festival in a fashionable city? Take a look at our men’s leather hats that will help you stand out from the crowd! 

What Hats to Wear to Specific Festivals

Each festival out there has a different vibe to it. So, what works at one might not work at another. If you’re looking for specific advice about specific festivals, we’ve got you covered.


When it comes to EDM festivals, Tomorrowland is the game to beat. This Belgian festival is so incredible that it extends beyond fans of EDM and is a destination for anyone interested in festivals. 

Despite the fact that Tomorrowland is such a big deal, people don’t go all out in dressing up for it. Instead, they stick to something comfortable that still manages to look nice. You’ll see plenty of people in jeans or shorts with a normal to slightly-dressy shirt. Consider European styles when attending; the event is in Europe, after all.

Because of this, something more subtle is a great choice. For men, we’d recommend a more ordinary cap that suits your personal style. Anything from a trucker hat to a bucket hat would fit in well. For women, a simple fedora or cute sun hat is a solid choice.

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Ultra Music Festival

The outfits at Ultra Music Festival are varied but trend toward standard club wear. You’ll see plenty of popular rave styles, like reflective clothing, neon, and fishnets.

Ultra takes place in Miami at a time that has the potential to get pretty hot. This is especially true when you’re surrounded by people jamming out all around you. You’ll want to wear something light and breathable to compensate for this. You don’t want something that will quickly turn your head into a ball of sweat.

We recommend an extremely lightweight straw hat. If you can, go with something less structured and more casual, like this Savannah Straw Hat. The casual approach will make the hat seem less stuffy and formal in an environment where people are wearing bathing suits. The lightweight nature of the hat will prevent it from making you sweat. Plus, the hat’s brim will even shade you, helping you cool down further.

Going to an outdoor festival under the blazing sun? Check out our selection of women’s sun hats to keep you feeling and looking cool!

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the top EDM festivals in America. In 2022, 400,000 people descended on Las Vegas for a weekend of wild fun. This makes this festival incredibly energetic and fun.

At EDC, all bets are off for fashion. You can wear literally anything you want, and you’ll fit right in. However, people tend to go all out with the wildest and most creative outfits they can put together.

Plus, most people attending EDC want to hit the Vegas Strip while they are in town. So, you’ll want to bring a hat you can wear at a casino or to a wild bar. 

For this reason, we’d suggest wearing a hat that will stand out. Cowboy hats are great in this regard. Both men and women can rock a cowboy hat, and doing so will allow you to make your mark on the Vegas Strip. Just make sure to wear one with some ventilation to prevent it from suffocating your head.

The Best Hats for EDM Festivals

Picking the right hats for EDM festivals may seem like a challenge. However, it doesn’t have to be. Follow some of the tips and tricks listed above, and you’ll be on your way to making the right choice. Once you do, you can be on your way to your next EDM festival!

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