Purchase Our Mens Fedora Hats

Each style of our men’s fedora hats come in materials like wool, leather, straw, and mesh. American Hat Makers has been working with all these materials since 1972, and by now, we’re experts. We know just how to work with each material to make men’s fedora hats that last a lifetime. 

Our hats are handcrafted from brim to crown, at every step of the process. We select only the finest materials, direct from the source. Then comes the careful cleaning and treatment process, where we sort out the best of the best in every material. After that, we dye the materials. Our process brings out the darkest blacks, softest grays, warmest reds, most vibrant oranges, and coolest blues.

Then comes the shaping of your men’s fedora hat and the wide brim fedora mens hats. We hand shape them to create perfect, unique fedoras for men. Unlike mass produced, machine stamped hats, our hats are handmade. We finalize our hats with hand stitching, and then we carefully box them and send them off to you with an optional lifetime guarantee. 

Our lifetime refurbishment guarantee option protects against all manufacturer defects. If your stitching comes loose or your hat stretches or shrinks, we’ll make it right. Our customer service is easy to reach and happy to help because we love our customers as much as we love our craft.

Our years of expertise, top-quality materials, and dedication result in a hat that you can bring along for the ride of your life, wherever that takes you.

A Fresh Take on A Classic Shape

Mens fedora hats can bring many different shapes to mind. This iconic hat has enjoyed time on the big screen and in the music scene, and its humble roots make it a familiar look to people from every walk of life. 

The classic men’s fedora hat features a pinched, tear-shaped crown and a mid to wide-length brim that can be snapped up or down in front and in back. The wide brim fedora hats also feature this. The sharp shape lent itself to movie stars, jazz singers, and gangsters alike with its flexible simplicity. Fedoras frequently feature a cloth or silk hat band and come in dark colors. They’re one of the most beloved men's wool hats, giving off a feel of strength, style, and charm.

The softer Trilby variation of men’s fedora hats were once viewed as the rich man’s favored hat. Men’s Trilby hats feature a more understated brim, often called stingy brims. The narrower brim can snap up or down in front and typically curve along the sides. The crown of this particular hat is more open and can be found in three variations: a diamond crown, teardrop crown, or center dent crown crease along the top with a moderate pinch. The subtle sophistication of men’s Trilby hats made them popular with crooners like Jason Mraz and Frank Sinatra.

Men’s fedoras are a staple of style even if you’re a little less pop or jazz fan, and more of a hard rock and metal fan. Men's straw fedoras are a Western staple, combining the soft pinch of a Trilby with the wide brim of a classic fedora. Sturdy straw combined with suave style make these men's wide brim hats the perfect choice for men who need a hat that seamlessly goes from outdoors to indoors with no problem. 

Iconic fedoras and trilbies can be found in men's leather hats, too. Leather enhances the Wild West feel of a men’s fedora, making it look almost like an Australian outback hat or men’s cowboy hat. A leather trilby adds a stable punch to an already sturdy silhouette.