Find a Fine Felt Hat for Your Style

Felt is a stylish, versatile material, and our men's felt hats take full advantage. We’ve created a variety of styles and silhouettes to show the true versatility of a wool hat. Men’s classic styles like fedoras and pork pie hats may be an obvious pick, but we don’t stop there. Check out our more adventurous styles, like our men’s felt cowboy hats or men’s wool hats with brims both big and small.

Our hats are just as at home on the Swiss Alps as they are at an art show, or relaxing with the ones you love. That’s because our mens felt hats are made of 100% wool, making them sturdy, yet soft (just like you). They are also as good at insulating as they are at wicking moisture, making them a true contrarian piece.

But these qualities are no secret. In fact, wool has been used in clothing since the Stone Age, with the earliest wool textiles dated at about 4,000 BCE. Even our ancestors knew this was the ideal, all-in-one. First, wool is a great insulator. The fibers have natural coils in them that trap body heat and create a lofting affect. What does that mean for men’s hats? It means wool is perfect for shielding you against cold winter winds.

But wool isn’t just a winter thing. Those same coily fibers wick moisture away from your brow, and wool is naturally antimicrobial, preventing any funky smells. So, yes, you may even find your next favorite men’s sun hat is crafted from this material.

Just remember, wool is what sheep use to stay warm in winter and cool in summer - all while keeping their skin clean and conditioned. And even though sheep aren’t firefighters, their wool is. Wool is naturally flame retardant, so if your adventures get extra wild, our men’s felt hats won’t go up in flames.

Finally, if your adventures have you more likely to get caught in the rain or snow, your topper won’t give you grief. Wool is naturally water-resistant due to its natural oils. So, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a drizzle and ruining your hat.

How to Care for Our Men’s Felt Hats

When it's time to clean up after those wild adventures, caring for your men’s wool hat couldn’t be easier.The natural fibers respond beautifully to a gentle brush as needed. The “weft” is a sort of cowlick for your hat. It’s the direction the fibers lined up in during creation, and it’s your hat’s fingerprint.  

To preserve your one-of-a-kind piece, use a soft-bristle brush in the same color as your hat and always brush in the direction of the weft. Start with the crown and then end with the brim. Just like that, your wool hat will be back to normal and ready to enhance your style again. 

Most importantly, don't spray your hat with any water resistant sprays or stain-blockers. Wool does those things naturally, and adding other products may deteriorate the natural fibers or cause your men’s felt hat to lose its stunning shape.

Felt Hats for Any Lifestyle

Wool and felt are timeless materials that fit naturally into any look. Men’s felt hats are perfect as part of an overall ensemble or standing alone as a statement piece. They can use the sharp edges of a men’s pork pie hat or the classic curves of a men’s fedora to communicate masculinity, style, and comfort.

We even offer styles that combine both our hand-selected felt wool and premium leather for a tactical treat in the form of a luxury investment piece. Whether you're shopping for men’s leather hats or felt ones here, you’ll see these delightful hybrids in the form of a wide brim fedora with a leather brim, or an all-felt one with a braided leather hat band.

Our bolder colors have been carefully cleaned and meticulously dyed with bright pigments to last a lifetime. We offer a wide range of colors, like navy, sage, sangria, and even a striking coal. Whichever color suits your mood, it’s sure to add personality and suave style to the handmade construction of our felt masterpieces.

Just remember that putting all that in a hat requires two things: Skill and quality. American Hat Makers has those in abundance. We’ve been crafting hats for more than 40 years, combining the wisdom of tradition with the efficiency of the modern age. We use only the highest quality materials so your hat will last a lifetime, and we guarantee it.

After a lifetime of adventure, though, wear and tear might start to catch up with your hat. Don’t worry, American Hat Makers offers refurbishing services, too. Starting at $35, we can mend, repair, clean, reshape, and resize your hat. 

We stand by quality and customer care, so American Hat Makers is dedicated to getting you the most for your money. When you choose the $10.77 Lifetime Refurbishments with your hat, you’ll be able to pass your men’s felt hat down the generations, even after you put it through the ringer and left it with stories to tell. And that’s what we mean by a legacy piece.