Women's Pork Pie Hats

Stand out with our women's pork pie hat. Combining classic design with modern trends, each pork pie hat womens piece adds a chic touch to any ensemble.

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The American Hat Makers Difference

The answer to the question of where to get a women's pork pie hat online is easy: American Hat Makers. That's simple for us to say, but why are our men's fedoras, cowboy hats, and more so popular with our customers?

All of our ladies' pork pie hats are made by hand out of the finest leather, straw, wool, felt, and other materials, making us unique among hat manufacturers. In addition, we have women's pork pie hats in every imaginable size, color, and design, all of which are expertly crafted to the high standards set by our loyal clientele.

American Hat Makers has the appropriate pork pie hat for every occasion, whether it's a formal affair or a day in the park.


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woman with trees at the back wearing black hat by american hat makers

Display Your Individuality with a Women's Pork Pie Hat

When you’re looking for hats to show off your style, there’s nothing like a women’s pork pie hat. These fun little hats have been beloved for years as a mark of the artist, the rascal, and the jokester.

Pork pie hats are shorter than a top hat, but flatter than women's fedora hats, with a straighter silhouette than a sun hat. All this combined gives this style a mischievous, yet endearing look.

Women’s pork pie hats are often underrated, but the straight lines of a pork pie complement every style and every face shape from oval and heart to everything in between. And the height of the pork pie looks simply divine whether you’re short or tall.

Some of the sheens that a leather pork pie creates have been compared to silk. Shorter women have expressed that the pork pie mirrors their own height, creating a proportional look. Taller women often find that the pork pie adds sophistication without making them appear even taller.

A woman in a sweatshirt wearing soho black leather hat
Soho Black Cowhide Leather Fedora by American Hat Makers

Short-brim pork pie hats also make great indoor accessories. Their modest shape means your hat won’t get in the way, so you can easily view everything around you. And the comfort of our high-quality materials mean you may forget you’re even wearing it: until you see the stunning photos, that is! Wide-brim pork pie hats, on the other hand, make perfect festival hats and outdoor companions.

The shape will stand out from the crowd, while the wider brim protects you from the sun and rain. You’ll be looking stylish and feeling cool through the whole festival, thanks to the humble pork pie hat atop your head.

But the versatility doesn’t stop there. The Walter White hat can also be made of any material, making them ideal year-round companions. Our felt pork pie hats create a slightly warmer barrier during cooler months and keep the snow off your head in the winter.

Mesh pork pie hats are lightweight and breathable in summer, with sewn-in sweatbands that wick away moisture to keep you even cooler.

Woman sitting on motorcycle wearing the Gaucho womens pork pie hat by American Hat Makers

Our women's leather hats provide the best of both worlds and are the pride of our collection. These hats feature removable sweatbands for easy washing and are naturally UPF 50+ to keep you sunburn-free.

Durable leather can truly stand up to any element, protecting you from dust, wind, snow, and even freezing rain with ease. Try a black pork pie hat today or take a look at our whole catalogue.

Pork Pie Hats That are Style Pieces for Life

At American Hat Makers, we never overlook quality for fleeting style. Instead, we pride ourselves on offering timeless silhouettes and second-to-none craftsmanship, giving you a statement piece you can wear with confidence for years to come.

Whether you need a heisenberg hat for when things get serious or just a classic stingy brim hat we’ve got you covered, literally.

Woman in cactus garden wearing the Ruby womens couture hat by American Hat Makers
Woman in forest wearing the Bromley womens pork pie hat by American Hat Makers

First, we pick the highest-quality materials, sourced right here in the US. Whether premium leather, natural wool, or quality mesh, we go through each step necessary to prepare those materials to be shaped into your perfect pork pie hat for women. 

For our felt hats, this means we’re dealing with only 100% natural wool that has been meticulously brushed and cleaned. The felt is then shaped by “combing”, or poking it over and over again until the natural fibers interlock. If you look closely at your felt pork pie, you can see the fibers criss-crossing over each other. You can even see the weft, a sort of “cowlick” for your hat, which is as unique as a fingerprint.

Our leather pork pie hats are born out of high-quality, American-made leather. It’s tanned, cleaned, and cut specifically for a range of head sizes. Then we shape the leather pieces using a hydraulic press, ensuring that your hat will keep its shape. Finally, we hand-stitch the details in place. 

Mesh hats get our hand-stitching treatment, too. We have tested dozens of types of mesh to find the most durable, breathable mesh on the market. We then add plenty of ventilation for warm weather wear and make sure our removable sweatbands are stitched secured in place for a comfortable fit right out of the box.

Woman next to train wearing the Bromley womens pork pie hat by American Hat Makers
Bromley Unbanded Brown Leather Top Hat by American Hat Makers

Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality because we’ve been making hats for more than 40 years. We handle every request with ease, even offering women's hats for big heads that feel like they were made for you.

At American Hat Makers, we believe everyone should get to wear a hat that shows their style, and nothing does that better than a women’s pork pie hat. Buy one of our pork pie hats and you won’t get a style piece for a season, you’ll get a statement piece for life.