Design Your Signature Hat Contest!

A hand sewing on a sewing machine

Calling all aspiring fashion designers and students in the clothing/garment industry!

Showcase your creativity and design skills in our exciting hat design contest. Unleash your imagination and create a unique hat that defines your signature style.

Whether it's a trendy fedora, a chic beret, or an edgy snapback, the choice is yours!

Contest Guidelines

Participants must be currently studying (in the USA, Canada, UK, or any location worldwide) fashion design or pursuing education related to the clothing/garment industry.

Design a hat of your choice using any medium: sketch, digital graphics, or a combination of both.

Any hat style can inspire your design, be it a classic cowboy hat, a fashionable straw hat, or a trendy cap for men or women.

How to Submit Your Design

Submissions for 2023 are closed.

Contest Criteria

Creativity: How unique and original is your hat design? Does it stand out from the crowd?

Aesthetic Appeal: Is your design visually pleasing? Does it demonstrate an understanding of fashion and style?

Craftsmanship: How well-executed is your design? Are the details and proportions well-defined?

Relevance: Does your hat design align with current fashion trends and target a specific audience?

1st Place: $500 cash prize, featured showcase of your design on our website and social media platforms, and a certificate of achievement.

2nd Place: $300 cash prize, recognition on our website and social media platforms, and a certificate of achievement.

3rd Place: $200 cash prize, mention on our website and social media platforms, and a certificate of achievement.

Important Dates

Contest Start Date: Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 29th, 2024

Winners Announcement: Friday, April 5th, 2024

Unleash your creativity, design the hat of your dreams, and make your mark in the fashion world! Good luck!

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American Hat Makers, a renowned company in the hat industry, has been handcrafting exceptional hats for over half a century.

Founded by Gary Watrous, the company's humble beginnings trace back to the 1970s when Gary started selling handmade leather goods from the trunk of his Chevy station wagon.

Today, American Hat Makers has become one of the largest hat manufacturers worldwide.

Gary Watrous, the visionary behind American Hat Makers, initially dabbled in leatherwork, creating belts, wallets, and purses with a small investment.

However, when he crafted a leather hat for himself in the mid-70s, his true passion ignited. Hats quickly became Gary's sole artistic focus, and he dedicated himself to perfecting his craft.

Garth Watrous, Gary's son and the current owner of American Hat Makers, was raised amidst the captivating world of hat making. Observing his father's exceptional artistry and craftsmanship, Garth developed a deep appreciation for the trade.

After earning his business degree from San Diego State University, Garth joined his father in 2005 as a partner, bringing his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise to the company.

Driven by a desire for continual growth, Garth has propelled American Hat Makers to unprecedented success, doubling its business not once but twice.

Yet, his aspirations reach even higher. Garth's unwavering goal for American Hat Makers is crystal clear: to establish the company as the world's leading hat manufacturer.

With a rich legacy of artisanal craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to excellence, American Hat Makers continues to create exceptional hats that capture the imagination and style of hat enthusiasts around the globe.

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