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American Hat Makers Selection of Hat Bands

Here at American Hat Makers we are fanatics about everything “hats.” From the materials used in them to the construction and overall quality. What makes a hat is more than just what it’s made of however, and goes even deeper than just the silhouette it produces.

A hat is nearly defined by the band that goes on top of it. Creating a standard fedora like something you might see in Peaky Blinders, into a fashion statement that can rock cities. Our fedora hat bands, cowboy hat bands, straw hat bands, and the types of rattlesnake hat band and feather hat band we make are unbeatable.

Seeing as how we basically developed the aesthetic of the concho hat band there’s no reason to choose a competitor that's years behind the hat fashion curve.

Hat Bands


Spruce Up Your Hat with a Designer Hat Band

Are you looking for leather hatbands to add a unique touch to your hat? We have leather hatbands in many different colors and patterns, perfect for any outfit.

Our hat bands are made out of a variety of materials, including leather, cloth, and beaded hatbands, and horsehair. We have something for everyone!


Cowboy Hat Bands

Add some style to your look with cowboy hat accessories.

Horsehair hat bands are a staple and date back centuries as a traditional look on a Straw and Felt Cowboy and look really sharp against your favorite black hat.

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Leather Hat Bands

Leather hat bands are a great way to add some personality and style to any hat. With a range of materials, colors, and styles, it's easy to find the perfect band for your hat.

So don't be afraid to experiment with different types of hatbands and find the perfect one.

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Top Hat Bands

Black leather has that top hat edge, so black leather hat bands are the ones to have if you want your top hat to stand out.

We have a great selection of designer hat bands. These bands vary from Skull Hat Bands to Concho Hat Bands.


Rattlesnake Hat Bands

We take the Eastern Diamond Rattlesnakes and turn them into exquisite hat bands. Our snake hat band collection are all made out of real snakeskin and they can be used with any type of hat!

So if you are looking to level up your hatband try one of our real Rattlesnake bands.

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Here at American Hat Makers, the leading American hat company we have completely revolutionized cowboy hat bands. We have a cowboy hat feather band that exceeds our competitors next best option by miles. Our leather cowboy hat bands are made from 100 percent premium cowhide leather. Other leather hat bands are typically made from cheaper imitation or even scrap leather. This can lead to mold, unwanted wear, and men’s cowboy hat bands or womens hat bands that overall just aren’t that good. We have horse hair cowboy hat bands that have exemplary craftsmanship. We have beaded cowboy hat bands and native american hat bands that look great on any straw cowboy hat, leather cowboy hat, or any mens cowboy hat or womens cowboy hat you want to experiment with.

A mens cowboy hat band is something that takes great design and craftsmanship. A cowboy hat band mens or womens is a feat but either one, either way, we’ll knock it out of the park. You might want to try a diy cowboy hat band. But be mindful of the stitching and how you attach it. Certain glues can destroy a hat forever. How to attach feather to hat band is a question asked by many. We use methods passed down from generation to generation to create western hat bands that are excellent in quality and application. We take the time to select the greatest cowboy hat feathers to use in our hats, to ensure the quality and fashion of your hat.


Our leather hat bands are the gucci hat band of all hat bands. A tooled leather hat band has to be carefully fashioned in a way that retains the quality of the leather. Here at American Hat Makers we take pride in the quality of work that we deliver on every one of our products. From our western hat bands to the western style hat bands that we produce, all of our products are the best on the market. We have leather fedora hat bands, leather cowboy hat bands, leather hat bands for straw hats too. If you need replacement hat bands then it’s likely you didn’t get an American Hat Makers band. But if for some miraculous reason you did and you do, then go contact our customer support and we will be more than happy to find a solution for you.


I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, “I just wish I looked, poppin.” Well with American Hat Makers selection of feather hat bands you’ll be looking and feeling quite fly (bird pun not intended). We even have feather hat bands for cowboy hats. We have hat bands with feathers that go great on fedoras too. Try it on our straw hats to create a great Hawaiian feather hat band style. A cowboy hat feather band is also a delicate balance between classic cowboy style and the flair that a feather hat band provides. The end product that we create is a beautiful harmony between the two. American Hat Makers has been revolutionizing the hat industry for decades. We developed the market's leading concho hat bands. This hat band looks good on everything from a top hat to a black panama hat. The variety doesn’t stop there. We have beaded hat bands and turquoise hat bands that have a color just like the rarest of turquoise.


We have a cowboy hat with rattlesnake band for those moments where you need to show who's got the bite. The rattlesnake hat band that we produce is made from 100 percent snakeskin. Our rattlesnake cowboy hat bands are unmet by any other company. The rattlesnake skin in our snakeskin hat bands feature real rattles and rattlesnake heads in some models. Looking for a snakeskin hat try out The Storm American Hat Makers fine rattlesnake cowboy hat. We use real rattlesnake skin for our exotic hat bands. Our hat bands look, feel, and smell incredible. So try one on today and open your eyes to the versatility in every hat.

Bands for Hats FAQ

When you want to choose the cowboy hatband, you need to conduct primary research online or by visiting the hat stores. Search for websites that sell cowboy hatbands and also fix a budget that's comfortable for you. You might browse through the internet and check a few pictures that you find attractive. After you research, you should choose the hatband that complements your style and persona.

Modern-day hatbands are made using silk, cotton, and grosgrain and showcase pins towards the ends for easy fastening to the majority of hats. It is called the hatband, which is a decorative ribbon that gets held in the place atop the hat brim. When you change the hatband, it is easy to wear a new look with an old hat.

The thing around the cowboy hat is known as the hatband. The cowboy hatband is mostly a piece of leather, fabric, and ribbon where the brim and the crown meet. If you want to sport a leather hatband, opt-in for hat makers that provide high-quality cowhide leather and stay away from cheap imitations. Also, the hatbands are a way to customize the cowboy hat.

The primary purpose of having bands for a cowboy hat is to accentuate the features. The design for the original cowboy hat featured a wide flat brim and a tall rounded crown that was made from straw, felt, and sometimes leather. The hat got fitted with an easy sweatband that provides stability when you wear the hat. The only purpose of the hatband is to give each hat a unique look that is fitted to the wearer.

The feathers in a cowboy hat indicate an act of bravery or heroism. They can also have a personal context. At times a feather can be a gift from a loved one or a friend that can have a sentimental connection. The cowboy hats with feathers get worn on special occasions. Also, some cowboys would attach the feathers to the hat before they went for rodeos or dances.

The cowboy hat rule or code is to not lay down the hat on its brim. You should always place the hat on the crown and keep the brim up. Also, it is proper if you let the hat inside show. The inside part of the crown and the hatband shouldn’t be for public view. Also, no one should mess with another person’s cowboy hat.

Often the cowboys make use of bobby pins to keep the hat on. When you clip it to the hair and insert it into the hand band, the hat can stay in place for a long time. Also, no one can know about your secret to keep the hat on. Some also use the stampede string, which goes through the hat's brim on either side near the crown and gets hooked under the chin so that the hat stays in place.