Premium Straw, Leather, and Felt Men’s Cowboy Hats

Rugged western style and long-lasting construction meet in our men’s cowboy hat collection. This timeless shape is ready to go for any adventure - from a long day’s work to a formal night out.

When you slip on a hand-crafted western hat from American Hat Makers, you’re stepping into a look that exudes rugged charm. Our collection of premium, hand-crafted cowhide leather cowboy hats and Tejana hats, or the Yellowstone hat along with felt cowboy hats, natural straw cowboy hats, or even our classic black cowboy hat are just as well-suited for a day on the ranch as they are with a suit and tie for wedding or other formal event. Hand-hammered lines with intricately-carved leather on the crown and underside of the brim make some of our men’s black cowboy hats a fashion statement and the dress hat that’s sure to leave the right impression. Meanwhile, our beige, tan, and black hats are the classic choice that makes any outfit an instantly iconic western look.

Our black western hats and tan leather cowboy hats may offer a sense of sultry style and mystery to your look when worn low on the brow. But our straw hats are another versatile day-to-day option that lighten your face and go wherever you do. They can be a workhorse that keeps sweat off your brow while on the farm one minute, shields your eyes from the sun while on the driving range the next, and even accompanies you on vacation. With thoughtful details like sewn-in sweat bands, ventilation points, and stunning accents on the crown and brim, our cowboy hats are made for function, durability, and comfort in one stylish package.

American Cowboy Hats

We are America’s premier leather and men’s cowboy hat artisans, and take great pride in each and every piece we produce. We don’t just think of your cowboy hat as an accessory to a great outfit - or necessary protective gear for a long, hard day of work. We see them as a symbol of American pride and American craftsmanship.

Our 100% natural materials are carefully sourced to ensure your hat contains only top-grain cowhide leather and straw materials, such as seagrass, golden wheat straw, and toquilla palm. 

Each leather cowboy hat is constructed in two pieces - the wide, swooping brim, and the pinched crown. The pieces are hand-stitched from the inside to create a hidden seam and tight fit, giving you long-lasting wear and incomparable 360-degree water resistance. After we’ve assembled the pieces, we add unique touches that will make your cowboy hat a true collector’s item. The result is a soft, supple hat that conforms to your head for a fit so perfect it feels like it was made just for you. Even our vegan men’s cowboy hats have been artfully made to mimic the look of true cowhide - using waxed cotton instead of any animal-sourced products. 

The natural fibers in our straw men’s cowboy hats are tightly woven to create a rigid hat that holds its shape for years - while being unbelievably lightweight and flexible. Like our leather products, each piece is hand-selected, sorted, and cut to size to ensure the perfect weave. The crown pinch and brim crease are then added to give you a go-anywhere men’s sun hat in a timeless Americana style.  

Regardless of the materials we’ve used to craft your rugged cowboy hat, there are multiple silhouettes to suit your style and face. You may find a high, oval crown and pronounced pinch with a braided hat band in one style, while another may have a circular crown with neither a pinch nor a crease. A sharp crease in the brim will highlight your cheekbones and chiseled jawline, while a wide flat brim hat will let in equal amounts of light all around your face and a downturned brim will create an air of silent masculinity.

The unmistakable, quality construction and timeless shapes of our western leather hats make them not just a long-lasting accessory, but an heirloom piece that transcends style fads. And our selection of fabric and straw outdoor hats ensure that, come rain or shine, you don’t have to go a single day without donning your favorite style.