How to Watch Yellowstone: Where It’s Streaming Tonight

How to Watch Yellowstone: Where It’s Streaming Tonight

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If you’re a sucker for a great Western, you’ve got to watch Paramount’s Yellowstone series that premiered in 2018. Five seasons later, this Western drama series has grown in popularity as it follows Kevin Costner’s character as a wealthy rancher in Montana. 

Sounds like a show you could get into? It’s seriously so good. Here’s the latest on how to watch Yellowstone and see what all the Yellowstone hype is about.

What is the Yellowstone Series About?

Created by Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone is a gripping drama series that follows the powerful Dutton family, which controls the largest ranch in the United States. Led by patriarch John Dutton, the family must navigate the dangerous world of land developers, politicians, and other rival ranchers, all wanting to take their land and destroy their way of life.

As tensions rise and conflicts escalate, the family must band together to protect their home and each other, even as their own personal demons threaten to tear them apart. With stunning scenery, complex characters, and intense action, Yellowstone is a thrilling and unforgettable exploration of family, power, and survival in the American West.

The main characters and actors starring in Yellowstone are:

  • John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner: The owner of the Yellowstone Ranch and head of the Dutton family.
  • Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes: John’s youngest son and a former Navy SEAL who returns home to the ranch.
  • Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly: John’s daughter and the tough-talking, no-nonsense businesswoman who oversees the family’s finances.
  • Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley: John’s eldest son and a lawyer who is torn between his loyalty to his family and his ambition.
  • Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser: The ranch foreman and John’s right-hand man, who is fiercely loyal to the Dutton family.
  • Monica Long Dutton, played by Kelsey Asbille: Kayce’s Native American wife, is trying to navigate the complexities of being married to a Dutton while also staying true to her heritage.
  • Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith: Is a longtime ranch hand and father figure to the Dutton family.

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Why is Yellowstone One of the Best Streaming Series?

Yellowstone is one of the best streaming series because of its gripping storyline, stunning cinematography, and outstanding performances from its talented cast. The show is a masterful blend of family drama, action, and suspense that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Each character is richly developed and multi-dimensional, sucking viewers into their lives and struggles. With breathtaking views of the American West, intense plot twists, and unforgettable moments, Yellowstone is a series that will leave you wanting more.

It’s a must-watch for us because we love a good story, the American west, and appreciate top-notch production values. If you love these things too, you should definitely watch Yellowstone.

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How Many Yellowstone Seasons Are Streaming Now?

There are four complete seasons of Yellowstone that you can stream right now.

The first half of Yellowstone season five premiered on November 13, 2022, and the midseason finale was released on January 1, 2023. So you can watch the first half of Yellowstone season 5 on Peacock and other streaming services. The second half of season five should return in the summer of 2023.

What Network Can I Watch Yellowstone on Tonight?

To watch Yellowstone, you need a decent cable/satellite plan that includes one of these networks:

  • Paramount
  • Peacock Premium

If your cable/satellite plan doesn’t have these networks, don’t worry. You can subscribe online and stream Yellowstone directly from Peacock. Yellowstone seasons one through four are available for binging through:

  • Peacock Premium: $4.99/month
  • Peacock Premium Plus: $9.99/month

Other streaming, cable, and satellite services that will charge you to stream all four completed seasons: 

  • DirectTV: $2.99 per episode
  • Amazon: $2.99 per episode or $19.99 per season to buy
  • Google Play Movies: $2.99 per episode or $14.99 to buy a full season
  • Philo: Requires a monthly membership of $25/month

From these streaming services, Peacock’s online monthly plan is the cheapest. But if you prefer to buy, Google Play Movies is your best deal for buying each season.

Can You Watch Yellowstone Streaming for Free Tonight?

Unfortunately no. You can’t watch a full season for free if you don’t have Peacock Premium as part of your cable TV or satellite plan. The free version of Peacock will allow you to watch the first episode of the first season, but this is a tease. You’ll have to pony up for all the other episodes.

If you haven’t seen the show, you could stream the first episode for free to see if you like it. If you’re hooked, then bite the bullet and subscribe to Peacock Premium for $4.99 a month.

Where Can I Stream Yellowstone Season 5?

The following streaming services have the first half of Yellowstone season 5 available for watching:

All subscription and purchase prices apply from above. If you do decide to subscribe, throw a Yellowstone watch party with family and friends. Theme the party by encouraging everyone to come as their favorite Yellowstone character. We’ve got the best selection of cowboy hats to complete the look.

Is the Second Half of Yellowstone Season 5 Out Now?

The second half of season five is anticipated to return in the summer of 2023. So if you haven’t seen any of the previous seasons or if you love the show, you have time to watch all four and a half seasons before the rest of season five releases.

Will There Be a Yellowstone Season 6?

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that there would be a season 6 and 7 of the hit Yellowstone series. This is amazing news if you’re a fan of the show like we are. So gather your family or posse, get a great cowboy hat, and cuddle up on the couch to binge the previous seasons of modern western drama. 

Spinoff Series of Yellowstone


1923 is early Dutton family spinoff series that follows the Dutton lineage during 1923 in the mountain west. This series stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. You can stream the entire first season on Paramount+


1883 is a spinoff series on Paramount+ that follows the Dutton family in 1883 as they cross the Great Plains to seek a new future in America. You can binge all eight episodes of the first season of 1883 on Paramount+.

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