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The history of hats is so deep-rooted that it can be difficult to trace its origin. But there is an overall acceptance that it must have come in use with other types of staple clothing for protection from the elements. While it may have been a practical accessory, a hat also enjoyed a unique status as a fashion ensemble even back then. Once the symbol of financial position, profession, and political association; the hats covered a long distance to find their place in the regular attire. Today, any man and woman can flaunt one to demonstrate their taste and style. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that every hat has a well-established background and specific relevance in society regardless of the era.

A sneak peek into how we became the best handmade hat makers in America

Earlier a mark of aristocratic flamboyancy, the modern-day hats represent urbane style preferences. For example, you can think of Fedora hats, which have been there for a century and are still dominating men's fashion. You get them in various materials, but nothing beats the charm of leather. And when you refer to leather, you cannot miss American Hat Makers, the hat specialists since 1972. We have nearly 50 years of legacy behind our handcrafted hat products. Founder Gary Watrous used to sell handmade leather wallets and belts from the back of his Chevy Station Wagon. He expanded into leather hats perfecting his craft and carving a niche in the business with family support.

Today, Gary’s son Garth is at the helm of the leather hat company. In 2017, he became the Headwear Association’s president, ruling the hat industry's scene across nations. Whether you call us American Hat Company, Head’N Home, or by some other relevant monikers, you can trust our handmade hats for their quality and durability. When you come to us you get something for every occasion in terms of materials, designs, and looks. Some of our popular categories include:

Freedom Hat - Our Non-Leather and Vegan Hats

From straw hats to felt Fedoras to non-leather goodies, the collection allows you to tap into classic fashion like a breeze.

Ashbury Hats - Elevated Urban Attire

When you need an everyday dose of fashion in your casual attire, you don’t need to go beyond this collection.

Double G Hats - Western Leather Hats

The western cowboy hats in various designs offer choices for different looks you desire to create.

SolAir Hats - Outdoor and Sun Hats

Need some sunshine in life without facing the heat? You’ve got to get one of these.

American Outback Hats

If you want to experience Australian outback magic, you cannot say not to this collection.

Steampunk Hatter Leather Top Hats

These hats are for everyone, creative and dreamy.

Voodoo Hatter Leather Top Hats

The genuinely American leather top hats can rise to any occasion to help you chase your pursuits in style.

American Hat Makers is not just a business. It symbolizes conviction and passion flowing down from father to son and other family members, Gary’s wife Merry-Lee and his daughter-in-law Hannah. The company has also started an initiative called Hats for American Heroes to give back and honor active and veteran military personnel. 

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