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All about shaping your hat!


There's hardly a more versatile accessory than a hat. Hats can be personalized in countless ways, like adding trinkets to band, drawing on them, and even shaping them to look exactly how you want.  At American Hat Makers, one of our biggest goals is getting you a hat that will give you the look and feel you've always wanted, and to help with this we offer the ability for you to specify which kind of shaping you would like on your hat. There's a ton of variation available when it comes to our shaping, all the way from the iconic western upturned brim on our Double G cowboy hats, to the functional and sleek downward facing brims of our American Outback styles. Due to the shape-able brim on our Double G styles, the type of shape you want is totally up to you. Curl it up for that edgy gunslinger look, or leave it turned down for that carefree adventurer look. Our Double G hats are able to be personalized further by adding a slight pinch on the top of the crown. While being a subtle change, pinching the crown is never-the-less a powerful look that can completely change the look of your hat by giving it a more sleek and angled look. Whenever you place an order, either over the phone, or online, simply state which shaping options you would like applies to your hat and we'll work as best we can to insure that you get the hat that's right for you!