• Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel
  • Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel
  • Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel
  • Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel
      • Description

        The Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel for Men & Women is inspired by hats worn by gondoliers in Venice. The Cozumel Sun Hat has a stiff flat crown and brim with a genuine leather hatband. The lightweight construction and tightly woven pattern make it an excellent accessory for a morning on the water.

        Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel for Men & Women works just as well afternoon at a social gathering, or an evening... drinking a cold one with your pals.

        • Brim 3" Crown 4"
        • Featherweight
        • Straw
        • Sewn-in Sweatband
      • Sizing Info

        Measuring for the Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel begins by wrapping a soft measuring tape (also known as a tailor's tape or sewing tape) around your head. Continuing place the tape at your mid-forehead, and wrap it around your head above the ears measuring your head size. In conclusion, find your size on this chart.

        • Wide Brim 3” Crown 3 1/2”
        • For detailed sizing info, click here to watch a short, informative video.
        • Additionally we offer FREE EXCHANGES/RETURNS in case you order the wrong size, so don't sweat it.
        • We'll make sure you get a hat that fits like a dream, even if we have to send you 3-4 hats 'til we get it right. We'll even pay for all shipping as well.
      • Why Our Hats Are Better

        • WE PAY RETURN SHIPPING - We make sure your Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozume fits perfectly, even if it means sending you 3 or 4 hats. And we’ll pay all the return shipping charges.

        • LIFETIME WARRANTY - We have you covered for life when you buy a hat from us. Did your Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel stretch/shrink? Did something unravel? We'll make it right. We stand behind all our products and have easy-to-reach customer service.

        • BUILT TO LAST - Our padded sweat liners keep the moisture off your head and a way for your hat. Rain isn't a problem either. Because they are extremely resistant to water, rain simply runs off. All of our hats are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

        • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - Handmade with love by experienced craftsmen. We're proud to employ nearly 50 hard-working, blue-collar Americans. Each hat is handmade they're truly one of a kind, and thoroughly inspected for quality.

        This Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel comes with a lifetime warranty.

        • OUR HATS HOLD THEIR SHAPE - The shape of your Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat - Cozumel can be restored even in the worst-case scenario, for example leaving it in a hot car.

        • FAMILY OWNED - Since the 1970s. We're a father and son company with over 50 years of expertise making all kinds of hats. We're regular people, not some faceless corporation, and we care about our customers.

        • REFUND POLICY - If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, return it in its original condition within 30-days for a refund.

      • Shipping and Returns
        • Hat orders generally arrive within 3-7 business days.
        • All our hats come with a lifetime warranty. What this means is that even if you bought a hat over 50 years ago and it starts unraveling, we'll fix it or replace it, free of charge.

        • However, as far as exchanging one hat style for another, that must be done within 90 days.
        • We offer free exchanges for any reason. We'll also send you as many hats as you need until we get you the perfect fit, and we'll even cover all the shipping costs.
      Cozumel - Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 18 reviews.