a couple walking through the woods wearing their straw hats


An Evolution of Straw Hats and Ways to Style Them

As summer comes in, it becomes vital for everybody to protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays. You can look fashionable and also get protection from harmful UV rays through a trendy summer hat. Nonetheless, you should not wear an outfit in a way that will make you look odd in a crowd. You can follow these inspirational ideas to style a summer hat to your liking.


You can add elegance to a seaside look with a good straw hat, thereby enhancing your summer outfit. It has become instinctive for everyone to add a good quality hat to their summer dresses to look different from the crowd. Many girls prefer sunglasses which is a very obvious accessory, and it protects against the grinding rays of the sun. Still, hats are also equally important because they also protect you from harmful sun rays and tanning. It is not possible to understand the history of straw hats because it is a ubiquitous item. It has a mysterious past, but you must document some aspects of hats' existence.


Earlier, humans started using some pieces of clothing to cover their head against harsh weather. There are different types of straw hats found on both offline and online platforms. You can distinguish the various varieties of straw hats in terms of their strength, durability and materials.


The materials used for making straw hats could be anything from jute, hemp or even raffia. People of Asia and Europe initially wore it in the 15th century. Many people in China, Asia, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia love to wear straw hats. Especially paddy workers working on the rice field cover their heads with conical shaped straw hats to safeguard themselves from extreme weather conditions like rain and sun.


In the year 1700, many French ladies adorned their heads with straw bonnets. In the 1800's you will notice European paintings representing women giving poses in straw hats illustrated beautifully on the head, which have upturned brims. Many people are also of the opinion that a cowboy hat was invented in 1865 by John B. Stetson. Later in 1900, straw hats became a standard accessory for both men and women. Much later in the year 1906, president Roosevelt wore a Panama hat at the Panama Canal, thereby popularizing this accessory through the photo.


 As it is lightweight and easy to carry, many men and women love to add it to their accessory collection. A good quality Summer Straw Hat can transform your look tremendously.


How Designers Imbibed Straw Hats in the Fashion Parade?

Straw hats that come with wide brim became highly popular after a decade and became increasingly essential. After a few years, straw hats took various forms and shapes and settled in people's wardrobe. Fashion is a very crucial part of people's lives. Every man and woman wants to look fashionable, whether it is an informal event or a formal event. People love to dress up good for personal or professional meetings. Later on in 1976, many fashion models were seen wearing straw hats adorned by ribbons. Undoubtedly designers started looking out ways to spin the existing fashion trend of summer hats. Many conical-shaped summer hats also became a fashion trend in 2009.


Designers were surprised to see the renewed interest of both men and women in straw hats; therefore, many fashion designers included it in the spring-summer collection of 2018. Prominent brand names got associated with summer straw hats. Therefore, designers rightly said that summer straw hats are a fashion item that is both sophisticated and aesthetic. It transcends both gender and age. It has spread its prowess across various fashion genres, classes and even eras.


Some Notions to Help You Style a Trendy Summer Hat:


It is a beautiful and rare fashion accessory that both men and women want to have in their wardrobe.


  • You can style your summer hat with a denim dress that is suitable for summer, and you can benefit from the cool breeze as it is a ventilated outfit. You can either wear a short or long denim dress.
  • Some girls love to experiment with tight denim pants and hats. A tight-fitting denim pant with a summer hat can not only add brightness and attraction to your attire, but it will make you stand out in the crowd.
  • A good cowboy hat can enhance the look of your outfit. It will give you a very stylish looking summer outfit, and you can wear it with a strappy top or dress that is either knee-length or ankle length.
  • You can style ribbed denim pants with a cool fedora hat to look both demure and trendy. You can either look very modern or even simple in this outfit. You can add bold color to your hat to give it a cute summer and feminine touch. You can team up your denim with a white top to follow up with the summer rhythm.
  • If you can carry a boater hat properly, you will stand out in the crowd and get many praises.
  • You can style a short dress with a good hat. You can choose bright colors to make a short dress that will look good, professional and trendy. Do not make yourself look dull, as you can add a belt around the waist to make your dress look more stylish. You can adorn it with a good quality hat.
  • Many women love to wear oversize dresses with a hat that is both comfortable and chic. An oversize dress will help you breathe in summer, and it will make you look sporty and tomboyish. It is a perfect outfit for a lazy day to make you look sophisticated, along with some classic appeal.


Many young girls also prefer straw hats with cowboy hats, and it is a favorite among many young girls because it makes them look slim with fitted pants. You can wear stilettos to add elegance to your attire.