10 Best Fitted Hats: Iconic MLB Baseball Hats Ranked

10 Best Fitted Hats: Iconic MLB Baseball Hats Ranked

MLB-fitted caps aren't only for players on the field or fans headed to the game. They're a vital accessory to have in your wardrobe. 

Picking a team to represent is no longer just based on who you cheer for or where you live. Your go-to brand may have just dropped their version of your favorite team's cap, or the colors perfectly match the rest of your outfit.

Whatever the reason, people are turning to these caps to complete their looks. We compiled a list of our top 10 picks for the best MLB-fitted caps. Check out the complete list down below!

10 - New York Mets

Don't overlook the Mets because they come second in the New York baseball game. They have some pretty cool caps featuring their signature blue and orange look associated with the team since 1962. The blue and orange color combination is a tribute to the city's two baseball teams that headed out to the West Coast.

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9 - St. Louis Cardinals

When you hear about the St. Louis Cardinals, you might recall Nelly sporting the red "STL" cap in several music videos from the 2000s. However, the team's top cap depicts its mascot.

The two-toned navy blue and red cap features a cardinal bird sitting on a bat, a rare sight among baseball caps. However, something about it clicks with many fans and hat aficionados. The team has used this design since 1998 and is still going strong.

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8 - Pittsburgh Pirates

The black and yellow Pirates cap gained mainstream popularity during the late 2000s and early 2010s. The Pirates adopted their signature black and yellow color scheme in 1948, which has remained a staple of their look ever since. While there have been variations, the classic black cap with the yellow "P" emblem remains the favorite.

The Pirates abandoned the pillbox style, popular in the 1980s, and have opted for a more modern design.

7 - Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies have undergone several changes to their uniforms over the years. Some fans still prefer the 80s maroon and powder blue jerseys, complemented by a burgundy cap with a swirling "P" logo. 

The key here is simplicity, as with most caps on this list. The Phillies fitted cap features a red base with a white "P" logo. While the Phillies' cap may not have the same widespread appeal in pop culture as other teams' caps, you're likely to spot this style on many heads around Philadelphia.

6 - Atlanta Braves

Atlanta rappers have long been seen sporting Atlanta Braves fitted caps. The team's signature "A" logo has been featured on the cap since the franchise moved to Atlanta in 1966. The cap comes in an all-navy blue option, but the two-toned navy blue with a red brim is trendy.

This style is preferred due to its unique two-tone design, which is not commonly seen in baseball caps. The iconic "A" has become more than just a symbol for the Braves but also for the city of Atlanta itself.

5 - Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds hat has gained mainstream popularity in recent years, particularly in the hip-hop scene. While the team may not have as large a fan base as other teams, such as the Yankees or Cowboys, rappers like Lil Wayne have popularized the Reds cap. 

Although the trend of pairing the cap with an outfit has faded since Lil Wayne's reign at the top of the rap game, the hat's design remains timeless. The team has been sporting it in some form since 1957.

4 - Oakland A's

The Oakland A's baseball cap has undergone several iterations, but its two-toned green and yellow design has remained iconic. First introduced by the team in 1971, it remains one of the few caps in the league to have a different colored bill.

The A's are the only team in the MLB to feature green as their primary color, a change made in 1963, switching from blue and white to green and yellow. While the combination of green and yellow might not seem versatile, it works with many outfits, making it a must-have for baseball cap enthusiasts.

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3 - Chicago White Sox

The black and white Chicago White Sox cap has had a long-standing relationship with hip-hop since the '80s and '90s. The cap is known for its simplicity and versatility, making it a wardrobe staple for many.

The White Sox logo debuted in 1948 and was designed by Chuck Comiskey, the grandson of the team's founding owner. Although the franchise abandoned the logo after the 1975 season, it returned in 1990.

2 - Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers cap is a staple of the West Coast and represents more than just the MLB team but also the city of Los Angeles. The team has worn the cap since their move from Brooklyn to the West Coast in 1958.

The Dodger blue color scheme has remained consistent over the years and is instantly recognizable by sports fans everywhere. 

1 - New York Yankees

The navy blue Yankees fitted hat is undeniably iconic. It has been a staple of the team's uniform since 1922 and has transcended beyond sports culture to become a symbol of New York City. Today, the Yankees fitted hat is ubiquitous in New York streetwear, with countless brands offering their own take on the classic design.

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More Than an Accessory

These hats have become symbols of cities and culture, with some even reaching mainstream popularity through hip-hop and pop culture icons. Each team has a unique history and significance, from the classic Yankees hat to the two-toned green and yellow Oakland A's cap. There is no denying the impact and influence these baseball caps have had on fashion and culture.

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