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Panama Hat vs Fedora - Ultimate Buyer Guide

The main difference between a Panama hat vs fedora is that a Panama hat is made out of straw, and a fedora is... More

Cleaning & Sizing
How To Clean Your Straw Cowboy Hat

Straw hats don’t last forever. If you wear it often, your straw hat will need a little cleaning after a few warm seasons... More

Buyers Guides
The Ultimate Guide to Women's Hat Styles

Like hairstyles, women’s hat styles are always changing. In the 1920s, turbans and musketeer hats were popular. Today, fedoras and cowboy hats are... More

History of Hats
Straw hats have come a long way and have a history of their own

Any mention of the hat is incomplete without straw hats. It is the best accessory that completes your seaside look. If you are... More

Buyers Guides
Trilby vs Fedora - What's the Difference?

Trilby hats have brims less 1.5 inches wide and fedoras have brims 2 or wider. What is the Difference Between a Trilby vs... More

New Styles
C.C. Deville Highlight | Look What the "Hat" Dragged in!

C.C. Deville's scorching licks and penchant for badass hats knows no bounds.      Mr. Deville is no stranger to rock n' roll... More

History of Hats
A small window to the world of this American Hat Company

The history of hats is so deep-rooted that it can be difficult to trace its origin. But there is an overall acceptance that... More