Straw hats have come a long way and have a history of their own

Straw Hats by American Hat Makers
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Any mention of the hat is incomplete without straw hats. It is the best accessory that completes your seaside look. If you are looking for a complete summer outfit, you have to consider straw hats. These hats are not only breathable but are available in diverse colors and designs. In most cases, they are compared to sunglasses as they protect you against the grinding ultraviolet rays. If you take a look at its origin, you will understand that straw hats have gained immense popularity over time. The item is ubiquitous and suits different events. Hence, you can wear straw hats for formal functions as well as casual parties. There are various types of hats that you can consider. However, there is no alternative to straw hats.


The woven makeup of straw hats is the main distinguishing element. The fibers and straws of these hats are similar in strength and texture. Like braided hemp, jute, and raffia, straw hats were popular ever since the 15th century. In most Western countries, straw fedora hats have remained popular—the conical-shaped headwears shield individuals from the sun, rain, and other climatic variations.


Take a delve into the fashion history of straw hats


 It is true that women in Western countries, ever since the 1700s, have worn straw bonnets. In the 1800s, various paintings also depict women wearing these straw hats. In addition, many portraits in the late 1880s show cowboy hats made from straw. Hence, straw hats have an inevitable history of their own.


In the late 1800s and up till the early 1900s, the popularity of straw hats soared high. Various VIPs got photographed wearing these hats. The construction of these hats was basically for accessory purposes. The lightweight, staple manufacturing, durability have made straw hats an inevitable part of women's wardrobe. The wide brim of these hats gained popularity in the later decades. They have become beach accessories and are popular among both men as well as women. Many VIPs try to coordinate summer straw hat by matching them up with their outfit. If you look at old and classic movies, you will find a reference to this headwear.


The interplay of straw hats and the fashion industry


The fashion industry is one that constantly changes. Over the years, various aspects of the fashion industry have evolved. If you seize a look at the first appearance of straw hats, it dates back to the early 1900s. Straw hats got first showcased as a style available on the frayed edge. In 1976, the French fashion industry recognition these hats. In the 1990s, they had gained immense popularity. The over the top style was not hard to establish. Various designers have employed both broad and short brim straw hats. The vast, floppy headwear has gained immense grounds in the fashion industry ever since the 1990s.


Moreover, various designers have provided straw hats with a costume spin. They reimagined the headwear from the perspective of the different seasons. Hence, in 2007 several designers came up with straw-conical lids. These are western-inspired hats that gained popularity in the early 20s. The burst of interest in this headwear has a lot to do with their ability to stay trendy forever. Therefore, the whimsical headpiece was altered and combined with other elements. If you take a look at the straw safari hats, you will find the best example.


The low maintenance and natural look of straw hats is an incredible feature. It has made the product gain transcendental attention across generations. There is no alternative to straw hats in terms of class, age, fashion, and gender. It is a democratic piece of style that has gone across territorial boundaries. Hence, it has not only shook western society but has gained popularity in the eastern countries. Straw Fedora hats or straw hats provide you with added sun protection and a sense of style. Suppose you take a look at the different straw hats; then you will know that boater hats, Panama hats, fedora hats, and floppy beach hats are commendable subcategories. Each of these hats has its pros and cons. Apart from this, the Derby straw hats have also gained popularity as a lampshade style.


Now take a look at the following options at your disposal.


After looking at the history of straw hats, you must understand the different options available in the market. These are listed below:


Seagrass straw hats: A very funky hat that will give you a relaxing mood is the seagrass straw hat. It is lightweight and breathable. Moreover, they are loosely woven and are thereby a cool shade. It will make your head cool and is available in different colors.

Villager straw hats: Another commendable piece of headwear available in the market is the villager straw hat. As the name suggests, these became popular among village people. These are cool hats that are comfortable. They are made from seagrass and have no adulteration. These hats are available with carrier and hook.


    Boxcar straw hats: Lightweight and durable, these hats will give you a cool look. If you feel that you want to spend a considerable part of your day outside, you cannot avoid these hats. These hats are also available with a hook and carrier.


      New Port straw hats: These straw hats are the best option for beach parties. They not only protect your head from the sun but provide a casual look as they are crushable and durable. They are best for travel purposes and prediction. They have a wide brim of 5 inches and a high Crown of 3 3/4 inches.

      Going by recent records, these hats have gained immense popularity and are affordable. Therefore, you may select the one which suits your outfit and the event you are attending. However, you must choose subtle colors that go with every occasion. Also, pay attention to your head size. You must also give priority to your height before selecting a hat.


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