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Your Guide to 3 of the Most Popular Types of Straw Hats

Your Head’s Ultimate Straw Hat Companion: 3 Options

Turns out there is no eHarmony, Bumble or Cupid to match you with your perfect summertime headwear companion, however there is this excellent guide to point you in the right direction and here it is. 

Learn more about the styles, the shapes, and the subtleties that make 3 of the most popular straw hats a hit for both men and women. Get to know how each can play a role in your life and begin your intimate summer affair with lightweight sun protection. Your face and neck will thank you as your ego identifies whether you’re a boater, panama or fedora hat person. Once you know, you know and you’ll be able to watch how your stylized summer fling develops while sipping cocktails poolside, playing ultimate frisco oceanside, and/or fashionably diving into your life’s greatest warm weather adventures with a hat that screams, “YES, you’re for me.”  

A Playfully Light Straw Hat Fling: The Boater Hat

Do I skip, sing, fly a spinnaker or play ball in this hat? I’m not sure, but I still like it!

As an accessory with distinct style, the boater hat is perfect for those looking for something playful yet classy to wear to a yacht party or semi-formal game of golf with the executives. It exudes pure personality with its notable elliptical shape, flat brim and crown made of high-quality straw braided or plaited at an angle. With the perfect combination of poise and giddiness you’ll feel the same way you do when you first meet that cute girl or guy on summer vacation, flirtatious and lively.

Ladies, channel your Victorian beauty while wearing the Venice Natural Straw Boater and pair it with a soft white summer dress. Gentlemen, here’s your chance to channel American baseball legend Connie Mack with the Cozumel Sun Hat and set a new standard for suave and unforgettable. 

Getting Serious with This Straw: The Panama Hat

Don’t worry. It’s ok to get serious with these hats even though their name is essentially a lie. 

First off, panama hats are not from Panama, they are from Ecuador and received their name erroneously from gold prospectors that became familiar with the style while traveling to the Gulf of Panama. But don’t hold that against them because the iconic style was made to endure the heat and their fashionable appearance has lasted the test of time. With class and the natural cooling effects of toquilla straw, these lightweight, durable, and smooth looking hats will fearlessly accompany you onto the dance floor or lounge room.

For the women, the Clasico Pamela Panama is an excellent option to shade your face while batting your eyes towards that cute guy across the street. Men, the Genuine Ecuador Panama Hat is 100% for you as its sleek indented crown and subtly curled brim capture the attention of the lady fashionistas that you’ve been staring at all night. Once that match is made, it’s ok to keep things going and wear this versatile piece of headwear anywhere. 

The Longest Straw Hat Love Affair There Is: The Fedora Hat

Hello my old friend. We meet again! 

As a trusted choice from the longtime hat connoisseur to the first timer, the fedora is a style that is rarely left behind. With poise and confidence, this chic hat rarely loses its place within people’s closet. Their classic teardrop shape allows them to frame your face in a protective yet stylish manner, whereby their lightweight, breathable, and truly fashionable construction make them a go-to for every vibrant occasion. Inspired by the classic toquilla straw hats, fedoras were made to perform under the sun and that makes them a long time winner in the headwear category. 

For the men out there that are ready to give a lasting impression, the Tuscany Straw Fedora Hat will become your long term best friend. And for the women seeking elegance with an edge the Milan Straw Fedora Hat will always be there for you. Enjoy decades of memorable activities wearing these sexy hats.

American Made Hats For All Of Life’s Greatest Adventures

At American Hat Makers, we understand the connection between man/woman and their hats. With over 40 years of experience crafting the most functional and fashionable headwear there is, we strive for absolute excellence with our custom designs. Whether you’re a new or repeat customer, we’re positive you will fall in love with the quality, feel, and tailored aesthetic of your new straw boater, panama, or fedora hat. Sport it proudly and feel free to come back for another when the time is right, we’ll be ready for ya with a wide variety of hats that will suit your specific look and style.