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Cowboy hats have always been a classic fashion accessory for men and women, but the TV series Yellowstone has made them more popular than ever. Of course, every fan of the show wants a Yellowstone cowboy hat, but how do you find the perfect fit for you?

So many Yellowstone cowboy hat styles are available, and buying the right one for your style takes time and effort. And when shopping online, you might end up with a western hat that doesn’t quite look like the picture, resulting in disappointment.

At American Hat Makers, we have the perfect Yellowstone cowboy hats for men and women — we’ll even help you find the perfect fit.

Walker Yellowstone Hat, Yellowstone Cowboy Hat, Yellowstone Cowgirl Hat Styles

Yellowstone cowboy hats come in many shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and materials; how are you supposed to choose? Straw hats, leather hats, and felt hats all have their advantages. Plus, there are so many Yellowstone cowboy hat styles, like cattleman, walker, billing, and ranger cowgirl hats.

Cattleman cowboy and cowgirl hats are the perfect fit and style for anyone wanting to get that Yellowstone Dutton Ranch look — you can choose from various colors, braid styles, and more to achieve the perfect Yellowstone cowboy look.

The Bozeman straw cowgirl hat is a classic and proud accessory, giving the John Dutton from Yellowstone vibe. But, no matter what Yellowstone cowboy hat look you’re after, you’ll find it at American Hat Makers.

You’ll get a rugged, Yellowstone-style cowboy hat with long-lasting construction and a timeless shape ready to rock anywhere from a formal night out to a long day’s work on the ranch.

The American Hat Makers’ Difference

Nothing gives off the Yellowstone vibe more than a cowboy hat made in America. That’s why cowboys and cowgirls across the country come to us at American Hat Makers to get their Yellowstone cowboy hats.

Our Yellowstone hats are more than simple cowboy hats — we specialize in different styles and shapes, from rodeo hats to tejana shapes; you’ll find the perfect look in our shop. Our Yellowstone cowboy hats also include the vaquero style for those who want a unique look.

No matter what Yellowstone look you want, we have the sizes and variety to make it happen. All of our Yellowstone cowboy hats are made with the highest-quality materials; don’t worry about your western hat falling apart in a couple of years.

Handmade Since 1972

We’ve been handcrafting Yellowstone cowboy and cowgirl hats for over fifty years using only the best materials and experienced craftspeople — you won’t get this level of quality at most other shops.

Plus, we hand-make our Yellowstone hats in California, ensuring you get a unique, quality hat made in the US. So it doesn’t matter who your favorite Yellowstone character is — you’ll find the perfect cowboy or cowgirl hat here at American Hat Makers.

American Made to Last 

Straw, felt, and leather Yellowstone cowboy hats make the perfect accessory for anyone wanting to go for a Yellowstone style; don’t you want your new hat to last forever? Other cowboy hat makers that churn out low-quality caps daily can’t offer the same level of quality that our handmade, American hats can.

Our Yellowstone cowboy hats are made to last, and we guarantee them for life to be free of material or workmanship defects.

Caring for Your Yellowstone Hat

Once you’ve got your Yellowstone cowboy hat, you want to keep it looking as good as when you opened your package. Here’s how to do it:

  • Be careful with the brim and crown — treat them with care by taking your hat off and putting it on with the back of the brim or top of the crown.
  • Use a proper hat stand to store your Yellowstone cowboy hat. If you must lay it down, put it crown-side up (so the hat is upside-down).
  • Store your Yellowstone hat in a cool and dry place.
  • If it gets wet, flip the sweatband out and allow it to air dry.
  • Give it a gentle brushing now and again.
  • Always clean your Yellowstone cowboy hat when it’s dry (not wet!).
  • When using a brush, start at the front of the hat and use counterclockwise motions.

Cowboy Yellowstone Hat FAQ

What brand of cowboy hats do they wear in Yellowstone?

The Greeley Hat Works company made the cowboy hats that the cast of Yellowstone wear (except for Beth Dutton’s hat) in the first three seasons. The company made each hat unique to its specific character.

What type of cowboy hat does Kayce Dutton wear?

Kayce Dutton’s hat features a cattleman crown and low brim. It also has a black ribbon hat band and bound edge. The cowboy hat itself is made with fine black fur and medium patina distress.

What kind of hat does Jimmy wear on Yellowstone?

Jimmy wears a brown felt Yellowstone cowboy hat with a cattleman crown and Reiner brim.

What style hat does Rip from Yellowstone wear?

Rip Wheeler’s popular Yellowstone cowboy hat features a classic Reiner crease and self-band. His hat band isn’t sewn onto the hat, so he can leave it on or remove it for different occasions. His hat is made with a fine fur brown body, medium patina distress, and a fine fur brown felt self-band with a cattleman crown.

Where are the cowboy hats in Yellowstone made?

The cowboy hats featured in Yellowstone are made in Colorado by the Greeley Hat Works company. Yellowstone’s writer and director (Taylor Sheridan) has been wearing hats made by Greeley since he was a young boy living in Texas.

What is the cattleman crown?

The cattleman crown, as you see in Yellowstone cowboy hats, is the quintessential cowboy hat seen throughout history. And while it’s evolved (like upturning the brim to use a lasso rope better), the classic style remains unchanged.

Cattleman crown hats can feature different crown creases and hat band styles, and be made from various materials, including leather, felt, and straw.