Rush My Order

rush my order

When you’re looking at any of our wonderful hats online, you may notice one of the check out options is “Rush my Order.”

We wanted to shed some light on what this option does, and to answer any questions you may have about it.

The large majority of our hats are bespoke in nature, meaning that they’re not made until you place the order. Back in the day, you could have easily had to wait over a month to receive your handcrafted hat. Today, as we’ve grown so much as a company, wait times are not nearly as long.

However, due to the tremendous amount of orders coming in, and the fact that we want to spend as much time and energy as possible on getting the small details of each hat perfect, there still may be some time you have to wait for the hat. We process all of the orders we receive in the order that we receive them.  If you place your order on a Sunday night, there could very well be 500 hats ahead of yours to be made and shipped out when we get in on Monday morning.

When you add the “Rush my Order” option to your cart, it does two things.

  • Moves your hat order up in priority of hats to be made

  • Bumps your order the front of the shipping queue

What this means is your order is expedited through our facility


The Rush my Order option does not mean rushed shipping. We ship out all of our orders via USPS Priority unless specified otherwise, so by default, whether or not you select “Rush my Order” at checkout, the shipping with USPS Priority would be quicker than UPS or FedEx