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10 Biggest and Best Motorcycle Rallies and Bike Shows

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One of the biggest thrills of being a motorcycle owner is checking out the biker shows and events.

The number of opportunities to attend is endless, so it can get a bit overwhelming trying to pick and choose which to go to.

This article highlights the ten best motorcycle events throughout the United States. Between the largest biker rallies, annual motorcycle events, and more, your calendar will be booked out for the year!

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally


As one of the most major motorcycle rallies, this event has been in operation since 1938!

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is held in Sturgis, South Dakota, and brings bike riders of all types to the city. The rally has been held every year except for those during World War II.

As the largest motorcycle rally, you will see thousands of individuals and their bikes descend on the city. While the event initially took place for only one day, it has since expanded to cover a ten-day span.

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Daytona Beach Bike Week

When you are down in Florida, one of the big motorcycle events is Daytona Beach Bike Week. Similar to Sturgis, this event spans ten days. It has also outgrown Daytona Beach, so a few events carry over to nearby DeLeon Springs.

You will typically see up to 500,000 bikers in the area when the biker shows happen in March every year.

Unfortunately, there are several deaths that occur each year due to rider accidents, causing extra security to be on-site with higher safety regulations.

Laconia Motorcycle Week 

If you can’t quite commit to an entire 10-day festival, you may want to consider attending Laconia Motorcycle Week. At just eight days, many prefer it over the longer schedules.

As one of the best motorcycle rallies, Laconia has been taking place every year since 1916, when it was referred to as a motorcycle gypsy tour.

Located in New Hampshire, you will see hundreds of thousands of people from the East Coast show up to this event. The organization also does events throughout the year to aid non-profit organizations.

Bikes, Blues, and BBQ 

If you are looking for one of the largest biker rallies that operate with the sole purpose of helping others, this event is an excellent option.

Held annually in Arkansas, Bikes, Blues, and BBQ raises money for various charities in the area.

This event is typically held in September and has raised over three million dollars since its inception.

Riders come from all over the United States to join in the fundraising and activities. The money raised goes to women, children, and the underserved.

The Republic of Texas Biker Rally 

Located in Austin, Texas, this event is the largest motorcycle rally in the state.

One of the significant differences between the Republic of Texas Biker Rally and other events is that this one is ticketed.

Once you enter, you will have access to stunt shows, vendors, supermoto, and more.

As an annual event, you can find it to be the hot topic of conversation every June. The rally lasts four days, so it is much shorter than others.

However, there’s a lot to check out, and isn’t just limited to bikers. 

Arizona Bike Week

If you’re on the hunt for biker shows, you won’t want to miss out on Arizona Bike Week. The event occurs in Scottsdale, but unlike others on the list, the dates aren’t the same each year.

The week will revolve around races, live music, food, drinks, and a good time. This rally is a must-see for those on the West Coast and brings in fantastic stunt artists.

Arizona Bike Week is run by FX Productions, a top contender in the motorcycle industry.


Another of the big motorcycle events in the United States goes back to Daytona Beach. Each October, you can find the area transformed for Biketoberfest, which brings all the top bikers to the area.

This event is on a smaller scale than the summer rally but still pulls in about 100,000 attendees.

As a newer addition to the biker shows lineup, Biketoberfest began in the early 90s. Originally it was referred to as the “Daytona Fall Tour” before adopting the new name of Biketoberfest.


One of the best motorcycle rallies on the East Coast, Americade, typically takes place around Memorial Day each year.

Located in New York, the weeklong rally is always held at Fort William Henry Resort in Lake George Village.

Although it’s on the East Coast, you will find bikers from all over the country. The events revolve around demos and expos, as well as entertainment mixed in throughout the schedule. 

Lone Star Rally

Returning to Texas, you will find another top contender in the best motorcycle events lineup in the Lone Star Rally. This event is known as the largest weekend rally in North America, with over 400,000 people in attendance. 

One of the most popular segments of the rally is the custom bike show.

This famous event takes place in Galveston, and you can purchase VIP tickets in advance, which gets you early access to the most sought-after shows during the weekend.

Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally

Another of the most entertaining and popular motorcycle events in the United States happens twice a year in Panama City Beach, Florida. You will find the first session in early May and the second in October.

The rally comes with several big-name concerts and attracts upwards of 100,000 attendees.

The scheduled events overlap several surrounding cities in the Panama City Beach area, with the concerts taking place at Frank Brown Park.

You’ll see many unique bikes and activities taking place during both sessions.

Best motorcycle rallies guide

Best Bike Shows - Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best motorcycle events in the United States, there are many to choose from in several different states.

Taking place all throughout the year, it is easy to take part in several at different times. 

If you plan to hit up some of the rallies on this list, be sure to outfit yourself in your biker apparel, shine up your bike, and get ready to have a great time!

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