5 Best Motorcycle Hats & Caps of 2024

5 Best Motorcycle Hats & Caps of 2024

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When bikers are done with a long ride and take their helmets, they commonly throw a hat on to help cover their helmet hair.

What hats are bikers wearing today when they are done riding?

We've put together this list of the best motorcycle hats and caps that any biker would love to wear after a long ride.

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The Best Motorcycle Hats & Caps 

1. Sidecar Men's Leather Cap - American Hat Makers

Another option to throw on when you take your helmet off on cool days is the Sidecar Men's Leather Cap

This leather baseball cap has a 2 ¾" brim, a 3 ¾" crown, and a sewn-in sweatband for comfort all day long.

The Sidecar leather cap comes in one-size-fits-all with an adjustable backstrap. It also comes in Brown and Black.

2. Factory Effex Yamaha Throwback Trucker Hat

The Factory Effex Yamaha Throwback Trucker Hat is an officially licensed Yamaha product. This trucker hat is perfect for hiding your helmet hair after a long ride.

Its classic six-panel trucker hat design is made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. And it has a curve bill and a snapback, so one size fits all. 

3. Marlow Men's Leather Top Hat - American Hat Makers 

The Marlow Men's Leather Top Hat is made from 100% authentic top-grade cowhide leather that motorcycle riders love. 

This short crown, coachman style hat has a 2" brim and a 3 ¾" crown and has a stylish hat band that guarantees the rider that wears this will stand out from the crowd.

It comes in sizes small through triple extra large. It also comes in Black or Brown to match your leather.

4. Men's Bar and Shield Two Tone Knit Cap - Harley Davidson

For those cool days when you've been out riding and worked up a sweat under your helmet, grab the Harley Davidson Bar and Shield knit cap to keep you nice and warm.

It's black and silver with the timeless Harley Davidson logo embroidered onto it. It's made of 100% acrylic knit, so it will keep you warm with a wool-like feel without the itch.

The Bar and Shield Two Tone Knit Cap comes in one-size-fits-all.

5. Genuine Leather Driver's Cap - Sandy Ting

The Genuine Leather Driver's cap with a belt-on buckle is a fashionable choice for the rider who likes to flaunt his style.

It's made with 100% premium cowhide leather with a cotton sweatband to keep your head cool and dry when you take your helmet off.

This genuine leather driver's cap comes in black and brown. It also comes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large. 

Can I Wear a Hat When Riding a Motorcycle?

It's OK to throw a hat on when you're done with your ride and need something to cover your helmet hair. Put your cap or hat in your saddlebag or backpack before you ride.

Instead, put on your properly fitting DOT-compliant motorcycle helmet when you're going out for a ride.

What Style of Hats do Bikers Like?

Bikers are known for having very diverse and bold personalities. When they aren't riding their motorcycles, you'll likely find bikers wearing all kinds of hats, from trucker to top hats.

Leather hats are very popular with bikers because many wear leather riding gear that helps protect them in case of an accident.

Bikers will also represent their brand in their hats, so it's common to see names like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, and others.

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What is a Vintage Biker Hat?

Vintage biker hats were low-profiled, sometimes called biker caps, Harley caps, or American Police duty caps.

These hats came in many fabrics, including leather, tweed, denim, and felt. Their low profile and small brim ensured they would stay on a rider's head while on motorcycle rides.

These caps also became popular with actors and singers like Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando and are still sought out by people who like vintage or counterculture fashion.

Why do Bikers Wear Bandanas or Rags?

For bikers, bandanas are both fashionable and functional. Let's look at several reasons why bikers wear bandanas under their helmets:

  1. A Bandana Adds Personality to Your Look - Bandanas allow bikers to identify themselves and their affiliation. When wearing the right bandana, people don't mistake who you are or what you represent.
  2. A Bandana Keeps Sweat Out of Your Eyes - A bandana is very effective at keeping any sweat on your head out of your eyes. The last thing any rider needs is sweat dripping in their eyes and affecting their vision on a ride.
  3. It Protects Your Scalp - If you're not blessed with lots of hair, a bandana helps to protect your head from rubbing against the inside of your helmet.
  4. It Keeps Your Head Warm - When you're out riding on chilly days, your head may still sweat inside your helmet. A bandana is an extra layer of insulation to help protect you from the elements.

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Bikers Like Hats That Let Them Express Themselves When They Are Not Riding

There's nothing like the freedom you feel when taking a nice ride on your motorcycle. Bikers are a special breed of people who like to live their lives to the fullest.

As much as their bike says about them, when bikers aren't riding, they will often pick hats that allow them to express their diverse personalities.

You'll see bikers rocking everything from trucker hats to top hats when they are done with their rides and take their helmets off and wear a hat.

American Hat Makers make hats bikers love because they are high-quality and speak to American artistry.

When you're done with your next ride, take your helmet off and grab that hat that shows your style.

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