How to Clean a Felt Hat and Keep It Perfect

How to Clean a Felt Hat and Keep It Perfect

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A felt hat is a unique accessory with a rich and interesting history. It's also a versatile piece of clothing that pairs with many different outfits. However, a dirty felt hat will instantly distract from its appeal. Because of this, cleaning it and keeping it clean is essential.

This article will cover how to clean a felt hat. It will also explain how to keep a felt hat looking good on a regular basis and the best way to store one. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

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What Is Felt?

Before felt becomes felt, it starts out as wool. This wool is then treated in a process that condenses and presses it together. Once this is done, a thicker, denser material called felt is created.

While this is the traditional process of creating felt, the material can be made from things besides wool. It is often made from furs derived from other animals, like rabbits. In others, it is made from synthetic materials. However, in general, felt made from sheep's wool is the most desirable.

In any case, felt is an impressive material with plenty of utility. It has both heating and cooling properties that make it a joy to wear as a cowboy hat in the sun or as a winter hat in colder weather. Plus, felt simply looks great and is the perfect material for making hats. 

Regular Felt Hat Cleaning 

In most cases, when a felt hat gets dirty, it doesn't need a deep cleaning. However, a little regular cleaning may be necessary. This light cleaning is done to address small issues and keep the hat in pristine condition.

First, find something to clean your hat with. Ideally, you should use a brush with very soft bristles, as soft of a brush as you can find. If you have a travel brush, you can even clean your hat on the go. However, a soft cloth will also work if you don't have something like this.

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Gently brush your brush or cloth against your hat in any dirty areas. Work in a counterclockwise motion. While doing this, you can choose to simply address the areas that need to be addressed, or you can go over the entire hat.

If you are in a rush, you can also use more common cleaning instruments to clean your hat quickly. A lint roller works well at quickly picking up dirt and debris. In a similar way, other types of dusters may work as well.

Doing this on a regular basis will keep your felt hat from becoming too dirty. For optimal results, this type of cleaning should be done at the end of the day each time you wear your hat. If this isn't possible, it's alright, but you should still aim to give your hat a regular cleaning as often as you can.

How to Deep Clean a Felt Hat 

If your hat needs more than a regular cleaning, then you will have to do more to clean it. How exactly you go about this will depend on what the problem is.

If your hat is dirty, a somewhat deep cleaning may be necessary. For this, wipe the hat down in a counterclockwise pattern with a damp cloth. Make sure the cloth is soft and that it isn't too wet.

Rub the hat down a little harder than you would for a regular cleaning. Once you are done, make sure to put the hat in a place where it will dry off and, if necessary, dry it off with a soft cloth.

While going about this deep cleaning, you may want to use cleaning material if the problem is severe. You can use a specially designed felt hat cleaner or a very small amount of mild soap.

You can also try to tackle the issue with cornstarch or baking soda. If you use any of these, ensure they are cleaned away completely before storing the hat again.

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If your problem is severe, you can give your felt hat an even deeper cleaning. First, put some water on the hat to make sure that the color doesn't run when exposed to water. Then, fill a basin large enough to fit the hat with water and a little bit of mild soap.

You can then soak your hat in this basin by submerging it in the water. Once you have done this, remove it from the water and rinse it off with clean water. Make sure to dry the hat as much as possible and store it somewhere where it can air dry the rest of the way. 

How to Store a Felt Hat

Once your hat is clean, you should make sure to store it properly. Doing so will ensure that the hat stays clean between wearing it.

The most important thing when it comes to felt storage is to avoid water and moisture. Don't leave your hat in a place where water could drip onto it. If possible, try to avoid a place that is overly humid, like near a shower as well.

You also want to protect your hat from damage. Simply tossing a felt fedora hat on a chair or couch at the end of the day is a great way for it to be crushed. Putting it on a hat rack or in a specific storage container will prevent this.

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A hat box or similar storage container also keeps your hat safe from dirt. In most cases, a hat won't pick up much dirt or grime while sitting in storage.

However, if you are dusting around your house or doing a similar activity, the hat can get dirty from everything flying around. In these cases, a box will ensure your hat looks pristine when you need it. 

Keeping Your Felt Hat Perfect 

If you clean your felt hat on a regular basis, you can make sure it looks good at all times. However, if it needs a deeper cleaning, you can still get it back to its peak position in no time.

Just make sure to store your hat properly once you're done!

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