5 Best Felt Hats for Men of 2023

5 Best Felt Hats for Men of 2023

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Men’s felt hats come in many styles and are loved for their exceptional versatility.

However, selecting the perfect one can be challenging because there are so many to choose from.

We’ve put together this list of the best felt hats for men in the coolest styles so that you can find the perfect one.

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Best Felt Hats for Men

1. Aspen Men’s Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat - American Hat Makers

The Aspen Felt Fedora Hat makes a statement with its unique braided leather matchstick band.

It’s a rancher-style hat that adds a perfect touch of rusticity to those long outdoor days.

This featherweight, wide-brim Fedora features a 3 ½” brim and a 4 ½” crown that offers plenty of protection from the sun and elements. And it has a sewn-in sweatband that will keep you cool and comfortable when you’re putting in a hard day’s or night’s work.

The Aspen comes in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. This fantastic hat typically ships in one business day.

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2. Richmond by Scala - Tenth Street

The Richmond is a wool-felt safari hat that’s made for outdoor festivals. This stylish hat features a leather band, a 2 ½” brim, and a 5” crown for a distinctive profile that will ensure you stand out in the crowd.

It’s also water-repellent and crushable, so you can pack it up and take it with you on the road. Its cotton sweatband will also keep the sweat off your brow as you trek around all day.

The Richmond comes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large. It also comes in four colors, Black, Pecan, Olive, and Khaki.

3. Cattleman Men’s Felt Cowboy Hat Western Hat Band - American Hat Makers

The Cattleman Men’s Felt Cowboy Hat has a genuine Cattleman-shaped crown with a shovel brim, and stylish hatband for that Yellowstone Dutton Ranch look.

With its 3 ¾” brim and 4 ½” crown, you’ll cut quite the profile when you’re spending your days working outdoors, and it will give you plenty of protection from the sun.

It also has a removable sweatband that will help keep you cool and your brow dry on those hot, dry days.

The Cattleman comes in sizes Small through Triple and Extra Large to fit men with any sized head. It also comes in Black, Brown, Gunsmoke, and Sand.

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4. Men’s Moose River Hat - L.L. Bean

The Stetson Moose Fishing Hat was designed for anglers and rugged use. It has a 2 ⅜” wide brim that helps protect you from the sun and the elements when you’re fishing.

It’s made in the USA by Stetson, who have been producing classic fur hats since 1865 on their original Moose River blocks.

This fishing hat has a slightly tapered crown that you can pinch for a custom, individualized look.

The Moose River comes in sizes from 6 ¾” to 7 ⅞” and in Khaki Green and Silverbelly.

5. Dakota by Scala - Tenth Street

The Dakota is a wool-felt outback hat that’s ready for adventure! Its water-repellent wool felt is perfect for your next camping trip or hike.

With a 3” brim and a 4” crown, the Dakota will also protect you from the sun and elements when you’re outside and active.

It also comes with a stylish faux leather band with a feather and a tail that adds a touch of style for any fashionista frontiersman. It’s also crushable so that you can pack it for your trip.

The Dakota comes in sizes Small through XK. It also comes in various colors, including Black, Putty, and Khaki. 

Why Choose a Felt Hat?

Felt is wonderfully versatile and is the perfect material for hat-making. Men’s felt hats take the comfort and warmth of felt and create hats in various styles like cowboy hats or fedoras.

Wool felt is great in the winter for staying warm in the winter. Wool is an excellent insulator; its fibers have natural coils that help trap body heat and create a lifting effect that shields against chilly winter winds.

In the summer, the identical coils that keep you warm in the winter wick moisture away from your skin to keep you cool. Wools is also naturally antimicrobial, which helps to prevent the creation of any funky odors.

Wool is also rugged and naturally flame-retardant. As a result, it keeps sheep warm in winter and cool in summer while it keeps their skin conditioned and clean.

You can also dye the wool in various colors to suit your moods, like Coal, Navy, Sage, and even a striking Sangria.

Wool and felt hats look great as part of an ensemble or as a statement piece. You can pick a style with sharp edges like a men’s pork pie or go with the flow and the classic curves of a man’s fedora to showcase your masculinity, style, and confidence.

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Felt Hats are Stylish Year Round

Wool felt is one of the most versatile fabrics around. It can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Because of its versatility, you can use wool felt in almost any style of men’s hat, making them incredibly functional and fashionable.

Fishing, Fedoras, Outback, Cowboy, and Safari men’s hats are incredibly popular and make a great gift to yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Look for hat makers with a pedigree of making quality hats for more than 40 years, like American Hat Makers. They use the highest quality materials, so your hat will last a lifetime.

When you find the right men’s felt hat that fits your look, you’ll also find a hat you can wear year-round in style and comfort.

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