How to Watch the NFR 2024: Live and Streaming

How to Watch the NFR 2024: Live and Streaming

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The beauty and adrenaline of the National Finals Rodeo attracts numerous people to watch in person or live. You can enjoy the thrill of this 10-day affair by watching the event from different channels or streaming it live.

The tickets are already on sale, and you can get some tips and tricks on enjoying the season using various options.

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When Does the NFR Start?

The National Finals Rodeo (NFR) 2024 will be from the 5th - 14th of December this year at Thomas & Maker Centers in Las Vegas. The hype and planning have already started, and professionals and participants are working towards making it an exciting event. 

Where to Watch the NFR?

Here are various ways to watch the NFR series 2024 with or without cable TV. The NFR start time often varies in the evening from 6pm to 10pm. From the official channel to using proven streams, you can bring the action to the comfort of your home. 

Through the Official Channel

The Cowboy Channel is the official TV broadcaster of the live event from start to finish. Rodeo lovers can sit tight, expecting quality and timely live shows throughout the event. The channel has set apart timeshares to cover the rodeo events, highlights, and exclusives during the ten days. 

You must subscribe to the channel to watch NFR on TV, they offer different packages, the top one for everything including NFR is $119.99. You'll find a lot of rodeo insights from highly-ranked cowboys and cowgirls on this official channel. Depending on their availability, you can see this channel on different pay-TV providers.



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What Channels is the NFR On?

There are a few alternative channels that you can use to watch the NFR schedule. With different service providers and devices, you can watch the event from your Android, iOS, Apple TV, or fire stick, providing multiple options for rodeo lovers. 

The Cowboy Channel Plus

The Cowboy Channel Plus has various mobile apps you can stream on your tab or mobile device. It utilizes various platforms where you can follow your favorite rodeo athletes easily. 


RFD TV uses platforms like web and mobile applications to bring you the NFR events. You can follow up on these events using Android, iOS, Apple TV, or Roku applications on your mobile phone at a monthly or annual fee. 

Rural Radio

Rural Radio allows rodeo lovers to enjoy listening to sporting activities using satellite radio. It's an excellent way to keep up with the NFR event as you continue your daily chores. This radio network informs you about the culture, lifestyle, and sports events in America and Canada.

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What is The NFR Streaming On?

NFR live streams provide a working alternative for rodeo enthusiasts who can't attend the live event. Since there's only one official broadcaster, most alternatives are often streams with or without cable or satellite channels you can access with your device. 


Internet Protocol TV is an excellent option for streaming the rodeo. You'll get brilliant video and image quality to match the exciting event. Look out for channels like the AT & T -Uvers and the Verizon FiOS channels to connect to the rodeo highlights and activities. 

You'll get top-notch quality videos that don't lag or buffer, giving you a good experience. It's a good option for rodeo lovers that can't access satellite channels. 

Dish Network

Channel 232 on DISH often broadcasts the rodeo events and highlights on TV. The DISH network allows you to enjoy the event on TV or any other device, even without cable. 

You can install the application on your laptop, iOS, or Android device and watch it on the go anywhere. Its accessibility and availability are essential, especially for rodeo lovers on the move or who are held up with other duties. 


DirecTV is a good alternative for rodeo lovers. With its diverse array of channels which includes an NFR stream during the event for only $40 per month. However, you can take advantage of their free 7-day trial and sign up during the event period to get a sneak peek of your favorite finals annual event. 


Spectrum is available on iOS and Android devices, and its monthly subscription costs only $44.99. You can enjoy the entire NFR event on your device without any disruptions anywhere you may be. It has standard picture quality and will give you the thrill of your favorite cowgirl or cowboy


Comcast diversifies its services on the Xfinity app on mobile devices and using the website on your laptop. You can enjoy a variety of sports and news channels, including the NFR 2024, but you must pay for your $65 monthly subscription. It gives you access to stream the event on your laptop, mobile device, or TV without using a cable or a TV box. 


You can enjoy the rodeo finals from the Cox Livestream app. Cox has diverse options, from its packages to various channels. You can get the $25 package with 75 channels or enjoy over 140 channels on the $69.99, where you'll get on-demand live streams like the NFR Livestream. 

You can watch it on the apps on your devices. It also has a Contour TV app to watch sports, news, or movies. 

Sling TV

Sling TV is an enterprising streaming app where you can utilize the free trial period to get in on the NFR TV schedule for a few days before your subscription expires. The stream costs $25 monthly to subscribe to, and wholesomely enjoy the most famous rodeo event. 


You can use MediaCom by signing in on their website or downloading the app on Play Store or the App Store. You can stream the NFR on these platforms once you pay your subscription fee and enjoy the event on the go. 


Roku uses the NFR pass or DirecTV Now to link rodeo lovers to the event in 4k. It's a good organizing live stream service where you'll enjoy the action on NFR exclusively.


The Optimum option provides an affordable option for sports lovers. Get your monthly $5 subscription and stream your favorite rodeo and other sporting events. 

YouTube TV

For $50 a month, you can stream the NFR live and enjoy their sports events. Also, it has a Cloud DVR that allows you to record your favorite moments in the event.

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Watching the NFR 2024

The NFR 2024 promises to be an exciting, sporty event attracting many supporters. The tickets are already on sale. But if you're unsure of getting to Vegas for the main event, these alternatives will allow you to share the thrill and sportiness of the event with or without Cable TV.

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