cc deville wearing his limited edition vested top hat on stage with Poison

C.C. Deville Highlight | Look What the "Hat" Dragged in!

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C.C. Deville's scorching licks and penchant for badass hats knows no bounds. 

cc deville wearing his limited edition red vested hat playing guitar on stage

Mr. Deville is no stranger to rock n' roll and badass hats. C.C. has been serving hot riffs since 1986, when Poison dropped their debut album Look What the Cat Dragged In. Even longer than that, Mr. Deville has been rocking some killer attire. His favorite hat includes a classic and ultra rare limited edition red Vested top hat that he's been rocking on stage for years. When you live a life as high flying as C.C. you need a hat that can keep up! 

When C.C. Deville is in the market for a new hat, he knows our mens top hats have got what he needs.

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