Emily in Paris Outfits & Inspired Pieces from Season 3

Emily in Paris Outfits & Inspired Pieces from Season 3

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Emily in Paris is Netflix’s latest hit, recently releasing its third season. This show resonates with people because of its intriguing storylines, delightful cast, and beautiful locations. However, on top of all of this, the show excels when it comes to fashion.

The outfits and clothing pieces from Emily in Paris are captivating all on their own. They are so captivating we’ve created a list of outfits and pieces from Season 3 of the show. 

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Tops and Bottoms

Usually, the top part of any outfit is the one that catches your eye first. A key top or jacket can make it quite easy if you want to capture the look Emily pulls off in the show. But there are also a few standout options for bottoms to choose from!

Essential Antwerp Sweater

Emily begins season three with a bright and colorful sweater. Its playful and chic design offers bold colors that can work in a variety of situations. This makes it perfect for anyone. In fact, you can order an Essential Antwerp sweater on Amazon for yourself!

We love how Emily paired it with a Peter Dundas metallic skirt, contrasting the soft sweater with the cool metal look of the skirt. But we’d also love to see this sweater matched with mustard-colored pants to bring out the bright, fun colors even more!

Purple Flounced Jacket

Emily wore a few Iris Apfel x H&M pieces this season, including this purple flounced jacket. The jacket flares gently and includes rhinestone buttons for a bit of pizzazz. Emily wore it with a lavender Giuseppe Di Morabito mini dress on her visit to lavender fields.

The fun thing about these two pieces is you can mix and match them. They look perfectly coordinated together. But a white dress with the lavender jacket or a yellow jacket with the corset dress would look equally stunning. 

La DoubleJ Ensemble

The La DoubleJ ensemble Emily sports in episode 8 includes a patterned turtleneck and a matching anorak jacket. This coordinated outfit is easy to finish off with a pair of black slacks in a variety of styles. No matter where you’re headed, this pairing looks sophisticated yet not over the top. 

Plus, you can wear each item separately. Giving them double the use!

ROTATE Cropped Blouse

A ROTATE cropped blouse, though not exactly the same one as in episode 8, is quite close and gives off Emily vibes. (The original is sold out, but other styles are also available!) She wore the blouse with a matching skirt, creating a pulled-together look. You can also break it up and wear the blouse with a skirt, dressy shorts, or pants.

Looking for the perfect accessory to pair with your new bathing suit or dress? Check out our selection of sophisticated sun hats for women!

Pilar Pants

The bright royal blue pilar pants from Ines de la Fressange definitely stand out on their own. They are a flattering high-rise style with a contoured top that move down to the end as flared legs. They’re easy to wear and work on many different body types.

Emily paired her pair with a blazer, which you can find as a shirt jacket. The jacket mixes patterns in a cute and slightly chaotic yet still pulled-together way. Luckily, it’s quite easy to find a striped top that pulls the whole outfit together.

Dresses and Other Outfits

Emily wears more than just top and bottom pairings. We also saw a number of dresses and even a bathing suit!

Leslie Amon Marilyn Set Bathing Suit 

You can find the exact same bathing suit Emily wore for under $250. In the show, she wears the color emeraude. But you can also opt for the pink set if you prefer. 

Emily pairs the suit with large cat-eye sunglasses. We’d love to see her add a large sunhat to round out the look.

H&M Flounce-Hemmed Tunic

This is another piece from the Iris Apfel x H&M collection released in March of 2022. It features an embroidered yoke and ruffled sleeves and hem.

The bright orange color and relaxed fit make for a fun outfit that works for a variety of occasions. It sold out during its original run, but you can sign up for notifications when it is restocked.

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Nasty Gal Satin Bow Mini Cocktail Dress

Emily, and Parisian fashion, in general, are known for being bold at times. This Nasty Gal Satin Bow Mini Cocktail Dress can give you the same look. Its hot pink satin color will stand out at any event. Plus, the exaggerated statement bow on the front and one-shoulder design make it even more unique.


An outfit without the proper accessories just looks incomplete. Luckily, you can find pieces that are quite similar to the ones Emily wears to help you pull your own looks together.

Chi-Town - Women’s Felt Pork Pie Hat

A classic women's pork pie hat looks elegant in a simple way. Emily’s worn one just like this in the past. The right hat with the right details - this one has a band and a small gold button - makes it easy to dress up any outfit. Plus, the felt construction can help keep you warm when the weather starts to turn.  

Josey - Pencil Rim Open Crown Felt Fedora Hat

Emily occasionally needs to attend red-carpet fashion events for Pierre Cadault. We’d love to see her in womens felt hat for the next one. The smooth texture allows it to blend with any look. But, the pencil rim and band give it small details to set it apart. 

Tootie - Straw Bucket Hat

Emily inspired us to create this leveled-up bucket hat. Some are only made of cotton or other flimsy materials. But the straw construction on this one gives it structure and class. It would be perfect for a mid-day stroll through the streets of Paris or while having lunch in the park. 

Be sure to order your Tootie today! 

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Steve Madden Giorgina Rhinestone Loafers

Emily alternates between heels and loafers. While heels can be difficult for some to walk in, rhinestone loafers like these on Amazon are comfortable enough for anyone. The thick block heel adds some weight to an outfit, while the rhinestone accents add a dose of class.

Get Your Own Parisian Look 

Emily in Paris is a cultural phenomenon, capturing the hearts of its audience. Emily's unique and often bold outfits set her apart in the fashion world. If you want to emulate this look, you can.

By choosing a few key pieces, you can soon build your own Emily in Paris-inspired look!

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