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5 Best Fall Hats For Women: Cute & Cool Trends For 2024

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Fall is the perfect time of year for finding a cute, trendy new hat to show off! After all, this is the season of apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. All these fun, exciting activities are the perfect opportunity to don a new hat and show it off to everyone!

There are endless hats on the market these days, from the simplest baseball caps to the trendiest wide-brim hats. It can be hard to filter through all these choices to find the perfect hat for you.

We've compiled a list of the best fall hats for women. Every hat on this list is cute, cool, and the perfect way to start a trend. So, hold on to your hats because it's time to dive in and explore the best fall hats for women!

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American Hat Makers

American Hat Makers is a company dedicated to its craft. Established in 1972, the founder Gary Watrous began with a simple dream. His dream was to bring high-quality and handcrafted hats to the American people.

Garth began selling leather goods out of the back of his Chevy in the 1970s. Since then, our brand has become a global presence. American Hat Makers handcrafts all of our products using only the finest materials.

We provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in its materials and craftsmanship. All products are made in Santa Cruz, California, and American Hat Makers is still a family-run business.

We're dedicated to providing a selection of hats for every occasion. Whether you're attending a 1920s-themed event or just want something cute and cool for the fall of 2023, American Hat Makers has seven distinct product lines where you're guaranteed to find something that suits your style.

Woman wearing a fedora

A Jazzed Up Fedora

When you’re looking for a unique fall hat for 2023, one of your first thoughts should be a fedora. After all, what’s more cute and cool than a jazzed-up fedora? These hats aren’t super common anymore, which makes them a unique choice for any fall event you might be attending.

Fedoras were at their peak popularity during the 1920s-1950s. Interestingly, fedoras were associated with gangsters during that time and were seen as a symbol of rebellion against Prohibition.

These days, fedoras look classy and cute! If you're looking for a jazzed-up fedora, look no further than the Maldives Moon from American Hat Maker! This fedora features a wide brim and a unique geometric-pattern band and rope. 

This fedora will easily accentuate your looks in the sunlight or the moonlight. It's classic meets modern with a unique pattern twist that can’t help but turn heads!

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The Retro Wide-Brim

Retro wide-brim hats are perfect for any woman who wants to look and feel comfortable and cute! This style of hat was trendy during the late 1800s and made a comeback during the 1920s-1950s.

Wide-brim hats are perfect for hanging out in the sun and having some fun! The wide brim will protect your face from the harsh UV rays of the sun while matching up with almost any outfit.

These hats are perfect for wearing to the beach, park, or picnic. You can stay cool under the brim of your hat while looking stylish and retro!

Do you need a new and fashionable hat to wear this fall? Head on over to American Hat Maker to browse their selection of handcrafted hats!

Corduroy Baseball Caps 

Very few hats can stand the test of time as well as corduroy baseball caps! These cute accessories first became popular in the 1980s but were solidified in style history in the 1990s.

These hats took off during the 90s and became a permanent fixture in fashion. You can wear these hats with literally any outfit, and they're perfect for outdoor activities.

Corduroy baseball caps look cuter than your average baseball cap and come in endless colors and designs. They're comfortable, cute, and perfect for any occasion! Choosing a cap in a blue or gray color will perfectly match the fall weather and almost any outfit.

Woman wearing a newsboy hat

The Timeless Newsboy

No list of cute and cool hats would be complete without mentioning the timeless newsboy hats! These hats are aptly named as they were originally worn mostly by newspaper boys in the early 1900s.

They typically have a low profile, small brim, and a unique rounded appearance. You can find these hats in a range of unique colors and patterns, which means they're perfectly suited for wearing to a variety of events.

If you’re looking for a classic newsboy hat, then you’re in luck with American Hat Makers! They have a Mikey Newsboy Flat Cap that’s absolutely rocking a plaid design. It’s made of breathable material, so it’s perfect to wear outside on one of the last warm fall days.

Wear your newsboy while running errands, chilling in the park, or going for a nature walk. You’ll be comfortable, look cute, and inspire others to get a hat as awesome as yours.

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Best Fall Hats - Final Thoughts

Fall is the perfect season for finding a cute, trend-setting hat to wear. There’s apple picking to be done, corn mazes to explore, and endless nature walks to experience during this beautiful time of year. 

Finding the perfect hat doesn’t have to be a struggle. With a variety of unique lines, colors, and patterns to choose from, American Hat Maker can help you find the hat that best matches your style and every occasion.

Everyone has their own unique style, and this list of the 5 best fall hats has something for everyone! Whether you want to make a statement with a jazzed-up fedora or wear something more straightforward but still adorable, such as a corduroy baseball cap, you’ll find a hat perfectly suited for you!

Are you looking for a cute and trendy hat to fall in love with this fall? Check out American Hat Maker for high-quality, handcrafted hats that are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

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