5 Best Fedora Hats of 2022 for Men & Women

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Hats are one of the most popular accessories. Not only do they enhance your aesthetic, but they can also be functional! Hats with wide brims protect you from the sun, baseball caps can be pulled low to conceal your face, and beanies are perfect for keeping your hair in check outdoors. 


Fedoras are a whole other level of a hat. These classy-looking adornments are a fashion statement. You can feel your confidence rise when you place one of these on your head, and they match perfectly with any outfit.


It's 2022, and with most events and festivals opening up again, you may be hoping to wear a fedora to your latest experience. If you're looking for some inspiration or recommendations, then you've come to the right place! Let's dive right into the 5 best fedora hats of 2022 for men and women.


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American Hatmakers


Those looking for the perfect fedora should look no further than American Hatmakers! This company knows how to perfectly combine expert craftsmanship with superior designs, and they do it all while using the finest materials.


To better understand what makes this company so unique, let's take a look at its history. They were founded in 1972 by Gary Watrous. Watrous started out selling leather goods out of the back of his Chevy station wagon throughout the 70s. 


Over time, this company became a global presence. All their hats are handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California, with only the finest materials. They're so sure of their process that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products!


With seven unique lines encompassing hats for every person and occasion, American Hatmakers is your one-stop shop for all your hats and hatbands. 


Are you looking for a long-lasting, handcrafted, and stylish hat for 2022? Check out American Hatmakers to browse the latest and greatest hats!

Man wearing a fedora


For Him


Men looking for fedora hats definitely need to check out this line by American Hatmakers. They have a wide range of fedoras explicitly designed to suit the male style and presence. Here are five of the best fedoras for men:


  • Voyager Leather Outback Hat

    This hat is both stylish and practical! It's made from high-quality leather, durable, and looks great. This hat is perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. 


  • Trail Dust- Men’s Wax Cotton Outback Fedora Hat

    This hat has that trendy distressed look, but it’s anything but distressed! This fedora hat is made of wax cotton and is practically indestructible. It features a wide brim that will protect you from the elements and can pair with any outfit.


  • Geneva- Men’s Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat

    This Geneva fedora hat is made of firm felt and features a matching band and trim. This is the perfect fedora for fashion-forward men that want to make a statement with their look.


  • Walker Felt Fedora Hat

    The Walker Felt Fedora Hat is made of soft, firm felt that's comfortable and durable. This stylish hat, with its rich brown and black colors, will match perfectly with any outfit and occasion.


  • Prolific- Distressed Olive Felt Fedora Hat

    The Prolific- Distressed Olive Felt Fedora Hat is made with wool felt and features a unique feather on the brim. It’s also lined with fur around the brim. This hat is the perfect choice for a man who wants to stand out and look unique.


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    Woman wearing a fedora

    For Her


    Women have their own line of fedoras through American Hatmakers as well. These fedoras range from simplistic to stylish to classic and chic. There’s truly something for everyone, and here are the 5 best fedora hats for women:

  • Corinth- Women’s Wide Brim Straw Fedora Hat

    This lightweight and airy fedora is the perfect compliment to any outfit. Made of firm straw, this fedora hat features a wide brim to protect you from the sun's harsh UV rays and a beaded rope band that looks stylish.


  • Cassidy- Felt Fedora Hat

    Made of firm felt, this Cassidy fedora hat is lightweight and looks great! It comes in two stylish colors, mint and grey, that match elegantly with any outfit. There's an embroidered trim to create an even more elegant presence, so this hat is perfect for women who want to look cool and cute.


  • Laguna- Women’s Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat

    This fedora hat has an earthy aesthetic with its dark colors, textured band, feather, and colorful beaded accent. Whether horseback riding, picking apples, or hanging with friends, this fedora hat will look unique and stylish.


  • Rogan- Women’s Crushable Hemp Hat

    For eco-conscious women who want something durable, pretty, and unique, this Women's Crushable Hemp Hat is the perfect accessory! It's wide-brimmed for protection against the sun or rain and comes with a removable sweatband. You can crush this hat down for storage or travel, and it will always maintain its intended shape.


  • Summit- Women’s Felt Leather Fedora

    This is one of the most stylish fedoras on this list. This hat features an adjustable fabric sweatliner and a top grain leather brim made from authentic cowhide leather and lite felts. You're sure to impress wearing this fedora during any event or even a simple nature walk with friends!


    What Makes A Fedora?


    Fedoras are a unique and classy style of hat that gained popularity in the 1920s. During that time, fedoras were associated with gangsters and considered a symbol of rebellion against Prohibition. Nowadays, fedoras are a classy and stylish hat everyone can pull off.


    The classic look of a fedora includes a soft brim with an indented crown. The indent is typically between 4-6 inches, and most feature a crease lengthwise down the hat that's pinched near the front on both sides. The style and positioning of the pinch can vary depending on the style of the fedora, but that pinch is a sure way to identify one.


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    Look Classy


    Fedoras are a classy, trendy, and stylish addition to any man or woman’s wardrobe. These hats may have peaked in popularity during the roaring 20s, but they never truly went out of style. This list showcases 5 of the best fedora hats of 2022 for men and women. 


    Are you ready to add some flair into your daily style with a new, handcrafted hat? Head on over to American Hatmakers to view their seven unique style lines!

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