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5 Best Fishing Hats Reviewed [2023 Buyer's Guide]

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Nothing beats a day of fishing, angling out in the open waters under the sun's warm rays. One of the most important pieces of your fishing gear (other than your pole and bait, of course) is a good protective fishing hat.

Not only does it keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face, but it can also protect you from nature's many elements. A good hat will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and also help keep you dry when it starts to rain.

There are several different hats that are designed specifically for anglers, and each one has its own set of unique features and benefits. 

If you're fishing for a new hat to take with you on your next fishing trip, then be sure to check out the buyer's guide below. We've highlighted the best hats to catch on the market and included a few tips on choosing the perfect fishing hat for you.

What to Look for in a Proper Fishing Hat?

When looking for a fishing hat, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, you'll want to find a hat that is designed specifically for outdoors fishers. This means it will have features like a sun shield, a waterproof lining, and a convenient chin strap to keep it in place in windy conditions. (and sometimes even tiny convenient pockets!)

You'll also want to consider the typical climate where you enjoy fishing. If you live in hotter weather, you'll need a hat made from lightweight materials with a lot of ventilation to keep your head cool. If you live in a colder climate, on the other hand, you'll need a hat that is made from warm materials, and that has a snug fit to keep your head and ears warm.

Furthermore, consider how often you will be wearing your hat. If you plan on wearing it every day, you'll want to choose one made from durable materials, with a wide brim to protect your face from the sun.

The Best Fish Hats to Buy

Hats off to a great fishing year. Down below are different styles of fishing hats.

Soaker by American Hat Makers

Mens soaker hat for fishing

Securely, Soak up the sun without sacrificing your skin in American Hat Maker's Solair Soaker Mesh Men's Sun Hat with an attached chinstrap. This style of hat is the ideal fishing hat that will stay secure on your head. Also water-resistant with a soakable liner to keep you cool during the hottest days.

You can even dunk this hat in an ice chest in the heat of the summer, and you will be the coolest in your group! The nylon mesh and polyester exterior of the hat keep the rainwater out, while the laminated liner absorbs cool water when you want it to.

KEY FEATURES of the Soaker

  • Brim 2 3/4" Crown 3 3/4"
  • Wide-brimmed 
  • UPF 50 for protection from the sun 
  • Soakable liner 
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Flexible
  • Chin strap included with each purchase
  • Locally crafted
  • Durable

American Hat Makers have hats for every occasion. Shop their full line today.

Tactical Sun Hats 

Traditional wide-brim sun hats or "bucket hats" are always top choices when searching for the perfect fishing hat. Any good fishing hat's key point is to protect yourself from the elements. A wide-brim sun hat can keep the rain off your face and keep sweat from blinding your eyes. 

A tactical sun hat with pockets or loop straps can keep the sun out of your eyes and off your skin while also being convenient for storage. Tactical sun hats are sold and reliable and can offer an angler many benefits.

Straw Fishing Hats 

Straw Fishing Hats are clean, classic, stylish, and usually super affordable outdoors hats. Ultimately, straw hats are desired because they offer lightweight protection from the sun.

Best of all is the airflow and ventilation that a straw hat can achieve on a hot summer day. Straw hats are the original fishing hats and can be great for the boat, beach, pool, party, or even on the golf course.

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Breezy Baseball Caps

Nothing needs to be said about the classic and stylish baseball cap with a brim. Baseball caps have been popular with anglers for decades. The brim offers good coverage in the front, and most are specifically made to ventilate for comfortable fishing in the heat. 

Boony Hats

Functionality, Versatility, and Made for Survival! A Boonie hat is a type of wide-brimmed hat commonly used by the military in hot tropical climates. Usually created with a stiffer brim than a bucket hat, it's tactical and keeps you safe from the elements.

Combined with a facial bug net, they can become the perfect fishing hat to keep out those annoying insects (mainly mosquitos).

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Choosing a hat with a chinstrap for safety is important if you are going full speed in your new fishing boat or just out casting for prize bass on a windy day.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fishing Hat

Regarding fishing gear, a high-quality hat is often overlooked but can make all the difference in your angling experience. 

An excellent fishing hat can protect you from the sun's harmful rays, keep you dry during unexpected rain showers, and even offer added warmth during colder weather. 

We've compiled this guide on factors to consider when buying a fishing hat. From materials to style and functionality, we've got you covered, so you can make an informed choice and find the perfect hat to accompany you on your next fishing trip.

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The Material

As a passionate angler, you know that staying comfortable during long hours by the water is crucial. Your fishing hat plays a significant role in ensuring your angling escapades are enjoyable. With various fabrics available, making an informed choice that fits your fishing needs is essential.

For sunny and hot days, choose breathable and quick-drying materials such as polyester and nylon, which offer durability and water resistance. 

On the other hand, if you're fishing in cooler or damp conditions, consider water-resistant materials such as cotton, which is soft, breathable, and offers all-day comfort despite taking longer to dry.

Regarding cold weather, fishing hats, wool, and fleece are popular natural materials due to their exceptional insulation properties, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. Synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon also provide excellent insulation and water resistance, ensuring you're warm and dry in harsh weather conditions.

Remember to consider the weather and environment where you'll be fishing when selecting your fishing hat material.

Considering these factors, you'll choose the ideal material for your fishing hat, ensuring you're comfortable and warm throughout your angling adventures.

Sun Protection

The sun's relentless rays can be unforgiving when you're out on the water. That's why sun protection is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the ultimate fishing hat. After all, keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays is just as crucial as reeling in that prized catch.

Enter the world of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) ratings. These ratings measure the level of sun protection provided by a fabric. For example, fishing hats with a UPF rating of 30 or higher shield your skin from the sun's damaging effects. So, when browsing for your next fishing hat, check the UPF rating!

By prioritizing sun protection in your search for the ideal fishing hat, you'll be able to enjoy your angling expeditions without the nagging worry of sunburn.

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A Wide Brim 

An excellent fishing hat is more than just a trendy accessory; it's a must-have gear for any dedicated angler. The perfect hat protects you from the sun's harmful UV rays and keeps you dry during those sudden rain showers. 

That's where a wide-brimmed fishing hat comes in handy!

These reliable hat shields feature a generous brim over your face, neck, and ears from the sun's relentless rays while providing excellent coverage against rain. But when selecting the ideal wide-brimmed hat, size, and weight are crucial factors.

While a broader brim delivers more protection, it can also weigh you down. That's why opting for hats made from lightweight, breathable materials is vital, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your fishing adventures.

Wide-brimmed hats come in different styles, including safari, bucket, and Boonie. Pick a style that matches your taste and offers the functionality you need.

Investing in a wide-brimmed fishing hat means investing in your health, comfort, and overall angling experience. 

Proper Ventilation

Nothing dampens a fishing trip quite like a sweaty, overheated head. That's why proper ventilation is essential when choosing your ideal fishing hat. A well-ventilated hat will keep you cool and comfortable, even on the warmest days, allowing you to focus on hooking that trophy fish.

Many fishing hats have features that promote airflows, such as mesh panels or vents. Mesh panels, often found in the crown or sides of the hat, allow for increased air circulation, keeping your head cool and dry. Conversely, vents are small openings in the hat's material that facilitate airflow and can be found in various hat styles.

When shopping for your next fishing hat, please consider its ventilation features. Also, consider the climate you'll be fishing in and the heat and humidity you'll likely encounter. 

An Adjustable Fit

A fishing hat that keeps slipping off your head or feels too tight can be a significant distraction while trying to focus on reeling in that big catch. So an adjustable fit is a must-have feature for the perfect fishing hat.

Many hats come with adjustable mechanisms like drawstrings, chin straps, or snapbacks, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. A chin strap, for example, prevents your hat from flying off during a gust of wind and allows you to customize the fit around your head.

When searching for your next fishing hat, prioritize options with adjustable features that cater to your comfort. 

After all, you want a hat that feels made just for you, so you can concentrate on what matters most—landing that prized fish!

Water Resistance

Fishing in wet conditions can be a downer if your hat isn't up to the task. But fear not! Water-resistant materials are here to save the day, keeping your head dry and comfortable while out on the water.

Water-resistant fishing hats come in various materials, from synthetic options like polyester and nylon to natural materials like waxed cotton. Some hats even come with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating, which efficiently sheds water and keeps you dry.

When selecting a fishing hat for wet conditions, choose materials and features that repel moisture. Don't let a soggy hat spoil your fishing trip; opt for a water-resistant option and enjoy your angling escapades, rain or shine.

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With a water-resistant fishing hat, you can say goodbye to the discomfort and annoyance of a soaked head and focus on what matters most – catching those fish!!

Styles and Colors

Selecting the ideal fishing hat goes beyond just practicality—it's also an opportunity to showcase your unique style and enhance your fishing ensemble. Thankfully, fishing hats come in diverse styles and colors, allowing you to flaunt your personality while reeling in those catches.

Each hat style boasts distinct advantages, from classic baseball caps to protective wide-brimmed hats. Therefore, it's crucial to consider your specific needs before settling on a choice. Plus, with many colors available, you will find the perfect hat to match your style.

Whether you're drawn to a timeless or contemporary look, picking the right style and color for your fishing hat can inject personal flair into your gear. 

So, embrace your inner angling fashionista, and choose a hat that fulfills its purpose and captures your unique angling essence.

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When it comes to a successful fishing day, having the right hat can really make a big difference. That's why we've put together this helpful buyer's guide to the best fishing hat styles available on the market. 

We've highlighted some of the most important features to look for when choosing the right one, so whether you're looking for an everyday durable sun hat or hooked on a more stylish baseball cap. With this guide, you can easily find the perfect hat to take on the summer fishing adventures with you.

Shop American Hat Makers today for the perfect fishing hat.

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