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5 Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection & More

You aren't technically required to wear a hat when you golf. However, wearing a hat while golfing has benefits that can positively impact your performance. This is why you will very rarely see a golfer heading out to the green without a hat on.

Most of the time, golfers wear caps, bucket hats, or some other brimmed hat. Each one offers its own benefits, depending on the season. Let's take a look at the best golf hats that will offer you sun protection and more benefits!

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1. Cabana - Men's Breathable Wide Brim Sun Hat

The Cabana is a top-selling hat here at American Hat Makers and will be a perfect option for your golf game. This hat is specifically designed to protect against the sun, keep you cool, and even keep the weather away.

To protect from the sun, the hat offers UPF 50+ UV protection. The wide brim and crown also go a long way in protecting your eyes from the sun and improving your vision. These are reinforced with blackout lining to prevent even the lightest of the sun's rays from leaking through.

All of this sun protection gives the hat a cooling effect. However, additional cooling is provided by the hat's approach to ventilation. 360-degree ventilation via open, breathable sides has a big impact. Together, these factors go a long way in keeping you cool on a hot and sunny day. 

This hat also offers some protection from the elements. It is 100% water resistant, so if it drizzles during your tee time, there's no need to worry. 

This hat isn't a slouch when it comes to fashion, either. This sun hat is available in a variety of colors, including ivory, black, walnut, and steel. With its classic design, you'll be able to look stylish while staying comfortable.

Just because it's a hat that offers a lot of protection doesn't mean it'll weigh you down. The Cabana is only 4.6 ounces and is easy to pack. We included an interior sweat liner to prevent stains and odor from making it uncomfortable.

2. Adidas Rain.Rdy Bucket Hat

If you're looking for an option with a little more rain protection, this would be a good choice. The Rain.Rdy range uses high-performance recycled materials and a seam-sealed design that will keep the rain off even when the weather starts to turn.

You can also use it in clear weather, as its bucket design adds shade to keep the sun off your face. Its small minimalist design can even be folded up and stored quite easier.

A wide brim makes it much easier to stay out of the sun. See our variety of sun hats here!

This Adidas bucket hat is available in five sporty colors: black, white, navy, green, and bliss lilac. Even though many of these are dark colors, you can still wear them in warmer weather.

This is because the impact of color on your overall temperature doesn't have as big of an impact as people previously believed. So, feel free to grab a black bucket hat even if the sun is out! 

3. Titleist Tour Performance Cap

The connection between Titleist and golf has a long and rich history. In fact, when thinking of a golf hat, many people's minds instantly go to the image of a Titleist cap. 

A cap is a classic golf hat with more than a few options available. While any baseball-style cap will keep the sun out of your eyes, some offer more benefits than others. This Titleist option is tour proven and worn by professional golfers worldwide. 

It uses Titleist's proprietary material to wick away moisture and limit odor quickly. A built-in headband helps regulate your temperature and keep you cool. These factors go a long way when it comes to staying comfortable on the green.

There are a variety of color and design options available. You can even consider the mesh version, which is also a solid performer.

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4. Under Armour Iso-Chill Driver Mesh Cap

Sometimes, you want a hat to just be a hat. No frills or extras are necessary. Some believe this allows them to focus more on golf rather than what they are wearing. 

If you're looking for a cap that won't offer distractions, this option from Under Armour is one to consider. Its clean white colorway is simple and matches any outfit. 

This one offers a mesh design that has some practical benefits. Your head is where around 10% of your body's heat is lost. Because of this, having proper ventilation on your head is a key part of staying cool. This type of design allows for plenty of ventilation, which helps keep you cool. In addition, it features an Iso-Chill sweatband that helps disperse body heat quickly.

We don't quite love how tall the design is, but the stretch in the rim allows for a comfortable fit overall. 

5. TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat

Any type of wide-brimmed hat is great for sun protection. These types of hats will keep the sun away, which cools you down and improves your vision. In general, these types of hats offer more sun protection than a cap. 

This option from TaylorMade is similar. It keeps your eyes shaded, preventing glare. This particular hat also comes with a dark underbill, which has the added benefit of reducing glare even more.

The design of this hat also provides shade for the back of your neck. This is more important than many people realize, as the back of your neck is an area that is prone to get sunburn.

Another practical feature of this hat is the fact that it is water-resistant. So keeping light precipitation away is no problem.

It features a stretch design that fits most head sizes comfortably. It's available in grey and black.

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Use These Golf Hats for Better Sun Protection

Standing out in the sun can do a number on your skin over the course of a golf game. Luckily, you can easily protect yourself and make the game easier by wearing a simple golf hat.

While we love all of these options, we highly recommend one that offers plenty of protection. By choosing one that best meets your needs, you'll enjoy the game much more easily.

Caps can be a great way to block the sun while golfing. But are you looking for one that’s more stylish? Check out our selection of caps in a variety of styles!

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