5 Best Trucker Hats: Popular & Trending Styles

Best Trucker Hats
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Trucker hats have gone from throw-away promotional items to rural workers to iconic fashion wear.


You might be curious about the history of trucker hats and what’s popular and trending with them.


We’ll take a look at the history of trucker hats, five styles that are popular and trending, as well as what and when you can or should wear them.


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History of Trucker Hats


The trucker hat of 2022 can trace its roots back to the early 1970s when “feed hats” or “gimme hats” were given away as promotional items. Feed or farming supply companies gave them to farmers, truck drivers, and other rural workers who might use their products.


The high-crown and wide front platform of the trucker cap made it ideal for emblazoned company logos. At the same time, they were functional, practical, and cheap to mass produce.

A traditional trucker hat has 5-panels, a high-crown, mesh nylon back with foam, a polyester front, and a one size fits all plastic snapback. 

Since its introduction, the trucker hat has remained a staple of the blue-collar uniform and an iconic pop culture symbol of rural America.

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5 Best Trucker Hats


In the past, trucker hats were given out as promotional items by companies like John Deere and Southern States to truck drivers and other blue-collar, rural workers.

Trucker hats today are still promotion items for companies. Still, often the wearer wears them to project a message, iconic or not.

Here are the five best trucker hats we’ve seen recently:



1. American Hat Makers Camo Snapback Trucker Hat


What do you get when you mix a camouflage pattern and a laser engraved USA flag centerpiece on a trucker hat? A whole lot of hell yeah, that’s what you get!

This American Hat Makers beauty has a 2.75” brim and a 4” crown that prominently displays the stars and stripes. Its featherweight mesh back, and sewn-in sweat will keep the sweat off your brow in comfort and badass style.

It even comes with a lifetime guarantee!


yeti american logo


2. Yeti American Logo Badge Trucker Hat

Nothing keeps you cool like a Yeti...American Logo Badge Trucker Hat, that is! This 5-panel bow-fit trucker hat has the Yeti logo on the front and comes in blue/white.

It comes with a Bureo brim derived from NetPlus, a material made from 100% recycled fishing nets to help reduce ocean plastic pollution.

Do some good for the world and look cool when you’re doing it with this eco-friendly hat from Yeti!


Backcountry Sunday Afternoon


3. Backcountry Sunday Afternoons Artists Series Trucker Hat

If you want to make a statement, why not make it an artistic one? The Backcountry Sunday Afternoons Artist Series Trucker Hat comes in four striking, colorful outdoor scenes that are guaranteed to turn heads.

All the artwork is original art created by artists specifically for this series.

They have a lightweight and lightweight cotton crown as a pillow with a polyester mesh back that breathes, keeping you cool when you’re working up a sweat. 

The one-size-fits-all snapback makes it easy to adjust for any sized head. 


Madewell Organic Cotton Trucker Hat


4. Madewell Organic Cotton Trucker Hat


Suppose you’re looking for some chill Y2K vibes in a trucker hat made from 100% organic cotton. In that case, the Madewell Organic Trucker Hat is a perfect fit.

It’s an oversized trucker hat with a padded front panel, vacay-ready graphics, and an adjustable mesh back. It comes in fresh chili and cumin styles.

What’s cool is that it’s made from organic cotton grown without fertilizers and pesticides from untreated, non-genetically modified seeds. You want 100% organic. That’s 100% organic.


Patagonia P-6 Logo Trucker Hat


5. Patagonia P-6 Logo Trucker Hat


This sweet trucker cap has the iconic Patagonia logo prominently on its crown. Its brim is made with Bureo’s NetPlus from 100% recycled fishing nets and is also Fair Trade Certified sewn.

The P-6 is a mid-crown trucker hat with an organic cotton front and a recycled polyester-mesh back with an adjustable snapback closure

Currently, it only comes in black, but forge gray, navy blue, and white with light plume gray can be reserved via a waitlist. 

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Trucker Hat vs. Baseball Hat


A trucker hat isn’t different from a baseball hat at all. In fact, a trucker hat is actually a type of baseball hat. This means that while all trucker hats are baseball hats, not all baseball hats are trucker hats. Basically, a trucker hat is a type of hat within a larger category. 


So, what makes a trucker hat unique? What defines it within this category


First off, a trucker hat is higher than the average baseball hat. This height comes from the large foam front. This is the part of the hat where company logos were originally placed and where, nowadays, any type of logo, symbol, or word can be found. 


Second, a trucker hat has a mesh back to it. This is particularly unique as a trucker hat is one of the only types of baseball hats that has this feature. This is a helpful way to identify a trucker hat; if you see a hat with a mesh back, chances are that it is a trucker hat. 


Finally, a trucker hat has an adjustable strap in the back. In most cases, this means that a trucker hat is also a snapback hat. 


Trucker Hat vs. Snapback Hat


A snapback hat is any hat that has a specific type of adjustable strap on the back of it. This strap features a line of snaps that can be adjusted so that the strap is larger or smaller. Hats that adjust with velcro or that are not adjustable at all are not snapback hats. 


All snapback hats are a type of baseball hat. In addition, almost all trucker hats are a type of snapback hat. So trucker hats are a category of snapback hats, which is a category of baseball hat. While this may seem a little complicated, just remember that trucker hats are more specific than both baseball and snapback hats. 


Advantages of Trucker Hats


There is a reason trucker hats are popular. Part of this comes from the fact that they offer advantages that other types of hats are incapable of offering.




One of the biggest advantages that trucker hats hold over other types of baseball hats is the fact that they are breathable. Most baseball hats have some sort of ventilation, usually in the form of a few small holes on the hat’s crown. However, trucker hats take this to the next level. Besides visors, no type of hat has the same level of ventilation as a trucker hat. 


This makes them helpful in a few different situations. If you wear a hat to work out, a trucker hat can be used to prevent your head from getting too sweaty. The same is true if you need a hat with a brim to cut the glare but don’t want to deal with having a hat suffocate your head. In any of these situations, a trucker hat is very helpful. 




We’ve already discussed the fact that trucker hats are adjustable. These hats fit a variety of different heads thanks to the snaps in the back. While this is a relatively small advantage, it should not be overlooked. 


In many cases, one-size-fits-all hats only fit a specific head size well. For anyone whose head is larger or smaller than this size, the hat will be either too big and thus loose or too small and thus tight. These hats will fit all heads, but they won’t be comfortable for many people. 


Meanwhile, fitted hats have their own problems. A fitted hat will fit someone perfectly. However, it will only fit that person well. If they want to let a friend borrow their hat, it might not fit their friend very well. Because of this, fitted hats have limited utility. 


Trucker hats address both of these problems. The fact that they are adjustable allows you to adjust the hat to fit your head perfectly. When ordering one, you don’t have to worry if it will be too big or small because you know it is adjustable.


You can also share the hat with ease. If you want to let someone borrow or give it away, you can be sure it will fit the other person. Plus, the hat only takes moments to adjust, so you can refit it in no time at all. 


Show a Message or Logo


Trucker hats have a large front space where logos, images, or text can be displayed. This is a distinct feature of these hats.  


This space serves as a great platform to show off your personal style, taste, or even ideas. If you have a brand you like, you can get a trucker hat with their logo.


If you have a design you really love, this can form the centerpiece of your hat. You may even choose to get a trucker hat that simply has a word or phrase that you resonate with. In any of these cases, a trucker hat is a great form of self-expression.


The fact that trucker hats are relatively cheap means all of this can be customized by the average person. Instead of using an already existing logo or image, you can create a custom trucker hat.


On this hat, you can insert a piece of your art or a phrase that you came up with. Trucker hats give you a blank space, which you can take advantage of in whatever way you see fit. 



As you now know, trucker hats were created as promotional items for companies because they were an effective form of promotion. This has never stopped being true. Modern companies can use trucker hats in the same way that companies of the past did.


Many companies choose to simply give out trucker hats with their company’s logo on them. Giving out hats in this way already increases goodwill and improves a company’s reputation.


However, this is even more helpful because people will continue to wear the hats and spread the company’s message long after the giveaway is done. By giving out trucker hats with a company’s logo on them, a company can promote itself in a wonderfully effective way.


Outfits to Wear With a Trucker Hat


Trucker hats can make a statement for you or be part of your fashion statement. It’s not hard to find something to wear with a trucker hat because anything casual is pretty much in play.

Feel free to wear your trucker hat forward or backward facing, whatever one you like better.   

Some outfits we like to wear with trucker hats:


T-Shirt and Jeans/Khakis


We’ll call this one casual chic. You can go monochrome and keep everything one color, or stack a trucker hat on top of a classic logo t-shirt and distressed jeans. 


Flannel and Jeans/Khakis


Trucker hats and flannel go together like America and apple pie. If you’re going to rural chic, go with it and add some boots to finish off the look.


A Hoodie and Whatever


Stay warm while you look cool by wearing a trucker hat with the hoodie of your choice and whatever you think is comfortable and looks good. 


Best Time and Occasions for Trucker Hats


Trucker hats, while practical, are frequently just another accessory. However, they are meant to be fun, so you should wear them anywhere where it’s legal or at least allowable to have fun. 


You can wear a trucker hat to any casual event, like barbecues, pool parties, and out to bars and clubs that allow hats. 

Trucker hats are great for any outdoor activity because they can help protect you from the sun and keep you cool.

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Trucker Hats Are Always Cool


Trucker hats have come a long way since the days of the “gimme hat” and the “seed hat.” 

Where they were once strictly promotional items for rural workers, they’ve become and remained popular with mainstream America. 

Trucker hats are practical and functional, provide excellent protection from the sun, and help keep the sweat out of people’s eyes and cool when working outside.

Many people wear trucker hats today to be ironic or praise some bits of Americana that may have gone by the wayside.

Trucker hats today make another green statement, as many are made from organic or recycled materials. 

If you wear a trucker hat for work, for fun, or fashion, find one you like and be comfortable in it. 

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