5 Best Winter Hats for Men for 2022

5 Best Winter Hats for Men for 2022
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With the days getting shorter and the nights longer, it's clear winter is just around the corner.

Are you looking for a winter hat for yourself or as a gift for the man in your life?

We've put together this list of the five best winter hats for men in 2022 that will keep them warm and looking good all winter long.

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The Five Best Winter Hats for Men

1. Broner Beanie Knit Cap

The American Hat Makers Broner Beanie Knit Cap is a simple update to the classic beanie-style winter cap. The Broner Beanie is lightweight, warm, and comfortable enough to wear all day long on blustery winter days.

This knit cap comes in one-size-fits-all and in either Yellow or Burgundy. It's also super-lightweight, so you can easily fold it and put it into a coat pocket or a bag for easy storage.

If you don't think the Broner Beanie is the perfect knit cap, you can exchange it within 90 days. If you love it, know you'll have a lifetime warranty. American Hat Makers will replace it free of charge if it starts unraveling.

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2. Stussy Brushed Plaid Bucket Hat

You can stay cozy in style with the winterized Stussy Brushed plaid bucket hat. This bucket hat is made from a warm wool blend and comes in a playful plaid pattern with the brand's signature logo stitched on the front.

The Stussy bucket hat is made with 70% polyester and 30% wool blend brushed style fabric and has embroidered branding and eyelets.

This funky bucket hat comes in two sizes: Small/Medium 21.75 "/ Large/X-Large 23 ".

3. Adsum Polartec Fleece Run Hat

The Adsum Polartec Fleece Run Hat is the perfect hat for men who want or need to be outside and active on arctic winter days.

Adsum is known for its minimalist designs; this hat is an excellent example. Made from Polartec fleece in classic navy, it also has packable ear flaps and an adjustable strap on the back to ensure a perfect fit on any head.

It features a soft, flexible brim and a nylon front panel for added durability.

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4. Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie

The Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie combines the ruggedness that Carhartt is famous for combined with the classic beanie design.

The beanie comes in one-size-fits-all and has a stretchable rib-knit construction to keep you warm when you work outside in style. It's also machine washable, so you can keep it clean and ready to use.

It also comes in over thirty colors for you to choose from, and the famous Carhartt logo is sewn on the front.

5. The North Face Recycled Ridge Fleece Trapper

The Recycled Ridge Fleece Trapper is made with 100% recycled body and lining fabric. It's also insulated with Heatseeker Eco, which promotes a nice sustainable vibe while keeping you warm and dry.

It has chin straps to keep it snug on your head on those cold, windy days and cozy high-pile fleece and ear flaps for extra warmth.

The Trapper hat comes in one-size-fits-all and in two colors: Topaz/Leather Brown and Wild Ginger.

How Do I Find Out What my Hat Size is?

Take a soft tape measure or a piece of string, and pull it in a circle around your head about an inch above your ears. Or where you would like the hat to sit on your head.

If you're using a piece of string, measure where the string meets on a ruler to get the measurement.

Then record the measurement in both inches and centimeters. Next, look at the hat size chart on the manufacturer's website and match your measurement with the correct-sized hat.

If you're in between sizes, it's typically better to go with a larger size than a smaller one. However, many hats can be adjusted up to a size smaller with their fitting systems.

What are the Men's Winter Hats that are in Style in 2022?

Once again, with men's winter hats, the ones in style in 2022 are both functional and stylish. In addition, the classic beanie and its wide varieties are again popular with men who want to look cool while staying warm.

Bucket hats are coming back in 2022, especially ones winterized with fabrics for warmth.

Trapper hats are also popular this year with people who like a little old-school fashion and the superior warmth and protection they provide.

Specialized hats like runners and balaclavas are popular with those who like to stay active outdoors, even on frigid winter days.

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Look For Functionality and Style for Your Winter Hat

Finding the best winter hats for men in 2022 is all about focusing on functionality and style. And the five hats we've selected can help you do both.

It doesn't matter if you prefer the simplicity of beanies, the protection of a runner or a trapper, or the hip-hop style of a bucket hat. You can stay warm and look cool doing it.

It's essential to look for hat makers like American Hat Makers. They have an easy exchange policy and lifetime warranties on their products.

That way, if the hat's not perfect for you, you can find the one that is. Or, if you do love it, you can wear it all of the time, knowing then when it wears out, they'll replace it or you.

There's also nothing wrong with having different hats for different conditions, so feel free to have several hats and swap them out as needed.

Just take the time to find the perfect hat and enjoy the warmth and confidence you'll get from wearing it.

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