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How to Beat the Heat & Stay Protected With a Stylish Sun Hat

Sun hat for skin protection


You might not think you're a "hat person," but a good sun hat can elevate your style. It can also help protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer!

About 90% of all skin cancer cases have a link to sun exposure. In addition to a good sunscreen, wearing a sun hat can help protect your face, ears, and shoulders from the harmful effects of the sun. You don't even need a sunburn for cancerous cells to form on your skin.
Maybe it's time to become a hat-wearer! Here's how to beat the heat and protect your skin from UV rays with a stylish sun hat. 

1. For Men and Women
Men, if you think that you have to wear a big floppy gardening hat as your "sun" hat, rest easy! The best hat for sun protection is one that you can incorporate into your style—no matter your daily activities.
Sun exposure happens any time the sun is out! You don't have to spend hours on the golf course or the beach to risk harm to your skin. Choose sun hats for men that fit your day-to-day style. 
Ladies, you're not stuck with floppy beach hats, either! Accessorize your outfits with a different hat every day. 

2. Choose Your Brim
The fuller the brim of the hat, the more shade your hat offers for your skin and eyes. Style is important! However, it's critical to choose a hat style with a brim that best fits your activity. 
If you plan to be out in the sun for several hours at a time, a 2-3 inch brim can offer more protection than a baseball cap. 

3. Consider Your Destination
Are you traveling? If you're planning a trip, choose a hat that's easy to pack. 
Foldable hats can fit into a suitcase or carry-on without taking up too much room or damaging the shape of your hat. When it's time to unpack and get out into the sunshine, you need your sun hat to unfold back to its shape and do its job!

4. Make Sure It Fits
The wrong hat size can be uncomfortable. If it's too big, your hat won't stay in place to protect your skin. If it's too small, you won't wear your hat often enough to benefit from it. 
Choose a hat size that doesn't fit too tightly, cause pain after extended wear, and stays in place without sliding front to back. 

5. To Breathe, or Not to Breathe
Your sun hat's material can affect the level of sun protection and your comfort level. A stunning leather hat is excellent sun protection, especially in colder weather. For the beach or the golf course, a breathable material might be more comfortable in the heat while still offering protection from the sun's rays. 
Don't Sacrifice Style With Your Sun Hat!
Looking good and protecting your skin from the sun are both possible with the right sun hat! Shop our collection of handmade sun hats for men or women. If you have questions about sizing or the best hat choice for you, contact us!