5 Best Summer Hats for Women: Perfect for the Beach

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Can you even call it ‘summer’ if you’re not spending your days in the sun?

Despite the many benefits of soaking up some vitamin D, too much exposure can pose potential health risks because of the sun’s powerful UV rays. 

And that’s not all; sun exposure over the long term can have other consequences such as premature aging.  

Thankfully, you can avoid sun-related skin damage and health risks by implementing skin protection in your daily routine, like sunscreen and investing in hats! 

What better excuse to purchase a new, stylish summer hat than to preserve your physical well-being?

Continue reading to discover the five best hats for your summer vacation!

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Corinth by American Hat Makers


It’s no surprise the first on our list for the top summer hats for women is from American Hat Makers!

From the get-go, American Hat Makers was a staple for both men and women as one of the best businesses for handmade leather hats. Today, the company continues to expand by providing the most long-lasting, high-quality, handmade hats on the worldwide hat market. 


At American Hat Makers, you can find a hat for any occasion, but especially for summer! 

If you’re a trendsetter wanting to upgrade your wardrobe, look no further than The Corinth- women’s wide brim straw fedora hat! The lightweight, cream-colored hat features an internally sewn sweatband to ensure comfortability and long-term wear. 

You can wear The Corinth to every summer event, from wine tastings and beach parties to barbeques! A top feature of The Corinth is its wide brim because it provides reliable UV sun protection. 

Don’t miss out on the summer’s hottest hats for women at American Hat Makers!


Wallaroo Hat Company’s Victoria Fedora Sun Hat

Next up on our list of the best hats for summer is the Victoria Fedora Sun Hat from the Wallaroo Hat Company! 

Considering environmental sustainability, the Wallaroo Hat Company became a Certified B Corporation in 2013. Like many other companies on our list, the Wallaroo Hat Company has a range of hats from wide brim, fedora, bucket, cowboy, and visors.  

The hat that stands out as the best summer hat for women is the company’s Victoria Fedora Sun Hat! The cute and stylish hat is made from poly-straw with an inner cotton lining which makes the hat very lightweight and breathable. 

Not only is the Victoria Fedora Sun Hat adjustable, but it’s also packable, which makes it an excellent choice for busy days when all you have time to do is toss it into your bag. You can choose from over ten colors, including tan, cranberry, seafoam, dusty blue, white, and more!

Looking to upgrade your style and accessorize with the hottest hats for women today? Checkout American Hat Makers and their blowout 50% off sale!


The ‘Bianca’ From Tenth Street Hats 


Moving on to the next best hat for summer is the Bianca from Tenth Street Hats!

It wouldn’t have been right to list the best summer hats without including the beloved brand, Tenth Street Hats. The popular company makes hats that creatively combine vintage qualities with modern tastes. As a family-run organization, Tenth Street Hats continuously works to cultivate relationships with new designers and expert artisans to manufacture quality products. 

One of the company’s best summer hats for women includes the Bianca! The Bianca is a natural-colored hat constructed from palm fiber, with a four-inch brim and a four-and-a-half-inch crown. Coming in one size, the hat also features an adjustable inner velcro lining with an outer brown leather band and black tassel. 

With one-of-a-kind hat-making machines, products from Tenth Street Hats are hard to beat!


NY Fashion Open Knit Hat 


Continuing down our list of the summer’s best and trendiest hats, next up is NY Fashion 101’s Open Knit Hat!

NY Fashion 101 was established in 2009 in New York, the epicenter of fashion and style in America. The company strives to bring the most up-to-date hat trends and designs to its customers in the United States, Canada, France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and more!

Probably one of the most adorable hats on our list, the Open Knit Hat is made from 100% cotton and features an internal sweatband to keep the head cool. The one-size hat also showcases a cute brown braided trim to accentuate the feminine style of the accessory. 

Lastly, one of the best parts about the Open Knit Hat is that it comes in seven different colors, including beige, black, coffee, denim, light grey, mint, and navy!

Take your style up a notch with the trendiest summer hats for women


The Makeda Wide Brim Hat from Hats.com

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best hats for summer is the Makeda Wide Brim Hat from Hats.com!

Hats.com was founded in 2001 and established their company based on quality products and fashion-forward thinking. The company has a wide range of headwear styles, fabrics, and shapes to flatter anyone. Hats.com relies on time-honored techniques to make high-quality hats that every customer will love.  

One of the top products from Hats.com that’s perfect for any summer look is the Makeda Wide Brim Hat! With a timeless air and feminine feel, the Makeda is sure to compliment every face shape and every style! 

The hat is made out of raffia braid and features a conical crown with a wide angled brim. The Makeda oozes class with the additional feature of an Italian grosgrain ribbon trim with a wrap element. The hat is adjustable with an elastic inner band to ensure the best and most comfortable fit for every head shape!    

Wanting to invest in a new hat for the warmer months but aren’t sure what size you are? American Hat Makers has you covered with their easy hat sizing guide!


Rear View of Woman Sitting on a rock


Hatters Gonna Hat!


Now that we’ve run through our list of the best hats for summer, you’re ready to leave all the haters in envy with your new stylish hat!

From wide brims, buckets, fedoras, visors, and more, hats are the best way to upgrade any look while protecting yourself from sun damage!

With a fashionable new hat, you can take on just about anything that life or the weather throws at you. 

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