Cowboy Hat Bands

Cowboy hats come complete with cowboy hat bands as a standard feature. A cowboy hat band is a trim on cowboy hats that helps to embellish and draw attention to the cowboy hat.

By default, western hat bands are made of leather; however, there are also cowboy hat bands that are made from other materials such as; polyester, wool, or even animal fur. Western hat bands can be detailed and decorated and usually include designs like fringes, braids, and beads. Some cowboy hat bands include embroidery with thread colors of white or black or sometimes red or blue. Further decorating cowboy hats may include conchos (decorated metal disks) attached by metal studs for added effects such as sparkle and.


Mens Cowboy Hat Bands


Cowboy hat bands are traditionally placed on the left side of a cowboy hat for men. However, there is no rule that states where it must be placed; they may also be placed on the right or even both sides if desired. On some hats, especially older ones, especially if using leather hat bands for cowboy hats, the band can be removed and replaced with another one if one desired. The hat band is usually attached to the crown of the cowboy hat by metal studs and may also be wrapped in a coiled wire along with leather.

Most western hats, including cowboy hats, will use a leather hat band for their standard design. This is typically the case due to traditional reasons and because it offers a nice complement to an already classic look.


Womens Hat Bands

Cowboy hat bands for ladies are typically made of leather as well. However, the leather used is generally softer leather than that of men's cowboy hats. The purpose behind this is to allow more comfort and flexibility when wearing a cowboy hat.

The design of leather cowboy hat bands for women differs considerably from that of men's leather banded cowboy hats. The leather cowboy hatbands are usually narrower and have a flatter appearance than that of men's leather hat bands for cowboy hats. In addition to this, leather bands should be decorated less to allow the design on the leather hat itself to do most of the embellishment work.

Western felt hat bands for women have been gaining popularity. However, there are many women who still prefer the traditional leather band over other more feminine-looking styles.