Rattlesnake Hat Bands

At American Hat Makers, we strive to be the best. Our Hat Band maker craftsman take strips snake skin to make and  produce durable and exquisite designer hatbands that truly are incredibly exotic hat bands. A snake hat band is hard to find at a top shelf quality, so if you are looking for a snakeskin hat band then you came to the right place.

The Rattlesnake Hat Band Collection came when we met Leroy Higginbottom decades ago at a tradeshow. Leroy was a real rattlesnake wrangler from Texas and we started working with him to buy his rattlesnake skins and turn them into a beautiful hat band. We use the entire rattlesnake outer to make the band and we use the Rattlesnake Rattle on most of our snakeskin bands.

Real Rattle Snake Hat Bands

All of our snakeskin hat bands are the real deal. We do not use any fake snakeskins so you you can feel confidant that you have the best in the world. While we traditional make these as rattlesnake cowboy hat bands these can really be added to any hat and they look incredible on top hats.

Double Rattlesnake Skin Band

For the Double Rattle genuine leather hat bands, we use an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake not to be confused with a copperhead hat band, the Coppper head has a more orange color and found in different parts of the Southern states. The rattlesnake skin outer is used in a combination with the rattlesnake rattle, in fact, we don't use just one rattle but we use two. The rattlesnake rattle is affixed at each end of the band where it crosses in the front of the hat adorned with a replica Mercury Dime with a metal pin securing it.


Rattle Snake Band

For this nice wide hat band, we use almost the entire rattlesnake. We take the entire skin including the Rattlesnake head and wrap it around the so the Rattlesnake rattle wraps all the way around past the head that is in a striking pose and the upright rattle is positioned just past the head and wrapped through a Deerskin sheeting. This hat band is truly a work of art and style that will look amazing on all your leather hats.